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I beat soda!

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9/3/13 9:44 P

Quitting soda is difficult, You did well emoticon

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9/2/13 12:00 P

You rock! For me, quitting soda has been a roller coaster. You almost know it's bad for you as difficult as it is to get past. I wake up motivated to get out of bed because a diet coke is waiting for me at a terrible fast food place. That's not okay.

I'm drinking water today with a goal of one soda. I don't want a caffeine headache, but I'll get back down to zero by the end of the week. I'll hold onto your success to help me do it.

Thanks so much!!

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8/31/13 2:56 P

Congratulations! It makes a big difference, setting a goal which may seem small but is large when you have to confront it throughout the day, every day. Good for you! How are you celebrating?

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8/31/13 10:47 A


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8/30/13 11:00 P

Okay. Iím rough on myself, so I need to recognize one major achievement for myself.

My goal is more than just weight lossÖ it has to be permanent! It has to be habit-forming and a healthy lifestyle.

So Iím REALLY proud of myself for quitting soda. That was unbelievably hard for me. I heavily relied on the caffeine and sugar to supply my energy, motivation, and mood, when in reality it was just damaging me. When I quit cold turkey I had major withdrawals, it was like PMS+Migraines for two weeks!

For over a month I thought about soda at every meal. Nothing tasted good or felt right without a Dr Pepper. I said over and over again ďA Dr Pepper would be so good right now!Ē to the point of driving my husband insane.

Now, Iíve finally gotten used to drinking 10-12 cups of water per day. I use my water bottle at meals and ask for water at restaurants.

I wasnít perfect at the start - I ordered lemonades and drank Arnold Palmer from cans to make it feel like I was still drinking soda. But I knew that was a cop out and those things too faded.

My goal on my 22nd Birthday was to make it without soda to my 23rd Birthday, but I donít think Iíll want soda then. :)

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