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7/27/13 6:47 A

Thanks for the response! I agree that ive been all over the place in the past few days. When i wrote the first post i was hoping to get feedback on the previous week. Where i thought i was a really good girl. But i think the fruit and salt was the problem then. I'm doing a little better now holding it to 2 servings of mostly berries. The salt is a problem for me. Ive been much better at drinking my water though.

Not sure if i should have a public food tracker if ive been at a party, ha ha, hence the alcohol :) but im forcing myself to track every single thing. Even the embarrasing ones. Just got the last summer party out of the way so alcohol wont be messing up my efforts for a while now. So no need to replace it with anything. My morning orange juice is hard for me to give up though. But im working on it all. These next two weeks I will def be buckling down here. Maybe ill have you guys take a new look then :)

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7/21/13 4:52 P

It's hard to make general comments because your diet and exercise are all over the place. Some days you are getting a decent amount of exercise, other days only 15 minutes. There are times when you are eating as many as 3000 calories and times when you are within your range. Sometimes your carb intake is in a good range, sometimes it is WAY out of whack.

So I guess my biggest recommendation would be to pick a set of clear goals and stick with them every day for at least two weeks, without exception. Be consistent.

I also see quite a bit of alcohol and fruit juice over the last week--those things are high in calories and in most cases carbs, plus they are not filling at all. Cut them out. If you must have alcohol, try white rum or tequila, both of which are carb free.

I agree with the idea that you are probably getting too much sodium. Most of your protein sources are high in sodium, plus you are eating things like fried peanuts, which are likely salted. Most of your protein seems to be coming from red meat too, which is something to consider. Recommendations that I have seen recently indicate that red meat is something to have once or twice a month at most.

You probably are eating too much fruit on some days. I can relate--I completely messed up my weight loss in June by indulging in way too much fresh fruit salad . :) Try limiting to 1-2 servings a day. Berries are a good bet--they are full of fiber and have fewer carbs than many other fruit choices. You could increase your veggie intake and satiety by having a big salad full of leafy greens and other fresh vegetables, topped with a few beans and a small portion of chicken, tuna, etc.

Good luck and congrats on losing 4 pounds already!

7/21/13 3:19 P

Thanks judy. Yea today was a little special. I dont normally eat that stuff at all. Except for proscuitto. I have a tiny bit with my avocado at lunch a couple times a week.

But sodium is definitely a challenge for me. I'm trying to gradually cut down.

7/21/13 3:02 P

I think it is an individualized thing.
For some members it may be estimating about 100-200 too many.

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7/21/13 3:02 P

I noticed you had bacon, ham and salami, all of which are high sodium foods. I can't see the sodium on your shared tracker so I don't know how much you're getting. If you eat processed meats on a regular basis you might be getting too much sodium. You could look into getting all natural turkey breast from the deli instead of the Oscar Mayer lunch meats. Just something to think about.

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7/21/13 2:48 P

Sure! Thanks! That sounds a lot better than the other. Good to hear that im not in starvation mode. The new calorie calculator wants me to eat 215 more calories today and i have only burned 300. Ive eaten 1342 and am happy if i can just leave it be. Do you think that the new system on sp for calories might be a bit off Becky?

7/21/13 8:24 A

Thanks for sharing more of your data.
When I plug in your numbers and even bump up calories burned to 3500 for the week, I get a calorie range of 1200-1550 for a 2 pound weekly weight loss.

If you are willing to experiment, I would suggest eating 1300-1500 daily and see if you have weight loss. Monitor your weekly change in weight, how your are feeling, your energy, your hunger. See if this range does the trick.

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7/21/13 4:10 A

Yea I'm doing p90x which is mostly strength training. Thanks for the feedback!

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7/20/13 8:12 P

Have you thought about doing some strength training? Even if you don't have access to a gym or weightlifting equipment, you can incorporate some bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, pushups, and planks into your routine. Adding muscle will help speed up your metabolism and burn fat.

Also, I second the suggestion to eat more vegetables. One thing that helped me was to cut out refined carbs like bread and crackers so now, for example, instead of pasta I have extra vegetables. You're clearly eating enough calories since you're not hungry, and forcing yourself to eat when you're not hungry is usually, I think, a really bad idea since then you overrride your body's natural hunger cues and end up not knowing when you're actually hungry. So, maybe just reconsider the foods that supply those calories.

Good luck!

7/20/13 6:45 P

I'm female. 165 cm. I jog every other day for about 500-700 cal and i've been trying to do p90x which is 6 days a week. SP has put me at 1550 cal minimum, but now it's all different because of the new system. I'm at 79.6 kilos right now and i'm aiming to get down to 71 by december and my ultimate goal is 63 but thats very long term i think.

7/20/13 5:13 P

No... you are not in starvation mode. You are eating 1500-1600 calories daily.
What is your weight loss range?
What is your gender and height?
What is your exercise plan?
You may be eating a little too much???

Can you share more?

SP Registered Dietitian

7/20/13 4:52 P

Oh and to answer your other questions: my sleep is ok, but it is something I also struggle with. I've been working on it and i bag about 7 hours, but I know I personally need 8. As far as hydration goes I manage about 5-6 glasses. 8 is a struggle yes. So there you go. Another thing to work on. I just never have had to think of those things before. I think my age is catching up with me. I'll be 35 in a few weeks.

7/20/13 4:46 P

My ticker is a little off. It isnt calculating properly for some reason since i have it in kilos. So i lost 3 lbs, but all right in the first week. These last two nothing has happened at all and i've had much better control. So that's why i was thinking maybe I'd gone in to starvation mode. I was planning on cutting back my fruit to only two a day and upping my veggies. I'm just really struggling with lack of hunger. Do you force yourself to eat more in the evening if you haven't reached your lower range and you are full? It seems wrong to me.

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7/20/13 4:33 P

A few things I would consider:
-Are your expectations realistic? you've lost 4lbs in 4 weeks. That's right on target.
-Adding more fresh veggies. I know you've got a lot of fruits; I would aim to outnumber them with veggies.
-Are you getting enough sleep?
-Are you staying hydrated?

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7/20/13 4:00 P

Anyone care to take a look at what ive been eating? I think ive thrown myself in to starvation mode but i can't get out. I know its still early on here, but my scale hasn't budged in two weeks. I have a lot of trouble eating often and a lot of trouble eating the lower end of my calorie range. I ate about 1580 today and have a deficit of 840. Which i understand is too much. Any tips? Anyone with similar problems?

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