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1/2/13 7:15 P

Are there gyms nearby? You can try some classes, but that can get pricey. I would try mixing it up such as workout dvds, videos on here, or the library. If you have room, maybe you can get apiece of cardio equipment so you can walk 1/2 the time and use the elliptical or something similar inside. While rough on the joints, I find I can run forever if I'm in front of a tv in the winter.

Are you strength training as well? Muscle increases your metabolic rate so your cardio will be more effective.

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1/2/13 5:49 P

Thank you everyone for your fantastic advice, I was able to drop 15 pounds easily a few months ago right before my wedding, I found it easy to tell myself I need to lose weight for my wedding and that was enough motivation to get up and walk no matter the temperature. But i find myself mentally talking myself out of walking in the mornings. I have every intention of getting up to walk but its actually doing it. My husband isn't totally on board with my weight loss goals. He says that he likes the weight I am and thinks I would look odd any skinnier. But i know I am not a healthy weight for my body type. I think I may be afraid he wont find me attractive if I lose weight. This is truly hard for me.

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If the temperatures are in the 30's or above it is pretty easy to put on enough layers to be comfortable walking. I know the feeling and have empathy for initiating the getting out part. Thankfully I have been walking for so many years I KNOW it will warm me up, energize me, make me much happier when I do finally get out and after I get home again. Sometimes it is wise to just decide you will go and then do it whether or not you feel motivated.
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Walking is fantastic exercise - I used to walk about two hours a day and it helped keep me focused on eating healthily as well as providing a form of exercise that I really enjoyed. However, since moving to an area where it is quite hilly and isolated, I do not walk at all in the same way.

I struggled to find an alternative, too, but I would recommend trying a Lesley Sansome DVD. I do her 2 mile 'Walk away the pounds' DVD practically every day. It only takes half an hour and is more than just a walk, even if a lot of it revolves around walking on the spot. Even vigorous housework or a spot of gardening (if you have one) can help to make you feel you are being more active and you might be able to build on that.

As beautiful as a walk around the lake sounds (wow!), it seems you are beating yourself up about not doing it every morning. Be kind to yourself, you can find other ways of getting to your goal.

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If you suspect you may be suffering from depression, or some kind of seasonal issues, I would strongly suggest talking to your doctor! Exercise can indeed help treat it, but since depression is a serious medical issue, and not one to write off as "just the blues", you should reach out for professional help!

Speaking from experience, asking someone who suffers from depression to motivate themselves is not unlike asking a heart patient to perform their own heart surgeries!

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1/2/13 3:02 P

I live in a mountain community and if I'm lucky we will get to 50 degrees on a warm day. That is until summer hit. I don't know how to motivate myself to get up and walk the lake every morning I am starting to wonder if my inability to loss weight is more a depression problem than anything else. does anyone have any suggestions on how to help?

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