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12/18/09 9:42 A

Going at a slow pace is a good thing! You're trying to make a change in your life! That's no small thing. If you want your new healthy lifestyle to be permanent than slow and steady is the way to go. Just think, time is going to pass you by no matter what and if you reach your goals in 6 months or a year there is no difference because the point is that you are changing and becoming healthier. Enjoy the journey and learn from it so you can maintain your weight loss after you've reached your goals.

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12/18/09 4:36 A

Ain't nuthin' wrong with turtling along. Who was it won that famous race? Oh yeah ... the turtle!

Any down is good. Down is the right direction, regardless of the amount. :)

Besides, it sometimes takes a while for things to kick into gear when you change your lifestyle. Hang in there. Even if the scale never moves again, eating healthy and getting regular exercise is still better for you than eating junk and being sedentary.

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12/4/09 5:51 P

Is there anyone - out there, it seens to me that I will take forever to get going on losing more than one pound a week. I am not overeating and am doing all my exercises....May be it is gaining muscle weight...I sure hope so...This journey is going to be a long one on my part of the program.... emoticon turtle walking is my speed...

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