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PARKSCANADA Posts: 4,802
6/2/14 5:52 P

These posts are from a year ago, so I hope you are still on the journey towards a healthier life! I think the best way for you to do that is to make one small change at a time. If you are a pop drinker, than stop drinking pop and make a healthier choice - water, tea, whatever your choice is. When drinking the healthier choice becomes a habit make another change. The little steps will add up and you will become a little healthier each day. Don't focus on the scale and the numbers of pounds, just focus on the journey to become healthier. Add in 5 minutes of exercise and then 10 and 20....and remember to change your inner dialogue. You are beautiful just because you are you.

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
6/14/13 10:26 P

You wouldn't say that to your best friend, would you? Be your own best friend starting now, and start loveing yourself. Things will start to change when you start doing the best for the one you love. I know that may be hard sometimes, but you be your No.1 cheerleader.

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6/14/13 1:03 P

You are not!!!!! It took us a long time to put it on. Keep working at will take a long time to take it off healthily. Change is work.

GYPSYROVER Posts: 3,240
6/13/13 2:23 P

Please don't get discouraged. I am the same age as you, and was 212 pounds when I started this journey. That was only 5 weeks ago and I have lost 12 pounds. All I did was weigh & track EVERY bite and drink. I get as much exercise(walking) as I can muster, but that is even a struggle some days. I use a smaller plate. I stopped bringing junk food home from the store. I drink my water. I am not doing everything perfect, and I have not given up any foods. But somehow it is happening. I have lost inches and pounds.

And I know it can happen for you, too! It finally occurred to me that ALL of these wonderful, successful Sparkers are no different than you or me. They just keep going. And we need to believe that if we do what they do - we'll be singing a new song with every pound we dispose of!

I am cheering you on as you find what works for you! But I know you can do this!

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HOTCOFFEEE SparkPoints: (6,877)
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6/12/13 12:21 P

I don't spend money on flavored water. Dasani (the water people) now have these little water drops that you can buy in a little tiny breath mint size squirter bottles. You squirt the flavors directly into your glass of water or bottled water. NO CALORIES, NOTHING IN THEM BUT FLAVOR. I'm currently drinking the pink lemonade and the pina colada which is pineapple coconut. They're almost $4 a bottle but you get something like 35-40 drinks out of them versus $4.00 you'd spend on just 4 flavored bottled waters.

So much cheaper than buying flavored water. They have a whole display on with them at Walmart in all different flavors. They are wonderful. You can keep them in your desk or your purse or whatever. Even take to a restaurant in your purse to add to your water.

Something you might think about trying. Please count calories. Instead of snacking from stress at work, chew gum or mints or something instead of eating a full-on snack or food.


We're all on your side. I'm at my highest weight and I'm saying to myself, 'THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'M GOING THROUGH THIS. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I've been yo-yo dieting for 10 years now. I don't want to have the word "diet" in my vocabulary anymore. So I've changed the way I'm eating and when I eat and counting everything. The scale is slowly starting to move.

Do not beat yourself up every day. You are better than this. Go forth and conquer this!!! And get the Dansani water drops and some mints or gum. ;o)

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ONCERED2003 Posts: 2
6/12/13 12:09 P

i agree with others. the image we have of ourselves can lead to
defeat. one of the things that can cause this is an unrealistic expectation.
i know it's not easy, but take one day at a time.

GRACE1054 Posts: 605
6/12/13 9:03 A

I personally buy the Crystal Light single packets and put them in my own water bottle. Walmart and Target also carry store brands of these single packets in a variety of flavors. Vitamin Water Zero is good as well.

The brutal honesty of your topic heading caught my attention and I'm pretty sure that everyone on this site has felt this way at one time or another. The problem is that negative self-talk is self-defeating. Add the stress of your job and you find yourself a negative 300 by lunch. Tracking your food is great and it is an eye opener into why we can't seem to lose weight. But since you are already stressed about your job, adding one more thing on your "to do" list could cause you more stress. So, along with tracking your food, is there anyway you can go for a short walk outside on your lunch hour? If not, can you get up an hour earlier and take a walk before going to work? I ask this because exercise does relieve stress, especially a walk outside. Relieving the stress helps to alleviate stress eating. Moving our bodies also helps us feel better about our body. It is amazing how quickly you see increased stamina.

EMGERBER SparkPoints: (310,725)
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6/12/13 7:34 A

I feel fat and ugly sometimes but not all the time.

KIMISWONDERFUL SparkPoints: (44)
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6/12/13 7:07 A

Thank you for the concrete suggestions. I am sometimes so stressed that I just can't think. Yesterday, I logged my meals and by lunch I was a negative 300 and boy was that an eye opener. I am trying to do better today.

Which flavored water do you like best?

HOTCOFFEEE SparkPoints: (6,877)
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6/11/13 8:23 P

Count on the tracker EVERYTHING you eat. If you eat too much at one meal, lower your calories/carbs on the next meal/snack. Just draw the line in the sand that you won't go over your daily calorie limit.

Start drinking water. If you're like me and don't like water, then get some of those flavored drops and flavor your water. When you get stressed at work, drink some flavored water. Also get some slimfast meal replacement bars. 100-200 calories. They replace a meal and taste like a candy bar. They will hold you over between meals, or they can work as one of your 2-3 daily snacks.

When you're home take up doing puzzles or crocheting, painting, anything where you can keep your hands busy while watching TV.

If your job is that stressful, look for a new job where you can be happier and not so stressed. If you're stressed at lunch, take a walk while listening to your favorite music. You'll feel so much better with fresh air and happy thoughts in your head that aren't job related.


ROUNDTREE16 SparkPoints: (5,782)
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6/11/13 2:35 P

So sorry that you feel this way. I know what it's like to be a stress eater, but I seem to eat all the time. I try to keep healthy items close by for when I feel the need to eat. This afternoon did not help I ate 6 oreo cookies and a turkey sandwich that was way to big. But for dinner I will do better.

If you can keep fruit and cut up veggies for starters. Just take one day on minute at a time.

Hope this was helpful.

KIMISWONDERFUL SparkPoints: (44)
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6/11/13 12:47 P

I feel so overwhelmed. I just had my 56th birthday and weigh 221 pounds. I am a stress eaters and in a stressful job so I eat all the time.

I don't really have any close friends to do this with me.

What are some good first steps?

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