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As others have already noted, you can't outrun a bad diet with exercise. What happens when you get injured and can't exercise ? What happens is the weight creeps back on. In order to take weight off and keep it off, you have to eat right and watch your portions to the best of your ability.

You have to ask yourself this question,"Do you really want to hit the gym for 1-2 hours EVERY time you eat too much ?" Because that's what's going to happen if you don't learn to eat right. You will be constantly in the gym, burning off what you ate. And that's not healthy.

We don't exercise to compensate for eating too much. I know that's what many people do and that's why they can't lose weight. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy. Good nutritition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off.

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7/18/13 10:21 A

It really is the bad food choices that make it hard to track, isn't it? I've been forcing myself to track every day - even through the Calgary Stampede debauchery. Oh, yes, I tracked mini-donuts and beer this year. I will say that tracking them made me want to eat them less the next time!

It did become an incentive to work out, but I was going to work out anyway. I know many people who say that they run so they can drink beer and I don't really see a problem with that so long as they actually LIKE running. There are a lot of things I don't enjoy doing that I do so that I can do something I truly enjoy, but I don't see it as punishment. Having a job isn't punishment for traveling. Scooping cat litter isn't my punishment for having a cat. It's just a part of the deal.

So working out is part of the fitness deal. In the end, I get something I want - a smaller, healthier body, but on the way, I have to do things I don't particularly WANT to at any given time.

That said, I really never have regretted a workout. After it's done. And sometimes (most times, actually) I really do want to run. I look forward to it for more than just the ability to have the odd frozen yogurt with some candies on top because it isn't punishment for having the yogurt.

7/18/13 9:34 A

First, always track and take responsibility for what you eat, remember it takes 3500 calories to make up a pound, chances are you didn't eat 10 candy bars, stop beating yourself up.

Second, I agree with the other posts, your exercise should be to maintian your health not work off your less than healthy choices.

You're human, this stuff happens, its how you react to it that counts - pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again - tomorrow is a new day!

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I agree that exercise should never be used to punish yourself for accidentally overeating one day. Reducing calories across a few days and perhaps a little more exercise to balance out the excess is a much wiser choice.

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It happens.... to everyone. It's ok to make a few poor food choices here or there as long as it doesn't become a regular habit. Every normal person has a day where they indulge in something they normally wouldn't. You know, when I was a teen I was skinny like a twig and practically lived off the darn things. Not very healthy and nutritious but meh... didn't affect my weight because at the end of the day I probably didn't consume enough calories to create any major consistent surpluses.

One day of overindulging is probably not going to affect your weight loss much... if anything. Especially when you're on a calorie deficit most of the time. Besides... 2 candy bars probably put you right around your maintenance calorie needs (meaning you'll probably be breaking pretty close to even for the day; neither gaining nor losing).

But please don't workout to burn off poor food choices. Creating the association between exercise and food is setting yourself up for an unhealthy (emotionally) and vicious cycle of binging and purging (been there). I try to keep the two separate; the food I eat is to fuel my body and provide it with the most nutrients possible and exercise is to keep me fit. Exercise is NOT to help me burn off poor food choices. I do not need to punish myself for having a special treat now and then that's less than the healthiest choice.

If you have a problem (like many of us here) with will power and restraint to say no to a second or third helping... you need to address that and try different strategies to build up your will power against food. Don't turn exercise into a punishment for a mistake.

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Remember one principle: Keep your workout a special time you enjoy because it keeps you fit!!

Do NOT WORKOUT to "punish yourself" because you ate something that wasn't the best choice.... Others wiser than I have taught me: You can't out-exercise a poor diet, so don't make your exercise a negative. Focus instead on eating healthier over the next few will all even out in the long run!

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7/18/13 12:38 A

I didnt want to track my food or my fitness because I ate so much candy but I did it anyway. i worked out to try and burn it off.

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