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9/21/13 10:36 A

If your work-outs are solid, I would recommend looking into your diet. Mainly "what" are you eating, and "when". I found that by eating a protein and fat in the morning and skipping carbs until my first snack have helped me shave off some padding (ie scrambled eggs and avocado). Also, I eat protein before workouts and carbs after. Everyone is different, so check out some different stuff. Good luck sifting through legit and scams!

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9/19/13 7:46 A

In order to get "abs" or rather for them to show, it's less about training and more about reaching a low enough body fat % for them to show. This may be more difficult for some people than it is for others. Women in particular have an extremely difficult time reaching a low enough body fat to show their abs because we naturally have a higher body fat % than men. People who are "apple" shapes also have a difficult time because they tend to carry most of their fat in their midsection.

Basically, if you want to reach a low enough body fat percentage *without* reaching an unhealthy weight... you're probably going to want to look into bulking and cutting cycles. Research the method thoroughly before attempting it. Go for slow and continue to eat healthy.

The pill is garbage. It's about fat % and there's no magic cure for that.

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
9/18/13 11:44 P

Skip the pill. There is no magic secret. You have to be at a pretty low body fat percentage for muscle definition to show. This is a good visual representation of men and women at various body fat percentages.

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9/18/13 10:35 P

Thanks for your answers, it really helped =)

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
9/18/13 10:02 P

M@L gave you some good info here. I would also suggest checking out this article:

As for green coffee, it is a scam, just like all the promising pills and magical weight loss aids out there. Caffeine speeds the metabolism slightly and for a very short time period, but there aren't really any true calorie burning effect or benefit with weight loss that will come from that.

Your best bet is to lower your body fat through proper eating and a combination of cardio and strength training. However, how much definition you can get, especially in the abs, comes down to genetics too.

Coach Denise

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9/18/13 9:37 P

The abs are a thin sheet of muscle (check the diagram at
) so even when contracted, they aren't going to bulge as noticeably as say, the biceps, which are more like a thick tube.

Visible abs are normal the result of a very low body fat percentage (and therefore only a thin layer of fat cover over the muscles), rather than massively developed abdominal muscles themselves.

So keep focussing on reducing your overall body fat.

I don't know specifically about 'green coffee', but most so-called diet pills are scams and have very little effect. There are a few that are genuinely effective, but most of those have been banned by the FDA as having dangerous side-effects.


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9/18/13 8:30 P

even though i train alot, and i eat rather healthy, i cant seem to get really showing muscles.

my back is pretty good, when i flex my muscles in my back, they really show.
but it is more stomach that i want to see improvements on, my chest muscles is pretty good aswell my arms and my legs are really good too.

But i never get the abs i want. anyhow.

i saw this pill 'green coffe' that was a diet pill that apperantly increase the metabolism in your body, and convert some of your current callories to energy.

what do you think of green coffe, and would it acully help me get the abs i want?

if not, how do i get more showing abs? i started to work out really serious for about 6 months ago, til then it had only been so i wouldn't get in bad shape.

Sry for my english, sry^^

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