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9/27/13 10:55 A

Try a piece of whole wheat bread with your nut butter of choice on it for a snack maybe with apple slices or apple cider. That's a little extra fiber and calories especially in the nut butter. The apple slices will add some crunch and the cider will make it seem like a mini meal. A good taste of fall if you're enjoying fall now. Yum! That's making me hungry!

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9/27/13 5:38 A


How about increasing your intake of fresh fruit and veggies ? For optimum health, a person should eat 6-9 servings each and every day. Have a salad with olive oil. Olive oil is a monosaturated fat that will help you increase your caloric intake in a healthy manner as well as help decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease. You can also add some walnuts or slivers of almonds to your salad.

Nut butter like peanut butter or almond butter are also good ways to increase your caloric intake.

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9/26/13 11:56 P

Nibbling on nuts, seeds and dried fruits is a good way to increase calories and increase fibre (which is often low if the calories are too low.) Don't concentrate on eating low-fat foods, so as an example, use full-fat milk rather than skinny milk.

Below is a link with other tips for you:

Good luck,

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9/26/13 9:43 P

Struggling to get in all the calories suggested. Any ideas?

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