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11/17/12 10:34 A

I too am a hottie under construction. I have a pinterest board for fitness. I find if I blog about it, I motivate and convince and support my own self, and that is more beneficial than others encouragement at times. I'm looking to lose no less than 100, can't really put a number for my goal weight because I don't even know what I'll look like or can look like, and I'm eager to find out. Not only is weight loss a true physical battle, its mental too. You have to dig deep. every. single. day. I'm only on day 12 and i've done nothing but think about losing weight since I first emailed a personal trainer. and I've gone off diet no less than 6 of those days, and it lessened every single day. i honestly dont think it gets easier. you just get stronger.

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11/16/12 10:19 A

the Atkins Diet is a good one. Do read "THE SUGAR FIX" by Richard Johnson M.D. and listen to his lecture on YouTube.

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11/14/12 12:23 P

Slow is good. At just 1.5 pounds per week that is over 70 pounds in one year.

Good luck.

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11/12/12 10:59 A

My name is Jennifer, I'm 38 years old and live in Bono, Arkansas. I am currently working to lose in excess of 100 lbs, and am needing a lot of support. I lost 70 lbs with the Atkins WOE a couple of years ago, but gained it all back (and then some).

This time around, the weight is coming off much slower, which is quite upsetting. I'm trying to stay motivated, because I know at this point, I MUST lose this weight in order to put years back onto my life....

Here goes nothing....

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