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1/6/13 7:38 P

I have been using this site for a few weeks now, my bestie sent me here. I have been tracking my foods every day, but tonight is the first time I made a recipe for dinner. The slow-cooker salsa chicken was an absolute hit! I had to double it because normally there is five of us but both of my parents were here as well. It was fantastic and everyone was happily eating my meal! I am so excited to try new recipes. I don't know about anyone else, but I got REALLY tired of eating the same stuff all the time. This site gives so many different recipes, there really is a wide variety of foods out there.

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1/6/13 12:09 P

I still can't believe this wonderful site is free.
It is very helpful, easy to use and I intend to recommend it to my friends.

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1/4/13 10:59 A

Glad you are here. It is a wonderful site and you will do well if you stick with it. I love it too!!

1/3/13 9:11 P

Welcome! This site is fantastic and has so many tools to help us reach our goals. Tracking your food and exercise over time really works, and the support is fantastic.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 41,100
1/1/13 8:17 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! We're glad you are enjoying the site!

Happy New Year!

Coach Denise

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1/1/13 5:59 P

I just found this website and I love it! So much information and I love the recipes! I'm making my first recipe tonight....Baked Chicken and Sun Dried's in the was easy to make and it smells wonderful! I can't wait to serve and taste!

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