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5/8/09 7:43 P

Ugh, I was hoping someone would say, yeah that happened to me and I did this and this and it all changed. I can't stand not seeing the scale move. I get so discouraged.

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5/8/09 7:41 P

The real culprit behind losing inches and not pounds, is because you are losing bodyfat. Some people want the look of bodyfat loss but would rather have the scale weight victory. I guess it boils down to goals. good luck all

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5/8/09 7:35 P

Wow, that's great Rose...10 pounds!!
Thanks for the encouraging words.
I track everything I eat and am pretty consistent.
My pt has my counting proteins, carbs and fats.
On days I weight train, I have 120 proteins, 90 carbs and 25-35 in fats. Cardio days are 120 proteins, 50-75 carbs and 35-45 fats. It averages between 1200-1400 daily calories. He just added in 10 minutes 4x a week of jump roping.

I think I will try the limiting carbs and night thing and just get my carbs in the morning and afternoon. Maybe that will shake things up. Probably should go back to measuring things more carefully also since I have gotten so use to the portions, I may have gotten sloppy.

I'm game for anything.

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5/8/09 7:18 P

I was doing the same thing too, exercising 60 minutes 6 days a week, strength training and "eating healthy foods" but not losing any weight other than 1-2 pounds one week then gain it back the next. So what I did was:
1. I make a daily meal plan every morning and stick to it, if I exchange something on it I make sure I write it down, and I track my meals so I know that I am staying within my calorie range.
2. I measure everything I eat.
3. I don't eat late night snacks.
4. I eat a protein, vegetable and fruit dessert for dinner, no carbohydrates. I eat my carbs for breakfast and lunch only.
It has been a month since I started doing this and I have lost 10 pounds. I haven't changed my exercise time, other than switch my exercises every week so that I am working my whole body.

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5/8/09 6:49 P

This seems to be a very common topic that comes up a lot...and I have to admit...I am in the same boat.
I've lost over 35 pounds and a lot of inches. Yeah, I am pleased with how I look and more importantly, I feel great.
It just does not compute. I'd like to lose about 10 more pounds. It's not my caloris, it is not the portions or the carbs or proteins. That is all in sync. It sure can't be the exercise. I work with weights 3x a week and change it up every 5 weeks. I do a spin class one or two days a week and another cardio another day. I have one or two rest days. I would do more cardio but my pt says no...stick with what he has me doing.

Weight stays the same...has for about two months. Yeah, intellectually I get the impact of sodium, stress blah, blah blah but emotionally, I just don't get how I can be working so hard, doing all the right things and not see that number change.

Is it possible that your body finds a set weight and just wants to stay there? I really do try not to get discouraged with the number on the scale but emotionally, I just don't get it.

I'm getting to the point where I want to throw the scale out the window.

BUFFEDSTUFF Posts: 11,303
5/8/09 5:32 P

It's all about the inches. keep up the good work

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5/8/09 5:20 P

Throw me into that same pot and cook me too. I don't depend on my scale (kicks the scale once again). I measure myself right after I weigh myself. This week nothing...but yet I lost 1.8 inches again. So...even though it is nice to see the numbers on the scale go really is not as important as seeing the changes in your body and seeing the inches. Keep up the GREAT work!!

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5/8/09 5:10 P

I know how you feel, LKSWEET. I'm in the same boat. I've lost a lot of inches around my waist especially, have essentially lost a whole dress size, but the dang scale doesn't budge. I "know," in my brain, that this is OK. It doesn't mean that I'm not making progess. But emotionally, its hard not to see those numbers drop on the scale.

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5/8/09 5:00 P

Muscle gain, water weight, too much oil or transfat intakes, blah, blah, blah

ALL that matters is the loss of inches. If you get to a size 2 and still have not lost any weight... go see your doctor =)

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5/8/09 4:57 P

That happened to me initially. I kept wondering how I could lose inches but not weight. Then...out of nowhere, I started losing weight. I don't lose big amounts, but it's generally 5 pounds per month. I do a lot of cardio and I strength train so that may be why.

Also....forget the's evil! emoticon

KIPRUSS3 Posts: 1,473
5/8/09 4:51 P

I don't know how large you are, but if you are *very* large when you started, most of your muscles probably had atrophied, so much of your energy is going into putting necessary muscles back onto your body to let do you the work out.

If you saw my fat % right now, you'd freak at how little muscle I actually have. But each week of walking, I'm adding more muscle (I can tell, cause i can go longer, do some stairs, etc).

5/8/09 4:23 P

I would trade off big numbers in inches, rather than numbers on the scale. Inches give you a true indication of where you are at.

MFIT4ME Posts: 526
5/8/09 3:52 P

That's what's been happening to me. I've been doing a lot of circuit training and can notice the changes in my body. I'm loosing inches everywhere and getting toned. Am loving it!
So don't worry about the scale so much. As long as you're loosing inches, you're on the right track.

Good Luck!

5/8/09 12:11 P

The scale is a fickle friend, and it doesn't always tell you the truth.

If you are losing inches, you are losing body fat. That is more important than the number on the scale.

Fact is, many factors determine and influence what you see on the scale. Hormone fluctuation, fluid fluctuation, stress, high sodium meals/diet, heavy meal, lots of water, not enough water... All these things can make the scale go up and down.

And even EXERCISE can cause a rise on the scale! Crazy, but true! When you do intense work outs and strength train, your muscles will soak up water like a sponge. This is to make more energy for the next work out and to repair after you've exercised your muscles. Eventually the body will release the water it doesn't need.

Keep tracking your measurements. They are the true reflection of how much fat you're losing. The scale can take lots of time to tell you something new as far as weight loss goes.

One of the other posters mentioned muscle being more dense than fat - this is true. You can weigh the same or be heavier and still have less fat, be more fit.

You're doing perfect. Keep it up!

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5/8/09 11:53 A

wannabe132 siad exactly what I was gonna say keep up the good work!!!

CHANGE4FIT Posts: 4,007
5/8/09 11:26 A

I believe the answer is related to the fact that you are losing fat and gaining muscle and improved tone. Muscle generally takes up less space than fat= loss in inches, but not necessarily weight. I think I have read that lean muscle per volume is heavier than the same amount of fat-think about it like this, if you had a cup of cotton (fat) and a cup of chicken(muscle), the chiken would weigh more.
Remember to celebrate the non scale victories and it sounds like you have a lot to celebrate.
Hope this helps. Also, search around the site for information. I bet there are articles that address this, too.

LKSWEET Posts: 2
5/8/09 11:00 A

I have been tracking my weight and inches since January. I walk for at least 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week, count my calories and stay between 1500 - 1700 a day. My weight has stayed the same. I lose a pound, then gain a pound. I have lost 14.5 inches so far; 7 in my waist. Why am I not losing weight?

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