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KATLIN66 Posts: 14
1/7/10 6:23 A

I do so agree with you. I would also say to those who have a problem with will power that I have found it easier over time. So trying to stick with it does pay off. If I am in danger of overindulging I think, "Is it really worth all the hassle of having to lose that weight again?" Most of the time the answer is,"No."

KATHERYNP Posts: 197
1/7/10 6:21 A

That is awesome that you have found the Spark and that it is working for you. Ditto for me. I am A Weight Watcher member but have found that The two go together very well. I like the meetings at WW and the group dynamics there but have found that The Spark has added even more. If I spend an hour or tracking nutrition, and activity, then reading articles and Spark Pages, I get very motivated and want to set my goals and keep my streaks going. I got The Book in the mail yesterday and that is awesome too. Anyway, way to go on your success. emoticon

KATLIN66 Posts: 14
1/7/10 6:19 A

Try weighing out snacks at the beginning of the day and putting them in a bowl for you to eat if you feel hungry beween meals. My husband and I did that (all within our calorie allowance for the day) and it meant we had some control over what we ate and when.

We found at the beginning we were eating all our snacks but as time went on some were still left at the end of the day. If you make at least some of the snacks fruit you might find it helps with the hunger. We were quite strict with ourselves over eating only when hungry but we rarely went hungry.

MELOSPARKLE SparkPoints: (0)
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1/7/10 6:15 A

Congratulations! It's wonderful that you were able to accomplish what you needed and NOT feel miserable while doing it. I love SP!

KATLIN66 Posts: 14
1/7/10 6:13 A

I read somewhere - probably on this site - that going to bed earlier helps weight loss. I guess it is because we are less likely to snack. I factor in a banana and a mug of milk before bed (within my calorie allowance for the day)and try to make sure I get to bed before I start to feel hungry again. I used to be an owl and feasted on biscuits (cookies) just before bed.

MIZZSB Posts: 2,592
1/7/10 6:12 A

i already lost a pound this week!
Im at the crucial point that the hunger is getting to me argggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh.
I ate the wrong cerial this morning,... and i keep getting hungry...

DOROTHYBERO SparkPoints: (541,536)
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Posts: 15,890
1/7/10 6:09 A

It is amazing what tweaking your food intake can do!

KATLIN66 Posts: 14
1/7/10 6:07 A

Your rules are brilliant. My husband and I have followed those, too, and have found they work like a treat.

MIZZSB Posts: 2,592
1/7/10 6:06 A

great job!
i also have eating issues, i had/have BED. So im eating healthy, excercise almost every day. I never excercised before so this is al good :)

KATLIN66 Posts: 14
1/7/10 6:04 A

WOW!! And doing it at the most difficult time of the year, too. Congratulations. Stick with it.

My husband and I did the same as you and are thrilled with our new lives - especially the difference in our knees. It is so lovely when all the hard work pays off.

We are at the stage where we are trying to maintain but we still weigh out the high calorie foods we eat. We find it is worth it.

We have found so much encouragement and good advice on Spark People.

Good luck!

FUFINA514 Posts: 101
1/7/10 6:03 A

Thanks for sharing. That was exactly what I needed to hear.

GABBIE00 Posts: 738
1/7/10 5:52 A

hurray for you.I know how you feel.keep the good work up.

1/7/10 5:50 A

HOO RAY! THAT IS THE BEST PART! You were happy doing it! It's only going to get better! Great post! Reminds us of how a fit life makes us feel FABULOUS all the wy around. Keep up the great work! You deserve this! Angela

1/7/10 5:47 A

That's amazing! And in a month, I hope to be saying the same too!

GINNYD137 Posts: 8
1/7/10 5:46 A

Congratulations! Great job!

1/7/10 5:42 A


TCLARK319 SparkPoints: (44,552)
Fitness Minutes: (21,859)
Posts: 1,814
1/7/10 5:35 A

Sparkpeople is the greatest site I have ever used. Best wishes as you continue your journey to becoming fit and healthy! Keep it positive ~ Happy Sparking!

1/7/10 5:13 A

That´s super! Congrats!!! emoticon

SHAYS1 Posts: 8
1/7/10 5:07 A

GREAT JOB - You're definitely on the right track - keep up the fantastic work - it's well worth the success!

DIDMIS Posts: 121,606
1/7/10 4:57 A

Great for you. Keep going. emoticon

1/7/10 4:52 A

emoticon As far as I'm concerned, the mind set is 95% of the battle. We all have our moments of weakness from time to time, but the consistency that SP helps one achieve is pricesless. Thanks for sharing your accomplishments and helps us all see that this works!

WAYMAC Posts: 6
1/7/10 4:46 A

Hi Philly. What a great achievement for you and it would be great to see you keeping going with the weight loss. As you have said, the benefits are far greater than the actual figures. I have always had a problem with weight and my finest part for 2010 is that I did not put on any weight over the Christmas/ New Year period which I put down to an increased awareness of how easy it is to put weight on and a will to start to redress this issue. Keep up the good work and keep the rest of us motivated also.

OHIOHEART600 Posts: 2,851
1/7/10 4:45 A

read your story om spark community this morning. it's funny i have been a member of sparkpeople since 2008 and have never thought og things this way until i got THE SPARK, in the mail the other day. oh i go through the motions but never considered what the outcome would be. i honestly think i am ready to take the steps to start seeing the same success that other sparkers have been seeing.

