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Posts: 531
4/9/13 5:42 P

Since the weather is getting nicer, you could try walking outside. When I'm at the gym, I just try to zone out and put effort into my workouts. Sometimes I daydream and plan what I am going to do after the gym or the next day.

Posts: 229
4/8/13 10:42 P

I say don't even worry about the gym. I can't stand it myself. I would love to have the confidence to walk in and do some weights, but I don't have it so I don't worry about it (it goes back to be being made fun of while in high school and not at school-at home).

Just focus on what you love doing/can do. I agree with sticking with the walk. If you start doing things you hate, you will end up being resentful and not wanting to try again.

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Posts: 803
4/8/13 10:40 P

I am also not a fan of the I don't go! I run outside and do bodyweight strength training at home. I definitely agree with the others that if your main workout is walking at 2.0, especially with the weather getting nicer, just do that outside. So much nicer!

SparkPoints: (50,053)
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Posts: 2,982
4/8/13 7:56 P

I agree -- if you are just walking, I would ditch the gym in favor of outdoor walking.

Would you be able to bike ride? That is also a great family activity

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Posts: 4
4/8/13 5:49 P

thank you. thats a good suggestion!

Posts: 732
4/8/13 5:42 P

For walking at a 2.0 mph pace (it sounds like that's the only exercise you're cleared to do, yeah?), you might be better off skipping the gym fees and walking outside - which a lot of people generally find more enjoyable, PLUS you can do it with your family, so that checks that "family time" box for you!

Posts: 5,070
4/8/13 5:04 P

Do you need the gym? I used to go all the time when i was all about cardio. i didn't like using the free weights at the gym unless I was with my trainer.
I now do my exercise at home or my chiro's office (2x a week).
if you hate it so much, find something else. I hate the treadmill, I can't stand the elliptical. I hate cardio in any form. Yes I do it, but it is melded in with my strength training. I LOVE my rebounder. no impact on my knees, hips and ankles and I get an awesome workout.

Posts: 19
4/8/13 4:38 P

I find that if you do interval training while on a treadmill or other such machine, it makes the time go faster, because you have little mini-goals every few minutes. If you're getting bored, kick up the intensity a bit, and you'll be sweating too much to be bored. :)

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Fitness Minutes: (30)
Posts: 4
4/8/13 4:27 P

I wish I loved the gym, but I hate it. Everytime I'm on a machine I think of the other 598459085 billion things that I should be doing. I think about being home with my family. I get bored, even listening to music or watching a show on my iphone. I get anxious to just leave.

To make matters worse, I have a heart problem and cannot exert myself or I get dizzy. I can't lift weights either. I can pretty much walk at a pace of 2.0

Any tricks for liking the gym and getting the billion of other things out of my head for an hour each day?

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