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11/6/09 7:24 A

I felt exhausted last night but did some Wii Cardio-The wii is great if I feel like this I just talk myself into the fact that it is just a game!!! However I slept for about 12 hours last night so I must have been exhausted!!!

RACHEL_O68 Posts: 197
11/6/09 6:40 A

I try to get in a walk if I am feeling exhausted.

Most days that works.

POPSGRYL63X Posts: 808
11/6/09 6:01 A

Unless I am in pain or injured....I notice that even when I am too tired - or just don't wanna exercise, I go to the gym anyway. I find that once I get started - and after the first 15 minutes I am GLAD that I pushed myself. Sometimes, it is my best workout ever!


TURTLERAE55 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/6/09 2:24 A

When I'm tired I would walk for 30 minutes at least and get my rest and start up the next day.

SLFRISBEY SparkPoints: (11,927)
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11/5/09 3:15 P

I ended up doinf 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill which is way less than I try to do but I feel a million times better today after resting. Thanks for all the advice, I definately have learned from it!

SEASWELL Posts: 45
11/5/09 2:28 P

Listen to your body. Do something relaxing and low-impact, like going on a long walk or hike. if you find that even the walk is difficult, let your body rest.

The difficult part is getting back on a schedule after a sickness. Don't wait too long - try to at least walk once you begin your recovery.

- and I hope you feel better!

PAMELARC SparkPoints: (0)
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11/5/09 11:09 A

I understand where you are coming from. The best thing to do is don't think about it and just go to the gym. Once you start your cardio and you pass your 10 minute warmup you will feel better.

VHALKYRIE Posts: 2,214
11/5/09 11:07 A

If you have a sinus infection, then you're non contagious and depends on how you feel. But if you have a cold and go to the gym or out in the public, you could infect others. Please stay home if you have a cold.

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GABBY98_80 SparkPoints: (37,544)
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11/4/09 9:40 P

Just had a sinus infection followed by a bronchial infection. Dr's advice was that working out during sinus problems and colds is good for the immune system. If it is a bronchial problem- rest and recover.

*** If it is only precursor to a sinus infection working out seems to make it better. If it is already an infection medication is needed.

I am absolutly not an expert, but that is what my experience has been.

11/4/09 6:02 P

Go for 5 minutes and see how you feel. You might be surprised.

VHALKYRIE Posts: 2,214
11/4/09 5:39 P

I would listen to what your body is telling you. If you're exhausted (not tired or lazy - you know the difference), then you need rest. A tired body worked to the point of exhaustion will not boost your immune system. In fact, it could have the opposite effect.

If you've burned 3500 calories this week, your tiredness could be a sign of overtraining. In that case, you should definitely take a rest.

If you really are exhausted and you try to push it, your body will rebel one way or another.

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SLFRISBEY SparkPoints: (11,927)
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11/4/09 5:09 P

Thanks for the help! I will give it a try and see how I feel! :)

SKAERY7 Posts: 27
11/4/09 5:02 P

I agree with the others -- try it for about 15 min at a lower intensity and see how you feel. I've had days where I feel exhausted and drag myself to the gym and find my energy somewhere and have a great workout after all. But don't push yourself if you feel sickly after 15 min. Hope it works out for ya!

11/4/09 4:57 P

Maybe try 10 minutes of light exercise and see how you feel. If you're still exhausted, go rest. You won't do yourself any good if you beat yourself through a work out when you're already dog tired. Yes, light-to-moderate exercise can boost immunity, but if you don't get enough rest and become run down then you're just going to get sick again.

KVERBECK Posts: 239
11/4/09 4:52 P

I would try some light exercise and go from there. If you are still exhausted than you should probably be resting. If you feel ok after light exercise than I would say it is safe to step it up some. I have found that exercise actually helps give me energy though and in the long run it will definately help prevent those pesky illnesses. Hope this helps and feel better!

SLFRISBEY SparkPoints: (11,927)
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11/4/09 3:57 P

Hi! I am really tired and feel like I might be trying to get a sinus infection again. Here's the question, should I work out to try to boost my immunity and energy, or go home and rest to avoid getting sick? I try to do an hour of cardio M-F but will reach my goal of burning 3500 calories even if I don't do anything today. Your help is really appreciated!

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