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9/17/12 5:54 P

egg plan and zucchini w/ cheese -- yummm!!!

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9/17/12 5:49 P

I'm not a huge fish fan either... I've found white fishes... like tilapia or halibut, are way less "fishy" tasting. I really don't like salmon.

Broiling isn't that common of a cooking method really, other than for putting a crust or melting something, or for things like steak. Meats like pork or chicken do better with longer cooking times at lower temperatures, otherwise they can get dried out since they can't stand up to the high temperature... at least that's been my experience :)

Not sure how you did your steak but my favorite way is to turn on the broiler then put a cast iron pan, empty, to get really hot, then take it out and put on a hot burner, put the steaks on to sear on both sides, then put back in the oven and bake the rest of the way.

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9/17/12 5:44 P

Pasta bake sounds great!

I'm not really into fish; though... just couldn't ever stand the taste.

I up for broiling anything... meat, main dishes, sides... anything.

Surely there are others here with experience broiling?

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9/17/12 2:38 P

Fish works really well in the broiler, especially if it's a thin-cut filet. I don't have any recipes on hand but there's lots floating around.

Also, I like doing pasta bakes and putting them in the broiler at the end to make them very melty and nice :) I made this one last night and it was very good
h-chicken-mac-cheese-10000001963977/. The serving size in the recipe is very large for the 497 calories it gives.

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9/17/12 1:48 P

And I didn't start anything on fire! emoticon (unlike the first time I tried, nearly a year ago)

Now that I feel more confident in using the broiler and how to setup my broiler pan, I need some ideas and recipes that will utilize the broiler!

Any ideas?

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