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9/13/13 8:20 P

It would appear you are already at an ideal weight for your age and height. You are eating more because your body is trying to make up for all the calories you are burning. You need to find a new interest because you seem to be obsessing about something that is normal. Find a hobby to occupy your mind and when you do eat, just choose healthy foods.

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9/13/13 7:13 P

AMNA21- you are already a healthy weight, and the amount of weight you want to lose and the time-frame to do it in is unhealthy.

"I started to use traedmill for 4-5 times per week ( speed 5 to 6 km/ hr) range from 1- 4 hours."

THIS is also very unhealthy. No-one needs to exercise to that extreme - and up to 4hrs in a day, IS very extreme.

I strongly suggest that you make an appointment with your Dr and talk with him/her. If you find it rather difficult to verbalize to your Dr, take a printout from your original post here, and allow your Dr to read it., because I strongly suspect that there is a lot more going on with you than meets the eye. I feel that you could benefit from some counseling with a Therapist who specializing in weight issues.

Good luck,

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9/13/13 6:29 P

Don't eat " lots of sweets ,chips, nuts and pastries" tomorrow.


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I've lost the weight- and kept it off- using Spark in the past. Lost my nutrition and fitness groove after a car accident and re-gained... but not for long!

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9/13/13 5:43 P

you've set too high a goal. it's not realistic or reasonable to lose 7-9kg (15-20#) in four weeks. aim for about half that (at most).

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9/13/13 4:45 P

Don't beat yourself up! Its OK to indulge at times, be careful not to allow it to become a habit, just a now and then thing.

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9/13/13 4:08 P

You are in a healthy weight range; the weight is not going to come off fast. I think you need to reset your expectations.

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9/13/13 3:56 P

I started to use traedmill for 4-5 times per week ( speed 5 to 6 km/ hr) range from 1- 4 hours. My weight is about 60 kg, height 161 cm . My aim is to lose about 7-9 kilograms within a month using a healthy strict diet . BUT yesterday and today i ate lots of sweets ,chips, nuts and pastries. And i'm very terrified that i may gain lotsss of weight ( gaining fat) . Any advice to go back on track because i cried alot that i made this to myself . I want lots of tips that make me lose 4 kilograms within the first 10 days of this month . And i feel that i am not losing easily even i was like that a year ago :(!but now i am 20 year old girl and cant lose so fast as ern i was 19 . help me pls with advice . thanks

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