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10/3/12 2:39 P

If I can be a friend or support to you please let me know. Congrats on your progress so far, you are doing great! Keep up the good work. emoticon

SASSYJK SparkPoints: (9,063)
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10/3/12 10:36 A

Hey there. If you haven't found someone, I'd be happy to be your buddy. Send me a message. I'm 25 as well and am nearing halfway on my 45lb weight loss journey.

MAK1186 Posts: 1,334
10/2/12 11:36 P

Hiiii everyone! My name is Maria and I am 25 years old looking to lose 30lbs. I have yoyo-ed through the years and am more than ready to get serious. About two years ago I lost 25lbs and had a buddy with SP that helped tremendously. I would like to start tracking my foods, weighing in weekly, and messaging with a buddy at least once a day (more if we need it). Send me a message if anyone is interested to start this journey together!! :D

Maria from PA :)

Fear Less. Hope More. Eat Less. Chew More. Sigh Less. Breathe More. Hate Less. Love More And All Good Things Are Yours. --Swedish

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