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2/7/13 12:18 P


You've gotten some great responses so far.

My suggestion would be to make changes on what you eat first.
Instead of trying to find 'workout' time right now just find ways to be more active where you can. Take the stairs, park further away from the work entrance etc.

Changing your eating habits would be the better place to start then stressing over getting in exercise. Weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% activity.
Exercise is important of course, but right now maybe the better focus should be your nutrition. Then once you've go that under your belt start to incorporation a more structured workout routine.

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2/7/13 11:36 A

It sounds like you still have PLENTY of time to fit in some type of work out and plenty of time to pack healthy filling meals.

I work two jobs as well and i dont get consistent days off (office job m-f 8-5, retail 5 days a week, 530pm-1130pm if its m-f, random hours on the weekends). On a weekday, if I work both jobs, im out the door from 7 am till 1230 pm. That leaves me just 6.5 hrs. of "free time" (including sleep time) before going back to work the next day and I still make it a point to pack a good meal for the next day. Maybe you shoudl start off with lean frozen meals for portion control and time saving. add a piece of fruit or vegetable to it.

For working out on double job days, I take my lunch time and walk laps around the parking lot at work for 30 minutes. Its definitely better than no work out and it still burns calories and stamina. If its too cold or way to hot outside, I do maybe 10-15 minutes outside, and walk a couple laps of stairs in my building or around the main corridors.

Theres plenty of ways to work out and eat right even with minimal time. You just need to find the motivation to really do it.

Good luck!

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2/7/13 11:28 A

Trust me, I've been there. At one point I worked 3 jobs, and the last thing I wanted to do in my free time was exercise! However, you can make some simple changes to burn more calories while working!

Park farther away so you have to walk more to and from work. Or, consider biking to work if that's an option. Walk more while at work -- instead of using inter-office mail, go deliver it yourself. Wear a pedometer and work up to 10,000 steps a day. You can also try to fit in some exercise on your lunch, even if it's taking a 30-minute walk. If there's a gym near your work, you could workout on your lunch, shower and come back and eat at your desk. Another option is to use a standing desk - which you can make yourself - standing burns more calories than sitting. At first you could alternate b/w standing and sitting and work your way up.

Remember, cleaning the house does count as exercise! You should also spend that time on the weekend to prepare healthy meals for the week, so they'll be convenient and you won't have to cook every day.

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2/7/13 9:54 A

Assuming you sleep 8 hours, you have 4 hours that you are not working or sleeping during the week. Get up a little early and exercise for 30 minutes or exercise for 30 minutes in the evening on week days. Make it a habit.

Eat regular meals no matter what the clock says. Pack healthy food to take with you.
You could cook a large pot of soup on the weekend and freeze leftovers in individual portions. Soup is a good dollar stretcher and is easy to re-heat.

Plan your meals for the week. It saves money to have a plan and keeps you from grabbing less healthy foods.

Hard boiled eggs or nuts might be a more filling snack. Hummus is filling, inexpensive and easy to make and you could have it with carrots or celery.

Some fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf life and would be better choices to spend your money on. Apples, oranges, or grapefruit last longer than bananas. Carrots, onions, and potatoes all last a fair amount of time. Spinach lasts longer than lettuce IME.

Buy frozen vegetables or fruit and just take out what you need. You can freeze your bananas to use in smoothies or recipes.

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2/7/13 8:58 A

I'm curious about something you said:

"I get off at night around 9:30pm.. by then it is way too late to eat so I would usually snack on a pickle or some cheese.."

Why is that too late to eat? If you're talking about that old myth about not eating after a certain time, that is just that: a myth. Your stomach doesn't know what time it is! Eat a meal, even if it's late. You need fuel to keep going, and when you skip meals, you end up binging later to make up for it because you're too hungry to have good will power.

Pickles, cheese and granola are nice snacks, but you need to eat REAL food, with lots of protein and fat to keep you going. Spend some of your time on the weekend preparing easy-to-heat meals that you can nuke and go.

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2/6/13 11:23 P

I get that your miserable, but it sounds a little bit like you have an arsenal full of excuses. I say that because I used to as well. I would say Oh I work from 5pm to 5 am and only have 1.5 days off. I say 1.5 because after getting off at 5am on your "day off" you sleep half the day. Then when I had kids and had school work to do, it was oh I have to tend to them and find time to study, ect. I have been down that route and I am not being rude in anyway so please do not take offense when I say this, but you have to get rid of the excuse and get determined. The excuses will only weigh you down, in every way. What do you do for your job? You said you go to work at 7:30am right? Do a 10 minute workout then, and after your first job do another 10 minutes, before you go on to your second job. After that job, do 10 minutes of yoga or light stretching before bed time and whala! You just put in 30 minutes. As far as the days off go, do you feel like exercising is a punishment? Change your brain! It is not cruel, it makes you and your body feel good. You should take advantage of those 2 days to be a little more focused on fitness, and have fun with it. You have to find something you like.

