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I am so UPSET

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Posts: 77
11/29/09 10:19 P

wow I would be upset too. Sorry that happened to you.

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Posts: 2,188
11/26/09 4:08 A

As a regular on Spark Recipes I'm in total agreement with you-----takes the wind fully out of one's sails doesn't it?I have suffered the same way many times---it's a test of perseverance!!!
However better luck next time.

Posts: 1
11/25/09 7:31 P

I have learned from doing countless blogs, that it is always better safe than sorry. Always, always, put your recipe somewhere else, then copy and paste it to the site you wish it to be located at. It's a hard lesson, but one most everyone has gone through. emoticon

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Posts: 423
11/25/09 12:42 P

For a really long recipe, I save the recipe halfway through, then go back to my recipe box and hit edit, then add the rest.

Posts: 347
11/24/09 5:35 P

Today I created a recipe while at work. They have a policy where I can use 5 minute chunks of time to create a recipe. I ran over the 5 minute limit and the "Save Recipe" button disappeared. Bummer. I copied and pasted all the instruction/ingredients to notepad, reloaded the page and saved the recipe.

Now, as for the time?? This is really about YOU and YOUR committment to yourself. Don't let it get past you. Stick to your goals. Regardless how the website works, you're more important. Please don't give up on the recipes. Do it for me!


Posts: 118
11/24/09 5:33 P

ARG! I know. Sorry about that. emoticon

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11/24/09 3:34 P


Posts: 258
11/24/09 3:27 P

I was in the process of calculating a recipe and was ALMOST FINISHED and I evidently bumped some key and it all disappeared. I clicked the back button and got that crap you get 99% of the time when you try to go back on Spark pages. Well I can't find it anywhere and I am THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED. Now it means I have to start at ground zero again. I understand now why some recipes seem to be only partly there. The person posting got fed up with it, as I now am, and I doubt I will even bother to post it now. Frankly I don't have the time to even try to do it again.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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