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6/21/12 8:31 P

emoticon Happy SUMMER TIME.

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6/19/12 5:15 P

First, I would not underplay your goal of 65 lbs. I think a big key is to find an obtainable goal and stick to it.

Second, it's not easy. It will take work but it will be such a source of pride when it happens that it will all be worth it.

To me, it really is a lifestyle change. I have to have it in my head that I don't need to eat that today and can go without. That sounds much easier than it is but at least for me, once I got that mindset and got the ball rolling, it just becomes second nature. The first week was the hardest but now 6 weeks later, for me, it just is. I would suggest to find some lower calorie/carb/fat replacements for foods you really like. For example, pizza. You can use a flatbread or Nature's Own Rounds that are lower calorie as crust, sauce, turkey pepporoni, and a little cheese to kind of get that "fix" if you have a pizza craving. Things like that really help me.

Spark has also helped a lot with keeping track of what I eat. It really helps me to stay within my daily goals and gives me something to achieve.

Good luck with your goal and stick with it, you can do it!

6/19/12 3:58 P

Don't listen to those "nay-sayers." I think you've set a very realistic goal for yourself.
You don't say exactly what you're addicted to but you do mention you're breastfeeding. Are you tired? I know that sometimes that's one of my triggers to mindlessly eat.

Do you like to cook? If so, adding beans to your daily diet really ups not only your fiber intake but that feeling of fullness we're sometimes looking for (although you may want to start small to be sure they don't have any ill effects on your baby).

And just like Psalmandpraise mentions, eat those veggies. (hummus is also a good dipping choice)

Summer is a great time to try new veggies - if you have a local farmers market I've learned the people there are always willing to talk about ways to prepare something you may never have tried before (spaghetti squash?, rhubarb?)

And use the Sparkpeople food tracker (and all the other resources here). They can literally change your life!


6/19/12 3:14 P

I am right there with ya! I don't want to be skinny either, well, I dont think I can really get skinny. Either way healthy and fit is fine in my book! Water is part of the battle and being addicted to food is hard (im still battleing that part). The good part is anytime you want to fulfill your "emotional eating", grab veggies! Force yourself to those veggies! If you need dip, the light ranch is awsome. Also homemade salsa with a little guacamole (high in GOOD fats but watch portions with the guac). Emotional eating is hard for me so the only thing that has helped is the veggies and slowly im controling the addiction... Good luck and hope it helps emoticon

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6/14/12 5:47 P

I have lost large amounts of weight before by taking in a lot of water and foods that are rich in fiber. The fiber fills me up and I feel full longer.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 69,956
6/12/12 11:59 P

Avoid sugars/starches like Gary Taubes says in "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT."

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6/12/12 11:41 P

I am wanting to lose 65 pounds in one year which is by the end of next May. The goal next to losing the weight is letting my hair grow out. I plan to not get it cut outside of trims. I hate long hair on me cause all i do is throw it up. Its thick and won't hold a curl. But when i lose the extra weight, i am going to get a nice curly hair style even for one day and get a new outfit....basically get a makeover for my goal prize. 65 pounds seems like so little but to just be a size 9 again would be great. A lot of people say "you will never see that weight again" but i beg to differ. I do not want to be skinny, just healthy. Is there any tips you can give me to cut down on eating so much food, cuz i think i am addicted to eating. I drink a lot of water and breastfeed but i need ideas to stay fuller longer emoticon . Anyone struggling with this or passed this point that can help out? TIA!!

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