WINGERC Posts: 32
1/7/10 4:26 A

Kudos to you! Your hard work and perseverance paid off in a big way. I hope in a month I'll have the same success as you have had. You are an inspiration.

MAGGIEMAY6 Posts: 86
1/7/10 4:08 A

That is a very inspirational message and after around 2 years of not particpating, I'm coming back to Spark People because of it. Job well done! Cheers emoticon

KPJAMES Posts: 1
1/7/10 4:03 A

So very proud of you! You have the right mentallity to make this weightloss really stick! In fact, I certain you'll see more weight melting off over time as your continue your new way of living. It isn't about "dieting" is about healthy living. You're doing a great!

1/7/10 3:38 A

A really positive message - thank you for sharing!

SIEWDIET08 Posts: 4
1/7/10 2:50 A

That's so good, I believed in it too Well Done!!!

FITCHICK2010 Posts: 5
1/7/10 2:38 A

Great job! Congrats! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! If you never give up, you will always win! Thanks for an inspiring post!

BETTYJO2U SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5)
Posts: 124
1/7/10 2:38 A

Fantastic. What was different emotionally this time that helped you get here?

1/7/10 2:25 A

Your words describe me to a tee. I'm so impressed that you made it out of the cycle. I'm still in it and would love to hear how you broke it. I eat healthy and exercise but have a late night appetite that I can't stop. Keep up the good work and please share a little more if you will. -Tracy

IAMDESSIE Posts: 26,569
1/7/10 2:22 A

emoticon keep it up.

BRENDA4813 Posts: 1
1/7/10 2:19 A

wow!!! this is an inspirational story!! I began this on December 30th, I hope by February 6 be saying that I lost 10 pounds!

BODACIOUS5 Posts: 54
1/7/10 2:13 A

Congratulations! When i took off my first 10 pounds i was on top of the world. Keep up the good work for a healthy and happier life :)

IAMDESSIE Posts: 26,569
1/7/10 1:49 A

emoticon and emoticon , you have done it!

1/7/10 1:42 A

Congrats and keep it up!!!

YIGOBUTTERFLY SparkPoints: (206,090)
Fitness Minutes: (112,486)
Posts: 29,115
1/7/10 1:27 A

Good going! It feels great when we know we are doing something right.

Jane on Guam

1/7/10 1:22 A

That is so nice to hear. I have to say I feel the same way. :) This site is so amazing, and hearing your story of breaking out of your old cycle is really inspiring! Congrats!!

WANNABTHIN53 Posts: 8,997
1/7/10 1:21 A

Good attitude, keep up the good work.

NOSKINNY SparkPoints: (6,627)
Fitness Minutes: (4,838)
Posts: 393
1/7/10 1:16 A

Amazing, good job! Thank you for sharing your success. Sometimes it gets difficult to believe, but your story gives me hope. Again, thank you.

ANNETTE0058 Posts: 140
1/7/10 1:15 A

Although I wasn't too good over the holidays I managed to hold my weight. You are all inspiring to me to keep going! thanks!

BIANCO14 Posts: 1,056
1/7/10 1:14 A


1/7/10 12:56 A


I too am very happy about SparkPeople. I had lost 27 pounds, slowly, but it did come off. Shortly before the holidays my scale quit working. I had the most awful feeling that without it I wouldn' lose, or might even gain. Two days ago, at my doctor's office, I found I hadn't gained. Since I wasn't very "good" over the holidays, this was a surprise.

Now, a new scale is on the way to me and I'm back working at it. I haven't posted much lately but will try to do more. I have deadlines on two books but I know I could take a few minutes for SparkPeople.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday - Happy New Year.

jzzyartwriter1 emoticon

CONCHALEA Posts: 1,210
1/7/10 12:47 A

I have lost 9 pounds, and I also feel much better than I did before. I'm excited about what I'm doing now, with Sparkpeople, and feel like I'll have much more success than I have in the past.

OKADIRONDACK SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (659)
Posts: 55
1/7/10 12:43 A

emoticon emoticon

MIS2101 Posts: 4,000
12/23/09 12:12 P

emoticon emoticon

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,949)
Fitness Minutes: (58,527)
Posts: 14,443
12/23/09 11:38 A

Woohoo - thanks for sharing your story! I hope you take the excitement from this and turn it into confidence and momentum to reach many goals.


12/23/09 6:19 A

Hooray! Way to go!!

12/23/09 1:59 A

I agree with you completely! Making those healthy changes is what will really make the difference for us! Great job!

PHILLYEXPAT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,208)
Posts: 422
12/22/09 10:58 P

I think the second part is a bigger accomplishment for me than the first. When I visited my doctor on November 15, I weighed 176. He said I was otherwise in excellent health, but suggested I try and lose some weight.

I have a long history of food issues and thus I was afraid to "diet" again. So, I decided to just start eating healthier--whole grains, lots of produce, no processed foods, cooking at home. And I made yoga and regular exercise a priority.

Also, I've been religiously using Spark to help guide me - the nutrition and fitness trackers, my personal blog, the message boards, the articles . . . the whole site.

Today, December 22, I weighed in at 165.9! But, more importantly, I feel healthy and strong, full of energy and hope and extremely positive. I feel like I've broken the cycle of deprivation/overeating that I was stuck in for so many years. That means more to me than the ten pounds. We'll see what's next for me.

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