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7/23/09 8:46 A


LLRIES Posts: 409
7/23/09 8:44 A

Beautifully put! Way to be! Keep up the good work!

THATWASEASY SparkPoints: (0)
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7/23/09 8:42 A

SUPER! Way to go! emoticon emoticon emoticon

CANNINGNANNY SparkPoints: (523,352)
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7/23/09 8:41 A

That's so Awesome...I never thought of my shadow that way. I have always hated my shadow...Kinda Bell Shaped. I was gardening in my back yard last week. I always take my camera with me as we have a Hawk Family and a Green Heron living in our back yard. Never know when I'm going to want to take a picture of them. As I was gardening, I saw my shadow and cringed. And guess what??? I took it's picture and it's now on my frig as my visual inspiration. We've become friends and work together to accomplish our goals.
Thx for sharing.

DEUCE119 Posts: 12,515
7/23/09 8:37 A

Me, too!

7/23/09 8:35 A

Oh my gosh I loved this post, I can so relate to it....

I hate seeing my shadow anywhere as much as I hate looking in the mirror or any mirror for that matter.

I need to adopt this kind of attitude


ADVNTRGRL Posts: 1,091
7/23/09 8:34 A

Thanks for sharing! I know this feeling. =)

MISSWISABUS SparkPoints: (19,907)
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7/23/09 8:32 A

Thank you so much for sharing!

DEGODDESS SparkPoints: (0)
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7/23/09 8:31 A

This is awesome and I am so proud of you...there was a time when I noticed my shadow had gotten smaller as well, but never thought of it quite like you did. You are an inspiration and I admire your spunk. Keep SKRINKING!

THERAPIST2 Posts: 432
7/23/09 8:30 A

Love it!

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7/23/09 8:28 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Great story! And what a metaphor for SANE living!!

7/23/09 8:26 A

Thats great you are no longer afraid of the dark. I have been working out for 9 years and during those 9 years had 3 kids. With my 2nd child I gained 100 pounds. I started working out 2 times a day I ate only about 600 calories a day and I lost that 100 pounds plus some. But now that I am older it is harder to get the weight down after my 3rd child I work out 3-4 days a week at least 2-2.30 hours. I am at a stand still at 160 pounds I want to loose at least 15 pounds and I am good but it seems impossible I don't eat a whole lot maybe I just need to eat one time a day nothing over 800 calories. I am about to go crazy trying to get this weight off. I am very toned but thick in the hips and thighs. I guess all of this muscle weight because people are always saying how good I look.

Do you have any advice on how I can get this extra weight off and still eat whatever I want.

7/23/09 8:25 A


LORRAANN77 SparkPoints: (20,826)
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7/23/09 8:19 A

Too cool! What an awesome way to look at your changes!
Thank you for sharing!

GENTLESPIRIT1 SparkPoints: (71,245)
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7/23/09 8:10 A

I love it MJ! You are doing fantastic. I know you can do it!


GOLDIEDELIA SparkPoints: (99)
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7/23/09 8:06 A

That was great. Congratulations on your success.

7/23/09 8:04 A

Great post!

7/23/09 8:03 A

Great Post I concur emoticon

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GOTTA-LOSE-25 Posts: 9
7/23/09 7:56 A

having a shadow means the sun is out and I still standing! embrace it!

LORNA2 Posts: 1
7/23/09 7:53 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon I hope that one day I will no longer be afraid of the dark.

LDY_ALI_79 Posts: 1,228
7/23/09 7:52 A

Great post! I'm still trying to embrace my shadow. Thanks for the reminder.

MARYSUPPORTS SparkPoints: (0)
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7/23/09 7:36 A

That is really GREAT.

DBELLE39 SparkPoints: (277,504)
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7/23/09 7:35 A


REGAND1 SparkPoints: (13,497)
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7/23/09 7:34 A

Great post! I can really relate to that shadow thing. It brought an instant smile! Thanks! emoticon

JESSICAVZ1 Posts: 2,186
7/23/09 7:16 A

Way to go, I'm not nervous about my shadow, but I am still afraid of the dark.

LAG1212 Posts: 850
7/23/09 7:16 A

Good for you! Hold on to Jesus. I'm not afraid of anything. Give him glory. C U emoticon

7/23/09 7:14 A

Thank You sooooooooo very much . I feel like you wrote that for me bet i'm not alone in that feeling. Wonder if it would work if you yell I am not alone. Thanks and God Bless

BLUEEYES6777 Posts: 1
7/23/09 7:03 A

very inspiring i have lost a pound this week it is a start.

TRACYZABELLE SparkPoints: (139,139)
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7/23/09 6:59 A

Well you have the featured board post!! How awesome!

You go with your bad self.

HPDANCER1 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/23/09 6:54 A

Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

SUETHIN Posts: 3
7/23/09 6:40 A

What a great way to prove you love yourself!

JKSTEIN123 SparkPoints: (113)
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7/23/09 6:38 A


What a great idea. You definitely do think out of the box and are a very creative thinker. Great way to overcome tough obstacles.

Wish you success in your goals!

Jill S

CHOCOLAT44 Posts: 2
7/23/09 6:34 A

Good for you so many times in life we allow things to overshadow us and ultimately overtake us. By embracing what is is what gives us the power to change. Fear is a prison Freedom is a life.

