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I am Retro and I still own.....

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SparkPoints: (45,674)
Fitness Minutes: (25,766)
Posts: 1,160
5/9/13 9:04 A

i still have my 77 Schwinn bike, too!

Posts: 975
5/9/13 7:44 A

We still have a couple of Nintendo 64's around here somewhere.

Posts: 1,544
5/9/13 12:26 A

cassette player, VCR and all of Disney's old movies on Video.

SparkPoints: (275,478)
Fitness Minutes: (121,257)
Posts: 16,526
5/8/13 11:17 P

A Mrs. Beasley doll

SparkPoints: (216,414)
Fitness Minutes: (194,080)
Posts: 6,785
5/8/13 7:10 P

I still have the stuffed animal I got when I was twelve.

Posts: 229
5/8/13 4:23 P

I still have leg warmers, love the smell of Jean Nate but haven't been able to bring myself to wear it as it reminds me of my grandma and a stuffed animal monkey named Boo Boo that my ex-husband gave me when we were first dating almost 25 years ago! My grandson now loves to sleep with it. Lol.

Posts: 538
5/8/13 4:01 P

OOO My guess what else I just found.....

Does any remember those first hand held games of football with the dot and the white casing?? That still works and I have my hand held game of Merlin and the hand held game of Simon!!! LOL



Edited by: JGIRL5799 at: 5/8/2013 (16:02)

Posts: 538
5/8/13 3:11 P

heheheh I am getting a kick from your all posts... just makes me giggle...

Posts: 6,137
5/8/13 2:24 P

record player for 33/45/78 vinyl records and the records of course

SparkPoints: (58,513)
Fitness Minutes: (32,010)
Posts: 2,158
5/8/13 1:54 P

lol I still have an 8 track player
and a thigh master
also floppy diskets

SparkPoints: (138,119)
Fitness Minutes: (207,320)
Posts: 20,491
5/8/13 1:49 P

Hey ! If those Atari games are still in good shape, you could make a BUNDLE off them on ebay. You'd be surprized how many "adults" will pay good money for the games of their youth.

I have my share of VHS and cassette tapes. I have some books on tape that I haven't bought on CD or from audible. Actually, I don't even own a VCR anymore, so I can't even play the tapes. LOL ! I did donate most of the tapes though.

For all my Spark computer peeps... I still have a selection of Zip 250 cartridges. I have no idea what files are on them, but I still have them. I think I have some 3.5 floppy disks kicking around too. talk about retro. ;)

Oh and I have a glass orange juicer ! you remember those, right ?

Edited by: ARCHIMEDESII at: 5/8/2013 (13:51)

SparkPoints: (51,281)
Fitness Minutes: (47,828)
Posts: 1,464
5/8/13 1:45 P

Good topic.

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SparkPoints: (51,281)
Fitness Minutes: (47,828)
Posts: 1,464
5/8/13 1:43 P

I have an early 1990's exercise video (VHS) that I bought so I could get back in shape after my kids were born.

I started doing it again a few months ago and my son couldn't stop laughing at the instructor wearing a unitard and leg warmers (not to mention the music). I still really like that workout though..

Posts: 2,074
5/8/13 1:30 P

I keep and collect everything from the past. Three of my favorites -- Zip, my stuffed monkey from when I was a kid, my checkered shirt that looks like a picnic table cloth -- you know, the red and white ones. Wouldn't be caught dead in it, but it's still in my closet. And, I still cook in a pressure cooker owned by my husband's grandmother.

Fun subject. emoticon

Posts: 366
5/8/13 1:15 P

a Shwin bike from 1973

SparkPoints: (111,541)
Fitness Minutes: (28,729)
Posts: 10,462
5/8/13 1:11 P

VHS tapes
a camera that uses film
a tape recorder that uses cassettes
a clock that has to be wound
a non-electric can opener

Posts: 5,070
5/8/13 12:30 P

I still have my romper stompers, old comic books (the good ones-- huey, dewey and louey, donald duck, unca scrooge, goofy, etc), original board games, records, tapes, and some old bozo buttons from when I was on the grand prize game.

SparkPoints: (158,891)
Fitness Minutes: (37,254)
Posts: 26,359
5/8/13 12:07 P

I still use a VCR to record my TV shows, and I still have a lot of movies on VHS and I can't afford to replace them all with DVDs, just a few of my favorites.

SparkPoints: (76,906)
Fitness Minutes: (17,391)
Posts: 2,116
5/8/13 10:21 A

My cabbage patch doll, Tami, my stirrup pants, and old cassette tapes.

SparkPoints: (126,087)
Fitness Minutes: (156,037)
Posts: 2,239
5/8/13 9:57 A

Real books with real pages...instead of just an e-reader!

Posts: 11,447
5/8/13 8:38 A

cast iron pans (and I use them too)

Posts: 474
5/8/13 7:46 A

A clock my great-grandmother owned.

Posts: 5,685
5/8/13 2:00 A

I still play cassetes. I also have some high waist pants & shorts.

SparkPoints: (57,085)
Fitness Minutes: (23,830)
Posts: 3,336
5/8/13 1:49 A

cassette and video tapes

Posts: 584
5/8/13 1:48 A

... a Princess phone

Posts: 6,106
5/7/13 11:50 P

I still wear tye dye........I still burn insence. My sister still has a camera that takes film. And I have a camera that takes a flash bulb.

Posts: 1,809
5/7/13 6:33 P

I have the atari system too with many games. I have a pillow talk victorian dial phone. I have many things retro that I like. I have two old cedar chest, an antique clock, many small things. I just bought this cute little duck figurine that is also an hour glass, it was 35 cents, I am curious to see it's worth. I have an old violin that was my grandfathers. I have two suit cases full of stuff that may bring a nice penny for my kids at my age, or my grand kids. I buy and store it for them.

SparkPoints: (100,338)
Fitness Minutes: (76,540)
Posts: 2,953
5/7/13 6:23 P

I still have an original 1969 dial phone which we use at the house. It was from a ship that my Dad sailed on during his 33 years in the Navy.

Posts: 538
5/7/13 6:08 P

Back to the past... and no I am not going through my midlife crises .. I don't think yet LOL

But when packing up my home to move to my new home I was laughing because I have found ALL of my atari games and the system and it still works LOL my kids are calling it BORING and DULL.. hey, it was awesome in my time and frogger and asteroids still are the bomb along with the pac man game I still have along with the 45 record of that song LOL They laughed when I played it

I found my four wheel roller skates, 4 of my favorite 8 track tapes, cassette tapes, my old vinal records, my tonka truck (metal) I loved playing with that as a kid LOL, I have also found my old zenith record player with the lid on it.. still works..

Ok, I guess I am showing my age now huh LOL

I have also found my strawberry shortcake dolls that I used to collect, a few of the original preemie cabbage patch dolls LOL Deva Catrina was the name to be exact..

Now only if I had my 4 yellow cases full of hot wheels and my old star wars collection I think I would be rich now.... I do not think I am the only pack rat on these forums at least not yet anyway LOLOL

Have fun ya all! if you own anything what is it???

Edited by: JGIRL5799 at: 5/7/2013 (18:13)

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