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1/9/13 8:38 A

Hi, Maria,

I'm new - also started in November of 2012 - so please understand that my "advice" doesn't have all the experience and know-how of members who've been around longer. But I hear you, and I feel for you. The feeling that we always seem to be starting over can be devastating, and if we're not careful can be the very thing that keeps us from succeeding. That's unacceptable, because each of us deserves to succeed, and each of us can succeed with the help of people who have gone before us on whatever road we choose.

Yes, there are ups and downs, and the downs hurt because we've been there before. Maybe one way to handle where you are right now is to focus on doing one right thing next...doing the next right thing to move you toward your goals. One thing. One choice at a time. There was a poster on the motivation pages that really got my attention about a month ago. It said, "If you're tired of starting over, stop quitting!" It sounded impossible, but the truth is undeniable.

You can do this, Maria. WE can do this. You have all the tools you need, even if it doesn't feel like it right now, and YOU CAN make the next choice that's good for you. Then stop and give yourself credit. Tell everyone here, because you know that WE know what that takes. Like everyone else, I'll be cheering for you!

:) Gail

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1/9/13 8:15 A

You could be low in folic acid. Folic Acid Promotes heart health and energy. It is effective in fighting depression. You also may be diffcient in Vitamin D. Sugar causes high blood pressure in obese people & sugar can cause depression, Diabetics also have depression, as well as, people with heart disease. Vitamin B6, B9, and B12 deficiencies have been found to be linked to symptoms of depression.

Please go see a endocrinolgist, who will take a complete blood work up of your blood sugar, thyroid, lipid panel, vitamin D and magnesium levels and potassium levels. Don' t wait.

Meantime eat turkey, tuna, or chicken, low fat cheese, fish, lots of veggies, especially brocolli, spinach, romaine. Add flaxseeds to your oatmeal, salds, veggies, they stablize blood sugar and can improve mood. I am a big believer in flaxseed becuase they are a good source of protein & supplementing with flax seeds daily can help to increase metabolism, stabilize blood sugar and increase energy as well as lower triglycerides.

Also C0Q10 is a great supplement for energy, protects the heart too. A little expensive but worth every cent..Eating a high-protein meal without accompanying carbohydrates may keep you awake, since protein-rich foods also contain the amino acid, tyrosine, which perks up the brain.

If you feel tired, even if you sleep for 8 hours you may a vitamin B deficency

Magnesium is a natural tranquilizer. You might be nerveous about something that prevents you from falling asleep or it is known that most sleep deprived people don't snack on fruits and vegetables. Try adding lima beans, kidney beans, broccoli, spinach and nuts, including almonds, cashews and hazel nuts and brazil nuts to your diet.
Sunshine drives your body to produce melatonin, which is needed for sleep.

Snoring can disrupt sleep. Do you snore?

Foods containing tryptophan make a person get a good nights sleep combined a tryptophan like turkey and a carb as a bedtime snack and cottage cheese is good to help you sleep.

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
1/8/13 10:58 P

Sorry you are struggling. You just have to do if for yourself. Find something about weight loss that WILL motivate you. Only you can make this happen.

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1/8/13 8:20 P

Start over with a small goal and change that word can't to can.

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1/8/13 5:28 P

Sometimes you just have to do something even without the motivation to do so. I often get to the point where I feel that it isn't worth the effort I'm putting in to get such slow, or even no, results. But, if I say to myself, I'm just going to do it anyway and then do it, ie, not each junk food or do my 10 minutes of exercise, I can get the benefit that comes so easily when we are motivated. Being able to do that for long enough, even just a week since I weigh weekly, will usually show up in my weekly weigh-ins and that helps my motivation.

And sometimes that is all I can do..."this week I will stay in my calorie range." Just for a week or even, just for a day sometimes. In other words, I just take it a day at a time when I don't feel motivated.

Good luck.

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1/8/13 12:51 P

Hi, Maria !

The problem with starting a weight loss program is that everything does seem new and exciting when we start out, but what happens over time ? it's true, we lose motivation. What to do ? First, don't beat yourself up. As I tell all new members,"Don't look at good health or weight loss with an all or nothing mentality". If the only healthy thing you did for yourself was to drink 8 glasses of water today, that's still a step in the right direction.

Good health and weight loss are not "all or nothing". Every little bit does make a difference. As the old song goes,"Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative". Give yourself credit for the positive things you're still doing for yourself and don't beat yourself up because you're not perfect.

If you find yourself losing motivation. It's time for a new challenge. Have you ever considered running a 5k road race ? If not, why not try one ? 5ks are for fun and fitness ! 3.1 miles of pure enjoyment. If you don't want to run, there are plenty of other challenges out there. How about the 100 push up challenge ? Would you like to be able to do 100 push ups ?

This is how we periodically motivate ourselves, we try new things. Check out the Spark Recipes section and try some new meals. You don't have to do anything radically different to change things up.

Don't be afraid to come out of your comfort zone. You'll surprize yourself.

MIAB2017 Posts: 19
1/8/13 12:29 P

When I started SP back in the end of November I was ready to go, I felt like I could do it, take on the world one day at a time. I got sick with bronchitis early December and all my motivation went out the window. The worst part is I can't seem to get it back.

I know what I need to do. Track my food, exercise, plan meals...etc. It just all seems so pointless. I know from experiance that it works I just can't make myself care.

It may be depression, something I have struggled with for a long time, it may be that I am not getting enough sleep. I don't know what it is. I just feel very anxious and find my only comfort comes from foods I know I shouldn't over indulge in.

I really don't know how to get myself mentally back to a place where I should be, and if I don't I will keep on in a downward spiral.

Thanks for reading. Just knowing someone has taken time to read my words is a comfort.

Maria C.

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