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2/4/14 8:03 P

I totally understand your frustration and agree that recognizing your need for motivation is
A huge step....and the beginning of your journey. I have been sedentary due to morbid obesity and eventually a very serious illness rendering me to a wheelchair. After 3 years, I moved to a walker, now a cane. After coming to SP 100 plus days ago, well into my lifestyle change, I began the 10 minute bursts. I started with resistance bands, 3 pound weights, and accomplish 3 bursts average per day. I bounce a ball against the garage door, I stand, twist, just move. I do it when I have the time, sometimes in front of the TV. I have just begun working with a personal trainer to begin cardio. My best advice is, don't punish yourself, be your own best friend and talk yourself into little bursts. Together we can do this...God Bless.

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2/4/14 6:37 P

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Welcome to Sparks! Super Best Wishes to you!
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*And, feel free to check out my profile page for a few awesome teams that may be of interest to you and help keep you motivated all the way to your goal, as we’re all here to help you on your journey to that fantastic health & happiness!


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2/4/14 11:48 A

Thank you everyone. I think I will start to offer myself rewards when I can complete a challenge or other landmark accomplishments. I really don't need to loose weight... maybe about 5-7 lbs but I need to tone my body. I weigh about 118 but I am only 4'11". After baby number 4 I cannot get rid of the baby pouch. Could this be because I am "older" now? I will be 33 this summer so I'm not THAT old LOL!!!

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1/24/14 7:34 P

You've done the first great thing, which is reaching out for help emoticon

Some other things that come to mind are:

Find something you enjoy, like walking the dog. going for a walk, joining a local sports league (badminton, etc). If you enjoy it, you'll look forward to doing it :)

Try to remember how working out makes you feel, and what health benefits you noticed.

Try to find a workout schedule that is as convenient as possible for you. For example, if you want to join a gym, try to find one that is close to your home or your office, and map out a given time when it'll be easy for you to work out (eg: first thing in the morning)

See if there's someone who would like to work out with you - like a friend, family member or a Sparker in your area. Or even see if there are workout routines you can do with the kids, like a walk in the park.

Read Spark success stories and motivational articles

Set up a SparkStreak for working out.

Reward yourself (with something healthy and/or fun !) for every milestone you reach, whether it's weight loss (every 5lbs lost) or a fitness challenge (eg: being able to hold a plank for 2 minutes)

Join a Spark Challenge, like a Couch to 5K program, and interact with others doing the same program. Together you can cheer each other on !

Hope this helps, and I hope that you'll find even more fun and interesting ways to stay active emoticon

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1/24/14 7:30 P

Try getting a workout buddy and scheduling your workouts. A trip to the doctor will be great too. Keep pushing! You can do it!

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1/24/14 1:50 P

I am a mom who needs to get up and move. If I am not physically active I start to feel depressed; the more depressed I feel the more I do NOT want to work out and I become an unmotivated mess. I know I need to keep active but once you get in the rut it is hard to get out. How do you keep from falling into the rut?

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