As far as healthy foods, do you bring food to work with you? Healthy food is not expensive if you shop smart. Check all the adds on your first day off and plan your lists off the computer. Go through your kitchen and figure out what you need, think about what kind of healthy foods you like. Don't buy things you know you will never eat because that is just a waste of money. Buy produce in season, google what fruits and veggies are in season if you don't know off the top of your head, it will save you money to buy what is growing in that season. Buy frozen when the deals are there, there is nothing wrong with frozen, in fact they have found that if your not eating it straight off the farm then frozen contains more nutrients then fresh. Plan your list around the deals and don't buy anything that is not on your list. For instance when whole raw almonds go on sale bogo, that is when I buy them. I buy a couple of deals to stock up and I always check to see if I have coupons. You can get Sundays paper weekly and store the inserts in a filer. has a coupon database where you type in the item your looking for and it will tell you if there is a coupon for it and where to find it whether it be in a paper or a printable.

I hope this helps and I don't want to sound harsh but I have been there. I have been miserable and wanted everything to change without having to change myself. The truth is to change your body, you must first change your mind.

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2/6/13 10:29 P

You don't have to work out for an hour for it to be of benefit. Squeezing in 10 minutes of activity whenever you can can really help - 10 minutes of an exercise DVD before you go to work, or walking for 10-15 minutes at lunch time.
has a 15 minute desk workout video, which may give you some good ideas of exercise you can do AT work.

If you combine this with 30 minutes a day on weekends, that starts to add up to a pretty good activity level overall.


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2/6/13 9:58 P

Definitely read through articles on here for tips on eating healthy, finding time to exercise, stuff like that. Also, healthy food doesn't have to be expensive. If you do a search on the message boards, you'll find loads of tips for eating healthy on a budget. I assure you, it is not as expensive as you may think. And bananas go bad quickly? Um, since when?! Haha, I don't know what kind of bananas you're buying, but mine can last for a week and still be good!

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2/6/13 9:40 P

I work from 7:30a - 4p at the 1st job and then from 5:20p - 9:20p at the night job.. so about 12 hours a day.. Mon - Thurs.. when I get off from the 1st job I have about 30mins before I have to be at the night job.. because of the drive from where I work to get home and grab something to eat.. I haven't wanted yogurt lately.. in a while really.. haven't had the taste for it.. I am wanting some with granola or something to go with it but I know those are not that healthy for you.. I just eat a pickle, or a slice of cheese or some baby carrots cause I like the crunch.. but I tend to get really hungry around 7ish or 8ish... I have a hard time knowing what to eat.. I am poor and healthy food is expensive but I try.. I buy salad but it will go bad pretty quick and the fruits are expensive.. I love bananas but they go bad pretty quick too.. I am trying. but it is hard.. I have gained so much I am miserable..

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2/6/13 9:38 P


If you go to the Healthy Lifestyle tab at the top of your page you can locate the Nutrition and Fitness Resource Centers in the drop down menu selections which have a lot of great information and resources all at your fingertips.

Coach Nancy

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2/6/13 9:32 P

What is your normal schedule like Monday-Thursday. Are you working 12 hour days every single day or would you have time in the morning to work out. Remember during lunch breaks you can always go for a walk and if you have an hour or 2 in between jobs you can work out then.

And on the weekends I get you want to rest but grab your significant other or pet and go for a walk or do something fun that's athletic like take a fitness class so you're at least enjoying yourself.

As far as food goes, you're best bet would probably be to make small healthy meals you can package for the week and reheat for lunch/dinner since you do have a hectic schedule or find things like yogurt that are more nutritional than a pickle.

BROWNIE1172 Posts: 3
2/6/13 8:48 P

Hello.. I work 2 jobs.. I get off at night around 9:30pm.. by then it is way too late to eat so I would usually snack on a pickle or some cheese.. I am very obese and I really want to loose weight but I am only off on Sat & Sun and I usually rest and clean house...
Can someone help me please!! I really have a hard time knowing what to eat and when to eat and when on earth can I exercise.. 2 days out of the week isn't enough is it?

Any help is greatly appreciated..
Ms. Brownie1172

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