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6/8/14 9:59 P


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6/8/14 9:25 P

I know what you mean about exercise videos. I like to think I'm pretty open, but some of the trainers are pretty weird like you said lol. That's great you found one you like!

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6/8/14 4:51 P

emoticon Thanks for sharing, I will have to try it!!!

6/8/14 5:37 A

I am very very very picky about the kind of fitness videos I like to do. Now that that's my main Exersize option I had to find one I liked. Most of them I feel make look silly or the trainer is weird but I FOUND IT! the perfect one! I thought Id share it. it is barre ballet and even for an intermediate Exersizer the 15 min one is hard but there is also a 50 min one.

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