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11/11/10 8:41 P

on the nutrition page... there is a button beside the ADD A FOOD... says Show Meal Plans... it gives you ideas on what to eat... and you can also exchange foods, by clicking on the food you want to change.

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9/21/10 3:32 P

@Tinambresnahan This week, I've been adding nuts, natural peanut butter, raisins and coconut oil to my diet. You are right, the calorie counts look frightening. I hope the results are ok. I'm still in my limits, but at the high end of these limits now.

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9/20/10 10:32 P

LIZKING, there are times when I do the same thing. Just the other day, I was more than 100 calories below what I was supposed to consume for the day. I had a half cup of NSA Low-Fat Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with a tsp of sugar free Hershey's syrup and a sprinkling of Kashi cereal.

I thought it was decadent!! But it was still "legal"... and mentally, it hit the spot!!!

Would I do it every day? No. But, moderation in all things.

LIZKING Posts: 781
9/18/10 9:20 A

adding ONE serving of "junk food" when someone has not met calories, it not going to hurt anyone. moderation is key and depriving ones self of life's little pleasures it just not my style. as you saw, i wrote, "this is not for everyone".
life is too short to never indulge. and an apple is not likely to help anyones calorie/fat ticker if it's super low. also, way too many people totally tank and quit a diet when they are too restrictive. i never said to down a box of cookies, i suggested one serving. some people are of the mind set that any/all junk food is horrible and that is fine, but that is not everyone's way of thinking.
if ones protein etc is in good shape for the day then adding a 60 calorie pudding cup or 3 oreos is not an "awful" idea.
with that said, i do also agree that nuts and the like are a great way to bump ticker. all SORTS of ideas are helpful, and that was just my suggestion.

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9/10/10 12:16 P

Is that sarcasim,or are you being serious. You will not gaen any weight all things in moderation. emoticon

HIGHWAY91 Posts: 72
9/10/10 12:14 A

Raw almonds! 7 calories per almond. That's super-high caloric content, but oh so nutritious.

9/9/10 10:52 A

Try adding in raw nuts and seeds. Although they may be frighting by the caloric and fat content they have, they also help benifit in so many ways. These are fats and calories our body needs eaten in moderate consumption you will not gain weight. I maintain a 115lb. weight. I eat these types of food all the time. Avacodo is also very good on salads or even use in place of butter. Good luck.

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9/7/10 8:00 A

Seriously... adding JUNK food to use up calories is a awful idea.

Eat something with some nutrients... please.

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9/6/10 9:58 P

Love this idea! I'm doing more of this! In moderation of course. :)

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LIZKING Posts: 781
9/6/10 1:38 P

this is just me, may not be for everybody...but when i have extra calories i celebrate and indulge in dessert! a serving of low fat ice cream...a 90 calorie rice krispie treat...a 60 calorie pudding cup...a serving of oreos (which i think is 3) you get the idea. it lets me have dessert without going over!

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9/3/10 4:44 P

Nuts, seeds, cheese, all give high calories for small volume, so maybe add some nuts to a salad, or some cheese cubes and crackers as a snack?

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9/2/10 10:50 P

i use the nutrition tracker to balance out my carbs, proteins and fats. when my calorie total is below the goal, i look at the carbs, etc, to see where i've not had enough yet.

looks like you're doing a great job of journalling accurately your food. :)

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9/2/10 5:20 P

This is my second week into changing my lifestyle, and it has become a challenge to me to find low calorie foods and snacks, now my nutrition report says I'm not eating enough calories to give my metabolism the boost it needs! I'm learning to be satisfied with smaller portions and less food, so what do I do? emoticon

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