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9/3/13 3:25 A

GIGI-NICOLE: Go for it! Many of us have been there, done that! We all just get right back to determination and will-power. Not easy, but very doable.

You must, can, and will do it! Good luck!

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9/2/13 9:39 P

emoticon Declaration made! You are worth being the healthiest most fit you...Go for it!

I do wish you success! emoticon

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9/2/13 9:02 P

I don't have excuses. I just stopped working out and stopped caring about what I have been eating. Because of this, I have gained back every pound that I worked so hard to lose. I'm tired of avoiding the scale and saying "tomorrow is the day". Today is the day because I can't let myself continue down this path.

Thanks for listening, guys.

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