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3/16/14 2:40 P

PACAROLSUE, just to clarify - I don't think Pam will make me sick, I'm just participating in a clean eating challenge through my boot camp this month and didn't like the idea of the added chemicals I accidentally put on my food. :)

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3/16/14 1:53 P

I think if I were younger (I'm 68) I would be more concerned about chemicals etc, because people are becoming more health concious and learning what these things can do long term. At my age, I figure I made it this far, so it's probably not going to change anything now. emoticon

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/16/14 12:42 P

Yeah, I get that...but she said she made the decision to do it for a month (clean eating) and used it out of habit.

Some people just really get into clean eating on principle....some get crazy with it, some kinda go with the flow.

PACAROLSUE SparkPoints: (4,521)
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3/16/14 12:38 P

Yes, Eelpie, I understand that some don't want the chemical from Pam, and my DH is one of them. But I got the impression that the original poster was concerned that they were going to actually get sick from the Pam. Apparently she had used it before because she had it in the house.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/16/14 12:28 P


In the beginning I spent a few days reading and trying to absorb as much as possible before determining what style of healthy eating for life ("dieting") I was going to adopt.

SP is a great place to come to.....just to learn, get answers to questions, support, joke around (I go to the Cafe for lighter topics).

Welcome :)

MMF8181 Posts: 4
3/16/14 12:22 P

Thank you Eelpie, I am so excited about this site.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/16/14 12:12 P

PACAROLSUE - some people don't want extra chemicals involved in their food, it's a personal decision for them.

I also avoid them because of the possibility of them containing GMOs.

MMF8181 Posts: 4
3/16/14 11:36 A

Thank you,

MMF8181 Posts: 4
3/16/14 11:18 A

I am new to the site and do not know what is so bad about Pam. Can some people give me thier thoughts and opinions?

PACAROLSUE SparkPoints: (4,521)
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3/16/14 11:15 A

I have a Misto but I also use non-stick spray. I don't believe a spray or two is enough to harm you. It's been around for years and I've never heard any recalls or bad reports about it.

ELLGEEBEE SparkPoints: (1,038)
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3/16/14 11:10 A

I am glad you recommend a Misto because I happened to go on Amazon the other night after the Pam incident and I ordered one! Should arrive tomorrow, I am excited to get it.

CHESAPEAKE60 SparkPoints: (7,713)
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3/16/14 8:06 A

I also swear by my Misto!

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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3/16/14 7:50 A

overly paranoid -- however, you may want to invest in a Misto. I have several and they are wonderful!

Not only do I use them for olive oil, but I also put balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar and other types of vinegar in them to spray my salads.

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3/14/14 10:40 P

Thanks everyone for the feedback... some good points made here. EELPIE, I do need to invest in some non-stick pans and trays, although you are right - I don't think meatloaf sticks all that much anyway.

3/14/14 10:12 P

You almost certainly ingested glutathione, alkylresorcinols, and phytic and phenolic acids. Most likely you also ingested Pennisetum typhoides. So did everyone else who ate your meatloaf.

Those are all naturally occurring chemicals in the grains in your Ezekiel bread. I think you're being too paranoid. Pam won't hurt you. Is it natural? No. But then, it isn't really "natural" to grind turkey, form it into a rectangle, and put it into an electrically-heated metal box either. I wouldn't worry about it.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/14/14 10:11 P

Overly paranoid.

Have you ever thought of using a non-stick pan? I've not made meatloaf in years, but for some reason don't remember a "sticking to the pan" issue. Or is that just me?

Shoot, now I'm paranoid.....

MARTHA324 Posts: 5,819
3/14/14 10:08 P

If you are eating clean most of the time please don't obsess about using the PAM. You gotta live and while it is important to pay attention, don't sweat the little stuff.
Hope you enjoyed your meatloaf.

FITMOMMY1836 SparkPoints: (17,707)
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3/14/14 9:50 P

If you are worried enough to post about accidentally using pam, you are likely too paranoid. We all make mistakes and if you obsess too much they will get you down. Forgive and forget and move on.

ELLGEEBEE SparkPoints: (1,038)
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3/14/14 9:08 P

I've committed to clean eating this month and made a really yummy ground turkey salsa meatloaf for dinner. My aim is to cut out all artificial/processed foods, and I was happy that I found a meatloaf recipe that didn't call for any of that junk (even the bread crumbs were made from Ezekiel bread). Then, without thinking, I sprayed my meatloaf pan with Pam cooking spray, poured the meat in the tin, and stuck it in the oven to bake. I didn't realize I had used Pam until the meatloaf was halfway done.

I have no idea why I used Pam because I haven't used it at all while cooking lately. Maybe the last time I made a meatloaf I used cooking spray so I just did it this time out of habit? I cut the meatloaf out of the tin and blotted the bottom/side of each piece with a paper towel. Anyone out there, do you think this helped, or do you think the spray seeped through my food? Feel free to let me know if I am being overly paranoid about this, too! emoticon

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