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11/18/11 2:01 P

I agree with a few of the people here re: using points as motivation. I check my "Login Points" site to remind me to check articles I haven't read yet, recipes I might try, motivational or plain fun blogs that people write. The points are an extra "goodie" themselves that I can pass on to other people to motivate them, show them appreciation, or again...plain fun things.

Altogether, a nice way to bond with people who share an interest and maybe find a few good buddies along the way.


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11/18/11 12:03 P

what I mean by serious questions is - I ask a question that I'm looking for a response - I'd rather not read "yes" or "no"
I'm not here for serious medical advice.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,277
11/18/11 9:45 A

I agree Blondiegirl. I wish we could use the points to get real items. Then again as many points as I have that is probably one of everything in the Spark Store.

BLONDIEGRRL Posts: 1,174
11/18/11 9:43 A

For me, the Spark points provide a great emotional reward and they motivate me to keep active on the board and keep fit and healthy. I love seeing the numbers going up because it means I'm learning more and getting closer to my goal weight, etc. I look forward to the day when I achieve the highest level. (Note to poster below: I never reply to posts for the sole purpose of accumulating points. I actually read the articles and message board posts, and I try to offer useful advice in response to posts. Also, I never pay attention to other's points; I'm competing only with myself for points.)

... although it would be nice if we could accumulate points for real prizes -- things like Spark bumper stickers, T-shirts, water bottles, etc.

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,277
11/18/11 9:42 A

They are not really worth anything, just a motivation tool. I do like to use them to send Spark Goodies. And I would love to spin the wheel one day and win the Spark Book.

Personally I like the Spark Points. Although I do not use any shady tactics to obtain them. That is cheating, in my opinion.

I also don't find the people on here to be fanatics or whiners. Sure I have run into a few, but generally they can be ignored.

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NAPLESMOM24 Posts: 119
11/18/11 9:11 A

Spark Points are a form of motivation I think. I'm competitive and I like to see how many points I can get in a day. I actually do read the articles and do respond seriously to serious questions. The points keep me wanting to come everyday and I of course use all my tracking tools. I've bought some Spark Goodies with my points which is fun. For those that are complaining - go somewhere else. I mean seriously, you dislike the site so much that you still feel the need to respond to an innocuous question about the points so negatively? Then just go away.

11/18/11 8:59 A

All the people here?

11/18/11 8:51 A

They are not worth anything. I'm going over to the site fatsecret. it's a great site plus is has a food database that is unbelievable. The teams are a joke, half the time no one responds to you. The people here are whiners and fanatics. Fatsecret is a fun site full of challenges.

11/18/11 8:49 A

@Leeleema: While I share your general opinion about the spark points I would like to rebut the part about asking questions and getting serious answers; The Main Message Boards (and more specifically here in the SparkPeople Cafe') is not that great of a place to ask SERIOUS questions. There are SOME folks who'll answer you seriously here but it's on the "teams" where you can find answers to your serious questions on just about any topic INCLUDING Health & Fitness.

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11/18/11 8:36 A

They are useless. (in my opinion)
I actually started fresh with a new user name and I don't spin the wheel ever. I don't answer a post with a one word answer just to get more points. I don't even look at other peoples points.
I've read that some people will clear out the quizzes so they can start them over and get even more points... If racking up points is what you are here for then that's fine.. but I'm here to use the tools, and learn without worrying about points.
I know I sound like a B-atch, but I've posted on the message board looking for serious answers and I get one word replies that make no sense... just to get points!

I wouldn't worry about points... I'd worry about using the tools and finding some friends to help you acheive your goals. Good luck :)

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11/17/11 10:16 P

They may not even be worth a fraction of a cent, but they help me remember my commitment to keeping off the weight I've lost here.

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11/17/11 9:23 P

I love the whole points thing on SparkPeople. The whole idea makes me smile.

You earn points to buy virtual stuff that seems imaginary at first. But then you realize that those virtual gifts have meaning behind them -- that sending someone virtual flowers has the same effect as sending real flowers -- that sending a little virtual goodie is just as real as sending someone a card or present.

The points also give you a way of tracking you behavior. They are a reward for trying -- and provide an insenstive to participate -- and participation helps us move forward in achieving our goals.

TMW54812 SparkPoints: (126,093)
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11/17/11 7:28 P

They help reinforce being active with other sparkers and reading health and fitness material daily which in turn helps keeping focused on goals.

MAVERICK59 Posts: 6,967
11/17/11 7:21 P

Also, beside the 'goodies' you can 'buy' for yourself and your Spark friends, your points accumulate and your Spark level grows as your points grow. i hope you enjoy Spark people as much as I have.
Good Luck to you.

11/17/11 7:01 P

They are to be used to give gifts (so to speak) to the friends you make on spark and to reward yourself with gifts for goals or whatever you think you should be rewarded for. And they keep you active on the site doing different things. I hope you do well spark is great and the people are wonderful. Enjoy

HATAK33 Posts: 4
11/17/11 6:57 P

The Spark Points....what are they for? What is the purpose of them?

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