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6/21/13 11:19 A

Yes, LEC358, I got totally thrown off by a couple of comments too.

Sleepiness/exhaustion can be caused from a number of different ailments besides just not getting enough sleep. If you are feeling unnaturally tired, and you would know your own body, then my suggestion would be to see a doctor first off and get some blood work done. Diabetes is another disorder where sleepiness is a symptom, not to mention some of the things others here have suggested.

Questioning symptoms such as this and waiting to see if they go away by themselves may only prolong taking care of any disorder like thyroid problems in the best way possible.

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6/21/13 8:07 A

1) It's painfully obvious when people don't read the thread before posting. It's only 8 lazy can you get!

2) Is there any new stress in your life? That can be affecting you (even subconsciously). Also, some times workouts are just hard. I have periods like that where its just an effort to get through the workout and stand upright afterwards.

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6/21/13 6:13 A

I have the ability to see people for who they truly are....

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6/21/13 5:20 A

There are so many factors in feeling tired. Are you getting quality sleep? Are you eating quality foods? Too much sugar can lead to energy highs and lows. How is your stress level? I'm sorry I don't have one good answer for you. Check with your Doctor to be sure.

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6/21/13 2:29 A

That I'd love a ballerina's body!!!

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6/20/13 11:52 P

There are a few thoughts that come to mind:

1) How many calories are you consuming?

2) Are you getting a good amount of quality (not from processed sources) Carbs, and Protein?

3) Do you eat ALL of your meals?

4) Have you just started this exercise regime, and therefore jumped in too quickly for the amount and type of exercise you are doing? (If so, try cutting back duration and type for a little while and build up to it.)

5) Have you spoken to your Dr about what is going on? It might be that you could do with a physical to see what is going on!


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6/20/13 10:57 P

Just because you feel exhausted does not mean your workouts are extra "good". If you had trouble with your thyroid before, check with a doctor, I've had to begin taking thyroid med again 2 months ago, and it's making me feel better. Perhaps you aren't eating enough calories, that too can make you feel bummed out. Do you feel normal on the days you aren't exercising?

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6/20/13 10:30 P

First thing I would look at is sleep: Are you getting enough of it? Most of us need 7-8 hours. Some need more, some need less.

The second thing is your diet: Are you eating enough to support your level of activity? What's your current calorie intake, and your current calorie range?

The third thing is your exercise: Are you overtraining? This article explains some of the signs of overtraining:

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6/20/13 10:10 P

Have you had a check up at your Doctor? You could be low on iron or something. Are you eating enough energy food to keep up with your workouts? Just some ideas.

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6/20/13 9:47 P

I recently have been feeling very exhausted after exercising and even the next day and when I first started exercising it would have the opposite effect. I dunno if my thyroid is acting up or If my workouts are just that good...Me and my mom exercise together and we exercise mon-weds or sometimes mon, tues and thursday and we do Zumba for the Wii....we burn well over 550 calories in just a 45 min. mid length class on there...but man I need an energy pick me up!!! any other suggestions??? emoticon

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