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KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,055
5/29/13 1:11 P

my feeling is that as long as you are eating at least 1200 calories a day, and you are still losing, find the calorie range that works best for you.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/29/13 11:12 A

Makes sense. As you near GW though, your calories will climb again. Don't be afraid of this. A normal diet is above 1500 for most people who are maintaining. For someone who has been reducing calories for years, this may seem like too much, but is really where they should have been all along.

5/28/13 9:56 P

Ok...what I did: I have now lost 40 pounds - which is 10 pounds away from my original starting goal of 50 pounds. But I actually want to lose 80 total. So I updated my weight loss goals to show my ending goal. Immediately, my calorie range was reduced because I have 40 pounds to lose instead of just 10. I can follow the range now until I reach my goal weight. I am half way there!!! I am very happy.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,234
5/27/13 8:05 A

the more weight you lose, the less weight you have left to lose. which in turn means you eat more calories because you will be eating closer to where you will ultimately maintain your weight. loss ranges tend to be lower than maintenance ranges, so as you get closer to your goal, you eat higher than your loss ranges and up into your maintenance ranges. make sense?
so if you are within 30 or 40lbs of your goal, you will be eating in a higher range. if your 39lbs wasn't the bulk of what you need to lose then you can probably readjust your goals and set another small goal with a lower range because you still have plenty of excess weight to lose. but once you get to those last 30 or 40lbs, you'll have to slow down your loss and eat at slightly higher range. because when you don't have much less to lose, your body simply can't support the deficits large enough to get you to a 1 or 2lb loss.

5/27/13 8:01 A

emoticon Your weight loss is inspiring!

RobinJoy is right eating too little will cause the body to conserve fat and burn muscle for fuel. Muscles burn a lot of calories even at rest so when the body perceives itself as starving it wants to get rid of that high calorie burning muscle to protect itself. Which is exactly the opposite of what you really want to be doing building muscle and losing fat! So don't be afraid to eat at the high end of your range. Lots of healthy vegetables, meats, fats and fruits.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (244,048)
Fitness Minutes: (41,124)
Posts: 26,628
5/27/13 7:23 A

In the fitness Tracker there are a lot of things we can track - heavy gardening; lawn mowing; Heavy Housework; shoveling snow, etc. etc.

If your activity level has increased, so too will your calories need to increase. It is important to meet the SP calorie range because for most people that will ensure that you get the nutritional requirements for your weight-loss journey to be a healthy one.

Good luck with the rest of your journey :-)

STDWYNWEN SparkPoints: (11,748)
Fitness Minutes: (4,601)
Posts: 577
5/27/13 7:08 A


What is an HRM?
Heart Rate Monitor - It can show you things like calories burned while doing cardio exercise.

5/27/13 7:01 A

I have re-evaluated my exercise goals periodically. When my calorie range first went to what I thought was high, I made sure my goals were set to what I was actually doing. But I really only consider my "planned" exercise.
What is an HRM? I guess I am not using one if I don't know what it is. lolol
I am a teacher and now am out for the summer. My daily activity level will rise because I will be doing a lot of gardening and getting outside. I don't really know how to report activity that is not structured exercise. Like this morning, I am going to pull the turnips out of the garden and prepare the row for planting something else. I have to haul extra dirt by wheelbarrow to where we buried our dog yesterday (he got bit by a snake and died). That is general daily stuff, but burns calories. I plan to walk more, now that I have the time to do it. That is easy to track.
I guess I should not question the goals SP sets for me. It has worked for me thus far. 39 pounds in 5 months is nothing to sneeze at.

STDWYNWEN SparkPoints: (11,748)
Fitness Minutes: (4,601)
Posts: 577
5/27/13 5:04 A


Firstly, congrats on your success so far.... way to go!!

Secondly, is there a disconnect between what you're telling SP you're burning and what you're actually burning?

Do you use a HRM?

If you're finding success at 1400 and don't see signs of under eating based on your activity then stick with it.

If you're experiencing all around tiredness/sluggishness, are unfocused or can't perform you're fitness activities like you used to - then it's under eating or overtraining.
If so, then you need to either up the calories to the SP range or scale down the activity and give yourself rest days.

You also want to make sure 'your' success rate is reasonable for how much you really need to lose. Are you trying to lose too much too fast staying at 1400 cal? Are you going at a rate of .5-1lb week loss?

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
5/26/13 11:21 P

Don't eat less! As a previous poster noted, it is very, very important to eat enough to support your activity level. Eating less can stall your weight loss progress because your body wants to maintain a certain balance, and if you don't eat enough, it will hold on to every calorie you consume in an effort to meet your basic metabolic needs.

Eat at the very bottom of your range if you would rather do that, but don't go lower than your range.

Best of luck.

CHELEPENA Posts: 185
5/26/13 11:06 P

I try to eat the required amount of calories but i fall short by over 500+ daily! Grrr so frustrating

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
Fitness Minutes: (57,011)
Posts: 4,787
5/26/13 10:47 P

It sounds as if the plan has worked very well for you so far. I'd stick with it and follow the recommended levels. As they say, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it."


ROBINJOY61 SparkPoints: (7,475)
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Posts: 46
5/26/13 10:14 P

I suppose your body needs more calories because you've been building muscle? If you eat too little, muscle is the first thing to go. emoticon

5/26/13 9:17 P

It is INCREDIBLY important. If you eat too little, it can mess up your metabolism. Your body will think you're starving to death, and it will try to save holding on to every calorie and bit of fat that it can. It will become super efficient at burning calories, so that it takes less to fuel your body during the day. If you starve yourself for long enough, your body will start eating up your organs and bones to fuel itself.

Trust me...messing with your calorie levels is a bad path to go down. Ask anyone who has suffered from and eating disorder and has seen the physical damage they do.

I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes you have to eat MORE to lose weight.

5/26/13 8:43 P

As I lose weight (39 pounds since January), and increase my activity, my calorie range has been going up and up. Right now, 1510 is my bottom number. I think that is too much. I seem to have more success when I stay in the 1400 calorie range. Do I really need to try and eat enough to at least meet my low number? How important is it?

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