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SASHAPOO21 Posts: 88
6/16/09 4:48 P

Ty all. I know carbs are important and it kinda stinks because i got up this morning and i lost 1.2 pounds in 2 days. Thats after i went off my low carb diet and went to mcdonald and ate a mcflurry and a small fry. So the weight loss was awesome but i dont know if it was worth it. lol.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,302
6/16/09 8:55 A

This article explains about carbs: The Truth About Carbs , and includes info about the effects of low carbs that you may find helpful.


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RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
6/16/09 3:39 A

Do a little homework what are carbs? Carbs are actual fuel for the body, if you cut them back low a person will get headaches because your depriving the body of actual fuel to think, move and do some activities..
The body can only react by being sluggish, give a mega headache.. It is better to look at the quality of carbs, a piece of rye bread with 10% fiber will always satisify better than a slice of white bread and the sheer bulk will fill out the stomach and many times trick our eyes out of needing more. I get frightened at a slice weighing 60 grams, but most of this is fiber and is passed out again as is undigestable fiber..
Think smart and don't just cut back because it is popular, think quality. The average women body only needs 3 slices of bread daily to survive on and 4 pieces of fruit.. Cut back lower than this and you will get headaches and lack of energy, it is the sheer bulk of vegetables that brake the burn off of carbs.
If I eat my 20 oz of vegetables I can make a average day with no extra energy out put very comfortable. As soon as I eat less vegetable nagging hunger gets a foot in the door..
Study how food type effect each other, and know why your eating what your eating before just jump on the wagon of good ideas.

6/16/09 1:48 A

I started working out and dieting about a week ago and I got a migraine immediately that would not go away. I also felt so exhausted after my workouts that I just couldn't get myself to wake up and do anything. So I realized a few things and I feel SO MUCH BETTER! Like 100%! The first was that I was not eating enough carbs before I worked out and the second was not enough protien after. Each morning I eat a bowl of some kind of whole grain hot cereal with 2 tbs of Wheat Germ. Then I work out. Afterwards I eat a hard boiled egg. This really is working great for me. Carbs are what give you energy to exercise and burn through the day. Protien helps to rebuild your muscles faster. I would be leary of a diet that doesn't provide for those important functions! I agree that you should just cut out simple carbs and excess sugars and stick to whole grains and natural sugars.

LUVYA04 SparkPoints: (64,283)
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6/16/09 12:06 A

are you getting enough water? emoticon

SEREN_SIGHS Posts: 687
6/15/09 11:30 P

20 carbs a day is really really low. I know I tend to stick to around 100 and my spark nutrition tells me I am normally at least 60 grams below what I should get.

I guess you are probably doing something similar to the atkins diet. There is a lot of research that shows that the best diet for weight loss that stays off is a balanced diet. If you really want to cut out carbs I would just cut out simple sugars which are fruit, table sugar, soda, juices, etc. I believe Spark Nutrition actually says that the fuel your brain runs off of is carbs alone.

Try a different diet. South Beach or the Mediterranean would probably be really good.

Good luck! I hope you feel better!

CAREBARE387 Posts: 57
6/15/09 7:02 P

I know whenever you make a change in your habits, body wise your body sort of retaliates!!! You have to give your body a time of cant drastically cut things out without expecting to have that period of adjustment. I had the same thing when I cut my calories...I felt worn down and had a headache that would kill a plow horse. After about a week it got better!!! What a week that was though!!

SASHAPOO21 Posts: 88
6/15/09 6:56 P

I started doing low carb 2 days ago. 20 carbs a day. I have been keeping a headache and i feel so tired. I am eating plenty of food and fat. Is this normal? Will it go away? I have about had it. lol.

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