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Try these tips if you're having trouble meeting your calorie minimums:

1/15/13 8:25 A

Are you exercising? I find that slower paced cardio like a long walk, hike or bike ride gets my appetite going. Intense exercise for me has the opposite effect. I have had issues in the past with undereating due to appetite so I understand how challenging this can be. Good luck!

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1/15/13 3:46 A

You may like to think about having some 'mindless nibbles' on things like nuts and dried fruit. By just nibbling at them you won't be filling yourself up, but they will provide plenty of calories and the nuts will provide healthy fats, protein and fibre and the dried fruit many nutrients including fibre. Done regularly, you may find that you discover you DO actually have an appetite, but your brain had switched off the sensor and forgotten to turn it back on.

It wouldn't hurt for you to make an appointment with your Dr, too, to see if there is something going on which could be causing/aggravating the problem. Depression is one such condition that can cause this, as can certain medications. There are many other things that can be checked, including bloods to see if you may need some supplements.

Good luck,

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1/14/13 11:24 P

Is there any overweight under eaters out there? I could sure use some ideas on how to get my body to eat. I found out I can get in starvation mode. Any suggestions about getting an appetite would be appreciated.

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