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9/2/14 5:48 P

Find something you can do daily to build consistency. Walk for ten mins, dance to your favorite song twice, stretch, whatever it is that motivates you and can keep you on course when other things get obscured.

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ARAZA30 Posts: 2,935
9/2/14 4:49 P

Set realistic goals. It will not be easy but worth it!

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9/2/14 4:32 P

I am new too :) Is there a way to access the challenges through the app?

NWIBERG Posts: 17
9/2/14 3:08 P

Little steps is the key. Set your goals. Check in everyday and male small changes at a time.

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9/2/14 10:03 A

Start with small goals. Take a look at spark guy's ten minute exercise challenge.

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4UTOPIA Posts: 407
9/2/14 7:34 A

Lastly, join a challenge or two. They are easy motivators. All the best. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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9/2/14 7:33 A

Start by setting your goals then the system will do a lot of the work. It is very user friendly. I set my goals focused on developing discipline for exercise rather than pounds and inches. Also, READ, READ, READ - the articles are extremely useful

Be not afraid of [losing] slowly; be afraid only of standing still. - Chinese Proverb

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9/2/14 4:09 A

I am new to this. If anyone would like to give me some tips.... Please do!!

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