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6/15/11 9:31 P

That was my biggest problems. Hunks of cheese, doritos, etc. I now come home and make the dinner salads. I snack on the lettuce and garbanzo beans. That fills the void. We also try to eat earlier. We used to eat at 6:15 - 6:30PM. No it's more like 5:45 PM.

DAVIDR1450 Posts: 140
6/14/11 4:14 P

I agree, but the major problem is that you need to occupy your time. It is usually doing nothing, watching TV, playing on the computer etc that leads to mindless munching.

I need to find a hobby. Until then I use coffee. I love it and it usually curbs my hunger.

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5/19/11 7:25 A

Remove the chips and junk from the house. But honestly, you should have a meal plan. This isn't something you dream up, it is something you form over time. Analyze your eating patterns and shift calories appropriately. I'm a night eater, so I simply shifted the majority of my daily calories to after work. I usually eat nothing for breakfast, a "normal" lunch, then a light meal when I get home from work (that is planned, reasonably healthy) ... that light meal controls a lot of free range eating. Then when I get hungry again, I have my largest meal of the day. This has served me well. I didn't figure this out over night though.

RSOARES Posts: 357
5/18/11 2:39 P

Try not to keep the foods you tend to cheat with in the house.
i know when they are in my house...i will go right for them. if we do not have them around...out of sight out of mind.

CORGIDAD Posts: 41
5/18/11 2:31 P

It is very hard, because you are ready to "relax" and it takes work not to eat everything in sight. I try to have a healthy snack and keep out of the kitchen.

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5/18/11 1:55 P

This is a major problem for me, but I've tried to have a late snack before I leave work too.

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5/18/11 12:50 P

I have the same issue. When the 5:00 whistle blows and I get home I start to graze. But, now I have a late snack at work(oatmeal, South Beach Bar, or something filling), a large glass of water(2cups), and if I don't have to make dinner right away I go do something else AWAY from the kitchen.

Good luck!


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5/18/11 9:41 A

Why is it I always kill my diet when I get home from work. I do so good during the day, fruits, veg, etc and when I get home at 5pm it potato chips, etc. So mad at myself. Anyone got any ideas?

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