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I can't describe the thrill

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SparkPoints: (2,522)
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Posts: 4
5/2/13 7:18 A

Good for you!

SparkPoints: (7,521)
Fitness Minutes: (11,276)
Posts: 17
5/2/13 7:17 A

emoticon Keep up the good work

SparkPoints: (27,996)
Fitness Minutes: (6,287)
Posts: 2,445
5/2/13 7:14 A

Awesome feeling when clothes shopping throws up a surprise!!! emoticon

SparkPoints: (35,470)
Fitness Minutes: (82,887)
Posts: 403
5/2/13 7:14 A

emoticon emoticon

Posts: 13
5/2/13 7:09 A

Way to go! I am so happy for you! emoticon

SparkPoints: (1,786)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 83
5/2/13 7:09 A

well done .I met an acquaintance, who runs a dress shop , this morning. I might buy a dress from her if I can get well below 140 lbs. I would love to be a size 14 but have not been for about 60 years!!! my shape will never be the same as everything has sagged with age.

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Posts: 82
5/2/13 7:05 A

Congratulations! What an incredible milestone! Revel in it!

Posts: 6
5/2/13 7:02 A

Congrats, Congrats, Congrats! emoticon

I get it! I totally just hit the same milestone! I even borrowed one of my son's school mascot t-shirts!

Who knew that buying off the rack could be so much fun???

Posts: 1
5/2/13 6:58 A

That is fabulous! The dressing room has always been an issue for me as we'll, and I'd always buy the big sizes, take them home, and settle for them as long as they buttoned, zipped, snapped,etc! So happy for you! Keep it up, cause nothing tastes as good as that feeling feels!

SparkPoints: (13,601)
Fitness Minutes: (5,320)
Posts: 130
5/2/13 6:55 A


Great job...keep it up.

Posts: 17,135
5/2/13 6:55 A

Congratulations! Keep it up! emoticon

SparkPoints: (31,591)
Fitness Minutes: (14,446)
Posts: 196
5/2/13 6:54 A

Woohoo! Great work. Thanks for sharing!

SparkPoints: (2,600)
Fitness Minutes: (6,924)
Posts: 48
5/2/13 6:51 A

That is fantastic and a wonderful reminder of the the thrills available besides the scale when you commit to a healthy lifestyle! Great work!

Posts: 4,583
5/2/13 6:51 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
I bet you felt like you were on cloud 9 for hours. I am so proud of your progress both before and since you joined SP. I wish you even more success in the future

Posts: 44
5/2/13 6:47 A

Congratulations!!! What a great feeling!! Keep up the good work!!!! emoticon

SparkPoints: (12,193)
Fitness Minutes: (3,476)
Posts: 406
5/2/13 6:44 A

Good for you! That is really very fantastic!! emoticon

SparkPoints: (139,680)
Fitness Minutes: (47,758)
Posts: 5,234
5/2/13 6:39 A


SparkPoints: (104,676)
Fitness Minutes: (73,748)
Posts: 2,821
5/2/13 6:31 A

What a great feeling!

Posts: 2,515
5/2/13 6:29 A

Congratulations! 72 lbs lost is fantastic and all your hard work and dedication is paying off now.

SparkPoints: (14,424)
Fitness Minutes: (2,469)
Posts: 713
5/2/13 6:26 A

That is so wonderful!!!! Congratulations!!! emoticon

Posts: 22,561
5/2/13 6:22 A

now THAT is a wahoooooo moment......... emoticon

Posts: 40
5/2/13 6:22 A

Thats awesome! Just what I needed to read this morning for some encouragement. Keep up the great work! emoticon

Posts: 178
5/2/13 6:16 A

So happy and proud for you. Keep on keeping on.

Posts: 1
5/2/13 6:08 A

What a wonderful feeling! Congratulations on all your hard work!!!

SparkPoints: (39,480)
Fitness Minutes: (36,378)
Posts: 999
5/2/13 6:06 A

you go girl.....that's awesome.

SparkPoints: (184,779)
Fitness Minutes: (144,249)
Posts: 11,911
5/2/13 6:05 A


Congratulations. You are an inspiration to others.

