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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/26/12 2:47 P

Looking at your ticker, Red, you don't have very much weight to go and you're a very slight person now.

There's no way you should be eating that low.

When you're that small, weight loss is low to nonexistent. It's VERY slow. If you have that low a range, you're aiming for an unrealistically fast weight loss.

I would recommend telling the site you want to lose 0 lbs per week - none at all. Then eat in the bottom of THAT range. That range would be for maintaining, and you only want to eat about 200 calories less than you need to maintain - which is right at the bottom of Spark's ranges (they take your actual mathematically worked out number and subtract 200 and add 150 to get your range).

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
4/26/12 12:51 P

If you have your fitness page set up properly (i.e. you're burning about as many calories as your goal indicates), you should be able to eat anywhere within your range and still be able to lose. Throughout the week I eat all over my range - some days I have a hard time meeting my calories and have to figure out a couple extra snacks to add, and some days I eat every last calorie at my disposal. Personally I would be very hungry at 1340 calories, but you know your body and level of hunger and calorie needs best.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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4/26/12 11:22 A

If it is a matter of choice to eat more or less, I would think that less would help you lose weight better than eating more. Maybe I am not understanding your question. My doctor told me to stay at the lower end of the range given.

4/26/12 11:05 A

My goal is to burn 2300 cals, and it did change my calorie intake, 1340-1690, but i don't know if i should stick to the lower end or not. I just don't want to stall my weight loss by eating at the top if i don't have to.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/26/12 3:03 A

You don't provide enough information.

If you're burning 2300 calories this week and your goal is 2100 you need make no changes at all.

If you're burning 2300 calories this week and your goal is 4000 you should NOT eat at the top of your range!

Is your goal something much lower, like 1200 or something? If you've significantly exceeded your calorie burn goal just click on Change Fitness Goals on the top of the tracker and enter 2300 in "If you know how many calories you burn in a week enter that here".

Your nutritional range may or may not change.

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (78,111)
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4/26/12 3:00 A

Did you update your weekly calories burned goal in your fitness tracker? Then you should be fine eating anywhere in your daily caloric allowance.

4/25/12 11:15 P

Eat at the very top of my range, middle or lower? Im so use to always eating at the low end of my range, that it frightens me to eat at the top, but i know if im burning these many calories that i should fuel my body with enough calories if i want to lose right?Thank!

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