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6/30/13 9:42 P


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6/30/13 8:23 A

I suspect if you checked a used book store; you'd find at a highly reduced cost-- the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet and Protein Power - all Low Carb Books, if you are seriously wishing more information.

Additionally, cookbooks galore will give you recipes, as well as SP Recipes.

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6/30/13 12:18 A

Yes & thank you.I've gotten out of a really bad marriage & thanks to Criss he's helped me alot plus a few other wonderful people,such as Sandra,His mom,Sully & Carrot top.When I feel sad or down in the dumps I think of them.I swear I think we all should invest in laughing gas.Hope every1's enjoying their summer.ttyl

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6/30/13 12:15 A

Thank you I will take that into consideration.That's true I don't eat enough vegetables.

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6/29/13 5:42 P

I too think that calories need to go way up before getting too worried about the fine details in content of those calories.

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LOL !! emoticon Yeah...I kind of "like her" because her identity is one of my favorite flowers! Of course, she also seems to have really good advice (as do you!!) and even if its written for someone else...I always find myself getting some encouragement and take away attitude for myself!!

I hope that since the course of this thread kind of changed, that our original poster doesn't think her issues are forgotten! Please let us know how you are doing!! One thing you might want to change a bit is to substitute more veggies for some of your carbs....for example, have a half a potato...and 1-2 cups of broccoli. (Unless this doesn't work with your medical conditions...) The "fill up "factor is there still, a lot more nutrients, and somewhat less carbs at one meal. Take care,

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WAit... Anarie, you mean you're not a purple flower? I'm crushed! All of my mental images of you were of a triumphant flower... *sniffles*

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A lot of people have pictures of relatives or role models, "Detox." Maybe that's her son. Maybe that's her trainer. Maybe that's her boyfriend, or the guy she wishes was her boyfriend, or her son's boyfriend. Maybe it's a random photo from a free stock photography site. Regardless, it's her choice and none of our business.

I don't look a THING like my avatar picture!!!

Seriously, I'm more concerned about people who do post their own picture, or worse yet, pictures of their kids. The OP is right that it's safer not to put out too much info.

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DETOX55...I believe she quite adequately explained the picture...! Its in the same category of advice that if you are woman living alone, you don't list your name in the phonebook, simply your initials! Ditto for anything on Craigs' list, or other public listings. Sometimes folks have good reason to not advertise their identity to the world.

In my own case, I've simply been too lazy to get a decent picture and/or a good "avatar" onboard....
I note that you don't have a picture either...

6/29/13 9:45 A

I see on your Sparkpage that you have Ulcerative Colitis.
Have you worked with a dietitian regarding your food and nutrition needs. I think this would be the best place for you to start.

I looked at your nutrition tracker. It is very difficult to get a true picture of what you are getting because many of the food selections only list calories---not the grams of protein, fat and carbs. In the future, select items from the data based that have the complete nutrition package listed.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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6/29/13 4:35 A

Why would anyone use a picture so misaligned with their reality...

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6/29/13 3:40 A

I encourage you to either purchase or check out of the library a lowcarb plan and educate yourself to decide whether it is right for you.

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6/29/13 12:34 A

Sorry for the confusion I'm not a man,& that is NOT my picture.I prefer not to use my picture to stay safe b/c I am a woman & I live alone.I'm 40 years old.I eat a lot of bread & starches like pasta,pretzels,& potatoes.Those seem to be low in calories & fill me up.This I just recently learned.I've been taking Hydroxycut Gummies & Gummie Vitamins b/c I have a hard time w/consumption.Thanks for your help on this topic.Tttyl Your Friend Tara

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6/29/13 12:33 A

Okay, first of all... That's not your picture on your posts, is it? From reading your SparkPage, I had the impression that you're a small-ish woman.

Second, is your nutrition tracker accurate for the last week or so? If it is, and you're a 5'3" woman, you're eating about half as many calories as you need to stay healthy, and you are likely to get very sick. If you're the young man in the picture, then you're starving yourself to death and you should go to a hospital and ask for emergency help from an eating disorder specialist. Your tracker shows that you're eating less than the people in concentration camps got.