Posts: 777
5/2/13 6:04 A

that sounds amazing! well done and congratulations to you ... so nice for you and so exciting emoticon

Posts: 2,861
5/2/13 5:55 A


SparkPoints: (929)
Fitness Minutes: (105)
Posts: 99
5/2/13 5:53 A

Congratulations! I know the feeling because I spent a whole day last week moving buttons and taking clothes in -- even my bras!

SparkPoints: (4,642)
Fitness Minutes: (3,406)
Posts: 13
5/2/13 5:40 A

so well done - really chuffed for you; your just rewards for all your hard work and discipline emoticon

SparkPoints: (7,311)
Fitness Minutes: (1,404)
Posts: 1,455
4/11/13 5:14 P

that is so fantastic. great job. I too love reading posts like this. emoticon

Posts: 1,513
4/11/13 12:42 A

Fantastic! Congratulations!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon


SparkPoints: (1,461)
Fitness Minutes: (524)
Posts: 49
4/10/13 12:14 A

Awesome for you! You are obviously working hard and making good choices -- keep it up!

Posts: 366
4/9/13 11:35 P

Congratulations! emoticon

SparkPoints: (61,046)
Fitness Minutes: (27,315)
Posts: 1,820
4/9/13 10:53 P

I put an old bathing suit on tonight that I thought would fit because it used to be too tight. Instead it was too LOOSE! emoticon

Posts: 365
4/9/13 6:49 P

I know, isn't it crazy? I keep taking the last size I was into the dressing room and realizing I am down a size.

It's kinda like I have one size stuck in my head and now that I am below that I have to readjust my thinking and just start with it. lol.

All the best!


Posts: 2,865
4/9/13 9:50 A

How cool is that?! Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading about others success. It helps me strive a bit more.

Posts: 1,398
4/8/13 8:02 P

That's wonderful!!! Way to go!!!

SparkPoints: (9,512)
Fitness Minutes: (9,064)
Posts: 241
4/8/13 3:14 P

That is awesome! Love the feeling og being able to zip up something comfortably!


Posts: 359
4/8/13 10:14 A

That's great! Congratulations! :)

SparkPoints: (60,355)
Fitness Minutes: (56,396)
Posts: 2,083
4/7/13 10:51 A

Sometimes I think clothing sizes shrinking are way more exciting than the scale! Way to go!

Posts: 27
4/6/13 3:44 P


SparkPoints: (28,918)
Fitness Minutes: (28,296)
Posts: 1,979
4/6/13 2:57 P

Isn't that the BEST?
Soak in that great feeling of seeing all your hard work come to fruition.
You earned it and you're making it work!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 2,264
4/6/13 11:47 A

WOW! Amazing....and congrats! Sooooo nice to read the positives.....Keep up the good work!

SparkPoints: (25,227)
Fitness Minutes: (38,772)
Posts: 176
4/6/13 11:44 A

Thank you! And yes, it feels amazing!

SparkPoints: (50,001)
Fitness Minutes: (19,646)
Posts: 1,667
4/6/13 10:53 A

That is AWESOME!!!! What a GREAT feeling :D emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (7,311)
Fitness Minutes: (1,404)
Posts: 1,455
4/6/13 10:18 A

great job emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 14,051
4/6/13 6:57 A

Well done!

Posts: 255
4/6/13 3:04 A

My warmest congratulations! Always nice to read inspiring stories!

SparkPoints: (25,227)
Fitness Minutes: (38,772)
Posts: 176
4/5/13 11:26 P

So for 20 years I've bought and worn only plus sized clothing. After losing 72 lbs (my ticker only shows 52 because I lost 20 on my own before rejoining SP), I know I've had to get rid of 95% of my wardrobe. This week I had to try on sample sizes for some hoodies I'm ordering for my students and in the past, I'd always start with the biggest available size and hope it fit. Out of habit, I started with the 2x. It swam on me. I put on the xl and it fit, but was more roomy than I'd like. But I waited two days to try the large out of fear and finally did it today. Not only did the large fit, but I was able to comfortably zip it up. I am blown away and so excited. No, I'm not in regular sizes in every store, but it won't be long. I can't wait!

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