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3/6/13 8:46 P

I am soooo glad to see this in the Woo-Hoo section. That shows you have the right attitude to push through this and succeed!
And hey! You forgot one: your BMI is lower, so now you have seven things for your list!

Your determination is truly inspiring. Even though I am basically maintaining, I need to see great attitudes like YOURS to fuel me and remind me to keep paying attention to the little things that got me where I am now.

I've always said that losing weight starts in the mind, and you my friend have the mindset.

Way to go and keep up the great work.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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3/6/13 6:44 P

Congratulations on staying the course even without the positive reinforcement of a scale weightloss. Eventually all your hard work will payoff.

You can do this!

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Fitness Minutes: (34,789)
Posts: 4,242
3/5/13 2:28 P

I hate that you have not lost weight with all your hard work, but it will pay off eventually. In the meantime, maybe check portion size? I find that when I don't measure, my "one cup" of cereal slips up to 1.5 or even more. Or maybe tracking your food? Or maybe you just had a lot of water weight that day. it is possible. Just keep that exercise going - so good for your heart and all the other parts - and keep eating the healthy foods. You WILL see the results

Posts: 359
3/5/13 9:43 A

Keep it up! emoticon

Posts: 11,150
3/5/13 8:02 A


Posts: 1,398
3/5/13 5:30 A

Your determination will pay off, in fact, it already has! You are doing good things for your body!

SparkPoints: (35,982)
Fitness Minutes: (35,022)
Posts: 1,395
3/5/13 1:28 A

You lost in almost every category. Excellent. And always remember: Losing weight is the best, but not gaining weight is the better. You got the gusto, girl!

Spark On!

Posts: 4,583
3/4/13 6:45 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
It may seem hard at first but the rewards are amazing once you get the weight loss engine started

Posts: 447
3/4/13 4:23 P

Way to go. Stick with it and you will have so many more exciting posts in the future.

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Posts: 6,524
3/4/13 4:19 P

Your success is more than just the scale. You are creating good habits that will pay off!

SparkPoints: (41,001)
Fitness Minutes: (54,071)
Posts: 229
3/4/13 3:47 P

Hi Everyone,
So today was my Monthly Weighin and I'm not Happy about it but I also have some things to Celebrate so here goes
February 4th 2013
Weight 302.9
BMI 49.2

Right Arm 16"
Right Leg 26"
Middle S 46"
Waist 48"
Hips 54"
Neck 15"

March 4th 2013
Weight 304.2
BMI 48.1

Right Arm 16"
Right Leg 26"
Middle S 46"
Waist 49"
Hips 54"
Neck 15"

Okay so those are the Measurements Blah Blah!
Moving on to the Positives
1st I Reached 62 Days of Giving Up Lays Potato Chips and Friendlys Ice Cream and that was hard because these were my favorite! Now I don't even miss them!
2nd I continue to Workout Everyday and have not stopped! I make sure everyday that I workout No Matter What and I have stayed on track since January 1st and still continue to keep it up!
3rd I have made sure to Drink 64 oz of Water everyday and I have not Stopped doing that either!
4th I have continued to Eat Healthy and even incorporated one Meatless Day a week of eating only Vegetables and Fruits!
5th I have gotten Perfect Attendance Record 2 Months in a row and I have never gotten that Reward ever!
6th I have gotten the 1,000 Fitness Minutes Reward every month since January 1st and that is definitely different!
So there are 6 things that I can be proud of and even though I wanted to be at a 20 lb Weightloss by Now I still continue to do things right! Eventually My Body is going to lose this fight and than that Weight is going to melt off!
I have decided I will Not Give Up Nooooooo I will Not Give Up! I am frustrated and I will probably Scream and Punch My Pillows really hard but I have worked too hard to quit now!
So I'm going to Keep Going and I hope that soon I will reap the Benefits of all My Hardwork!
Alright everyone I just wanted to share and I hope everyone who reads this Keeps Pushing and Fighing to also reach their destination!
Alright everyone have a great day!

Edited by: DETERMINED569 at: 3/4/2013 (15:49)

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