You have to eat more than what's in your tracker. That's the first thing, before you worry about carbs. A woman needs an absolute minimum of 1200 calories per day. Below that, you will not get enough calcium, vitamins, protein, etc to keep yourself from getting sick. You'll damage your bones, your muscles, and possibly your heart. (A man needs at least 1600, and that's for a small, old man.)

When it comes to what foods are "allowed..." It's not about foods that are allowed or not allowed. It's about how you combine them and how much you eat of them. Bread, potatoes, pretzels, popcorn, and candy all have a lot of carbs, so if you want to be on a low-carb diet, you can't eat all of those things on the same day. You have to choose. And what's more important than what you "can't" eat is what you NEED to eat. Your tracker shows very little fruit or vegetables, and those are very important for a healthy diet.

Since you're just starting out trying to figure this out, why not use the SparkPeople meal plans? If you set everything up using your "Start" page, the computer will tell you how many calories to eat and will give you examples of menus that will give you that many calories in a healthy combination.

The meal plans aren't always practical-- the computer doesn't know that food doesn't come in one-serving packages and that some healthy foods are more expensive than others. To make it affordable, you can look at several days' worth of menu plans, choose two or three that you like, and repeat them so you use up the food that you buy.

Let the computer figure it out for you at first, and read as much as you can here on SparkPeople so you start to learn and understand what carbs, protein, and fats are, what foods they come from, and what they do for your body. After a while it will start to make sense and you'll be able to make your own healthy meals plans.

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6/28/13 11:34 P

If you will type "low Carb" or Atkins into the Search function on the top of the Spark Page, you will get many many threads of discussions on this...there are also some Spark Teams for these topics too....

I did take a peek at your Tracker since it is shared....but unless you are tracking elsewhere, I don't think your data there is too useful. I noted a lot of foods listed with no breakdown of Carb/Fiber/Protein!! You might try entering your foods yourself rather than grabbing from the lists others have entered!! That will give you a much better picture of where you are actually at..... I also noted your calorie total seems low on some days--especially for a man! (I understand this might be related to your health issues....) Have you asked for recommendations from a dietician yet?? A referral to one might give you better, more specific info than anyone here can! Share what you've tracked with them as a starting point, and ask specifically about a low carb if you are interested in that!

Best of luck, and Happy Sparking!!

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6/28/13 11:32 P

As far as what carbs are "allowed"... I guess they all are as long as you stay within your carb range. I just have to make really smart choices b/c I don't want to use up my carbs at a meal on "junk." Also, I want my snacks to be more filling. For instance, there are 29 carbs in 9 tortilla chips. I'd rather choose more wisely and have something more filling with closer to 15 carbs.

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6/28/13 11:30 P

I am a type II diabetic and am insulin dependent. My nutritionist has me counting carbs and only carbs. I have to have between 30-45 carbs per meal and between 15-30 carbs per snack (3 per day). However, she wants me to keep my snacks as close to 15 carbs as I can since I need to lose so much weight.

The secret is just reading the labels. Look at the serving size and then look at how many carbs are in a serving size. If you aren't diabetic, then you can have more carbs per meal, but I'm not sure how many. I would consider having your doctor send you to a nutritionist.

Although I have never been on the Atkins Diet, I am not a fan. I have known too many people who have been on this diet and dropped weight only to start eating carbs again and gain back twice as much as they lost. Also, according to my nutritionist, it's not good to completely cut carbs out of your body b/c your body needs them for energy.

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6/28/13 11:13 P

What foods are allowed on a Low Carb Diet? I've been reading about it & I really feel this maybe what's going wrong with me as far as dieting goes.Also my food tracker is showing this.My fat's aren't up there as high as the carbs are.

I had a friend co=worker who went on the Dr.Atkins diet & she really lost a lot of weight & has kept it off.This was years ago & I don't work there anymore or have contact with her,wish I did.


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