LIZ-GS SparkPoints: (32,136)
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7/23/09 6:34 A

What a great 'wake-up' story! Thanks for sharing.
Unfortunately, I wasn't completely 'awake' when I read the post the first time & I read: I am no longer afraid of my desk....

hmmm, something Freudian there for me - I've used 'my desk' job as an excuse for being out of shape - there's my fear: afraid of the desk = lack of exercise while staring at a computer all day.

Well hello to Spark Tools for me - I've found lots of cool 'deskercises' to do & I'm no longer afraid of my desk...

Be Well, Find Joy. emoticon

JUSTFOXXY Posts: 5,755
7/23/09 5:25 A

I seem to remember a song from my childhood called "Me and My Shadow". One of the lyrics is "we're always together, as close as can be." Seems appropo to mention it.

Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on your shrinking shadow.


GRACIE0204 Posts: 5,275
7/23/09 4:57 A

That is so fantastic you have changed your fear and your shadow. Congrats on the weight loss and thanks so much for sharing this with us. This is something I am sure a lot of people can relate and the metaphor is excellent. I like how you over came your fear of the dark by saying your mantra out loud-this is another excellent tool we can use-redirecting our negative thinking to positive ones-great job!!

JANDJRICHES Posts: 1,654
7/23/09 4:38 A

Hey - this is so true.. We need our shadows... even Peter Pan had to have his stitched back on.. !
So keep them slim and trim and they'll be no trouble to us... cheers... emoticon

7/23/09 3:59 A

Thank you for this post. I hae huge areas of dark in my life at the moment. I hope in future I can embrace the dark and stop being afraid of it.

MOOREV11 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/23/09 3:23 A

What a wonderful story..facing ones truth is challenging. For me it was the first time I saw my reflection in the double glass doors of a Mall entrance and turn to look around me to see who the large reflection belonged to and could not believe it when I realized it was me. It is true...this realization must be embraced before we can move on.

I really love your mantra. Keep at it.

JELLEBABY Posts: 137
7/23/09 2:22 A

Beautifully written!! Thanks for the inspiration, and reminder that we are whole people, warts and all, on a journey to be better, stronger and not afraid...

7/23/09 2:03 A

Awesome and inspiring. Thank you for being courageous enough to share. You are amazing and so is your shadow. Keep on hiking and loving the shadow that reflects you both on the outside and more importantly the heart of a winner on the inside.

SPIRAL242 Posts: 398
7/23/09 1:15 A

Ya, my shadow looks a little better than it used to. I was never afraid of it though. I still don't like the dark out by myself. I'm afraid of someone not something.

HARLEY1229 Posts: 3
7/23/09 1:11 A

I actually am not sure what to think, I mean don't get me wrong this was a great success story.I went to see a new therapist today, not because I wanted to see a new therapist, but because my therapist moved away, and this is a small community so there isn't any choices you have to see who there is.He was trying to get me to see what the reason is for my being so obese.He wants me to go all the weay back to my childhood, but I really can't see any specific issues from my childhood that would have made me eat.I have had many issues as an adult that I might could trace it to, but I was overweight as a child as well.I don't know and can't really figure out what the answers might be and why are they necessary.I have already begun to make my lifestyle different and am eating more healthy and exercising as I can(Iam trying to heal a very problematic broken ankle)I have already lost 22 pounds, so if this is occuring now why is it important to know why it hasn't haqppened before?
Sorry I think I went a little off subject,Keep up ther great work. emoticon

LEAH145 Posts: 4
7/23/09 1:08 A

This is SO funny. I've lost 14 pounds and I just had this experience walking back from lunch the other day. I noticed that my shadow looked better than I've seen it in a while!

Thanks for this!

MCDC21 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/23/09 1:01 A

What a great idea to face head on the "fear"

SAMIS21 Posts: 20
7/23/09 12:49 A

I actually thought this was going to be some random little story I was only reading for points. But I liked it. :-) Thank you for sharing.

REVSERENA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (32,252)
Posts: 3,252
6/29/09 7:34 A

You are so right. Our shadow is coming with us either way. It is so freeing to accept it. The truth DOES set us free!

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,837)
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Posts: 14,429
6/26/09 9:09 P

Thanks for sharing your fun story! I love it when people make parts of this healthy lifestyle adventure into a fun game.


PATSDIARY Posts: 3,268
6/26/09 7:52 P

Very cool - I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE DARK! I will CASE this from you (Copy and Steal Endlessly)! Thanks for the inspiration

ZEN_WOMAN Posts: 4,009
6/26/09 6:53 P

I like to yell, “I am no longer afraid of the dark anymore” while I am hiking at my favorite trail. A very unusual thing for a 30 something woman to say let alone yell down the hill as she is walking down it. But that is exactly what I yell whenever I get to a really sunny spot on the trail especially if I have been hiking in the shadowy parts of the trail for a while.

It is a metaphor of sorts for my life. As a kid I was never afraid of the dark but as I gained weight over the past few years I gained a fear of the dark. The darkness of my shadow.

Once I started hiking last year as part of my new healthy lifestyle, I would really detest seeing my shadow. I hated being big and seeing it in the shape of my shadow made me wince even more.

But one day I decided to embrace my shadow- It is not like I can get away from it anyway. So I came up with the ritual of yelling this mantra.

I made a fun game of it last Fall, given the huge difference in sunny and shady areas of my hiking trails. And over the last few months I have been able to see my shadow shrink in size and become a shape I am proud of. Today, I fully embrace my shadow and actually try to find it whenever I am hiking. So follow my lead and embrace the darkness in your life and hopefully you too will be yelling, “I am no longer afraid of the dark anymore.”



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