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9/24/13 1:23 A

This just happened to me today. It's definitely frustrating to give in after having a great day!

Don't stress out about it. Tomorrow's another day and you can figure out different coping mechanisms that work for you for the next time round. I've also found that drinking water, a hot cup of tea or even blogging help with breaking the cycle.

p.s. knitting sounds like a fabulous idea..

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9/23/13 9:05 P

thank you I know I can do this! I think I'm going to start knitting again

CATSNKT Posts: 1,055
9/23/13 8:57 P


First, be kind to yourself, we all react to stress and we all fall off our eating plan at some time.
You haven't done anything irreversible.

What works for me or someone else may not work for you. But you can find something that will. When I know I am getting close to the point that I will eat emotionally, I make myself drink a tall glass of water. This slows me down and helps to make me feel full. Then I make myself wait 10 minutes, at least 5 minutes devoted to deep relaxation breathing. This works for me 90% of the time or better. When I still eat, I eat about half of what I would havein the past.

You've taken the biggest step by looking at what set you off. Now look at your options and come up with a plan to deal with frustration in the future. Remember that your boyfriend isn't your only source of support. Good luck.

MISSCROSS1007 SparkPoints: (5,180)
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9/23/13 8:38 P

I was doing so great today, I even was on track with my water and working out. All the sudden I looked at the clock and saw it was 830 and my boyfriends wasn't home from glass yet and I start my first day of work tomorrow. Then the phone rings...there he was telling me he couldn't get him computer to work and was still at campus which is 30 min away! in the the middle of the conversation I pulled out chicken nuggets and a hot dog popped them in the microwave and salivated as I waited for my diet to be crushed for the day.

Now I know this is not the end of the world. I know this but here I sit so worked up over myself, over him and over the kids who just wont stay in bed.

Now you will probably say, well have healthy food on hand and I do, others may say count to 10 or do self talk, but what do you do when non of that works? or you just so ticked off you don't care if you screw up your "life style change"

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