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1/8/13 3:42 P

Aww, you can do it.
Right now it may seem scary, but eating healthy probably did at the start. Before you know it, you'll love to exercise and actually look forward to it. You can do it. Just start off simple.
Good luck!

1/8/13 3:33 P

I second the remarks made by ARCHIMIDESII. I've lost 90 pounds by eating healthy and walking. Human beings are clearly meant to walk, as for millenia that's the only way we got around. It clears your mind from everyday hassles and frees it up to appreciate new and interesting things in your environment. Of course, if you live in a really cold place, it's a little harder to get started walking outside. That's why I just bought a Wii, to play games and enjoy exercise indoors.

Don't despair, exercise isn't so terrible after you get used to it, and sometimes it's actually enjoyable. This comes from a real couch potato, too; my favorite form of entertainment is still reading. But there is life after exercise.

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1/8/13 3:09 P

How about taking a daily walk ? Walking is wonderful cardiovascular exercise. There are members who will tell you how they lost 100+ pounds just by walking and watching what they ate.

The benefits of exercise go far beyond burning X calories in Y time. When you engage in a regular exercise routine, you will decrease your risk for heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. You could decrease blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. You could increase your immune system. I'd say all those benefits are way better than any calorie burn.

If you don't like to run, you don't have to run to be fit. You don't have to go to a gym either. there are tons of different things you can do to stay active. You could take dancing lessons. You could practice martial arts, tai chi or yoga. You could swim, cycle, hike, play tennis, work in the garden, ski, ice skate, surf or even bowl. It's all good.

Find an activity you really like because when you enjoy doing something, you look forward to doing that something each and every day.

Walking is merely one of the simplest things you could do to be active. I walk everywhere as part of my exercise routine.

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1/8/13 2:49 P

Well I have followed the logging my food and eating plan faithfully and have been rewarded with a 32 pounds lost, I have been stuck at the weight for months and I have come to the realization that in order to continue down this path I will have to incorporate exercise. I am in denial, the exercise part was easy when the weather was nice. Yard work which I love provided me with my needed exercise part of the equation. I am dreading the thoughtful planned exercise that I have always avoided, my type of exercise always fulfilled a purpose (Fun, or Yardwork.) If I am to be successful during the winter months this foray into the pool is necessary, (but I don't have to like it.)

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