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BITTYGIRL51 SparkPoints: (37,085)
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11/3/11 8:45 P

You topic title is what drew me here. I blew it also the last couple days. If anyone cares to know more please read my most recent blog. In the meantime, I'm here because I need some accountability. I know myself well enough that if I know someone is looking at my tracker and checking on me I will do better at sticking with my sugar fast....and at keeping track of every BLT (bite, lick or taste). Anyway game?

We've all been there - so keep your chin up and get back on the wagon. For me, today has been a good day after 3 bad ones. You can do it!

11/2/11 7:15 P

I like your Grandfather's saying. Patience is a key thing. Thanks for your advise and we can do it! emoticon

11/2/11 7:13 P

Wow, I REALLY appreciate all the advise and support you SPARKERS gave me. It definitely hit home as you suggested staying inline 5 out of 7 days is awesome than being totally out of control. And I am sometimes inclined to beat myself help!

THANKS AGAIN! emoticon

ERIGUST SparkPoints: (2,047)
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11/1/11 1:27 A

It's frustrating isnt it? I know when I have days like this that I won't gain from them, BUT they keep me from losing and getting to my goal. So it iis just a few bad choices and tomorrow is a new day. I ate way too much Halloween candy and feel awful. I need to remember how yucky it feels when I eat bad! Just keep moving forward,i do think it's good to acknowledge when you make choices you regret, it kinda allows you to clear the air and start fresh, you can do it!

PURPLEREINDEER SparkPoints: (14,111)
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10/31/11 10:47 P

Hey! I know how that feels, unlike you until recently I did the all the time.. until finally I realized it wasn't worth it. Food has just made me gain weight and be unhappy, but then I go to it to be happy.. it just a vicious cycle. Some words of advice my grandfather gave me were: "It took you a while to put on the weight and its gonna take you a while to take it off." So take each day at a time, so you messed up that day, it OK. Now you can prove to yourself you can beat it next time! Praying for you! I believe in you and so does GOD! God bless!:)

SEAJESS Posts: 3,826
10/30/11 2:48 A

Sounds like a fairly small splurge and by now I bet you're back on track. Little detours like that happen.

MADDY93 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/29/11 10:40 P

Hi :) Everyone has days like this. Mistakes are GOOD. I promise. I know people who have lost weight. The people who are actually happier are the ones who made mistakes. You'll be fine! Good luck!

MICHCLEARY SparkPoints: (85,800)
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10/29/11 7:32 P

Have you talked about your healthy lifestyle goals with the coworkers who are bringing you all this food? If they are in the dark and you shared with them, they would be less likely to try and get you off track.

I would recommend putting some healthy snack alternatives in your desk or overhead bin if you have one. I used to pull out the 100 calorie treat pack when everyone else was heading for the donuts/cake/candy. It gave me the feeling of participating, but I was able to stay in my calorie range.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,206)
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10/29/11 12:48 P

Did you enjoy the danish ? Did you enjoy the wings ? If you enjoyed yourself, there is nothing to worry about. Spark People has never been about deprivation. It's all about moderation and portion control. Yes, even a danish and chicken wings CAN be a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Shoot, I like chicken wings too ! You don't have to give them up to be healthy. If you eat them once in a while, that's perfectly fine.

Think of it this way, if you ate right 5 out of 7 days this week, you're still doing better than the average American.

So, no more beatings and no more guilt !! You didn't do anything wrong. it really is okay to indulge once in a while.

MATTDEL Posts: 720
10/29/11 12:26 P

It's just one day...and I am sorry to say it out loud...

...but if you work in an office environment, you are about to see 2-3 more Fridays like this in the next couple of months.

I love the holidays, but so many people (me included) associate food with them. Office treats are aplenty, not just on Fridays.

Next week will be bad at work as well, everyone brings in the left over candy. Not to mention that my daughter does not like Milky Ways or 3 Musketeers bars and has always felt happy in giving me those.....Who am I to disappoint my daughter?

Good luck with the future office parties/food days/left over treats....


SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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10/28/11 8:49 P


Well, look at today as a learning experience. When I find I have days like this I take the time as to why I found myself lacking self control and then try to develop a plan as to what I can do the next time this may come up. You can't undo what has been done, but you are in control from what happens here on out.

Be strong!
Coach Nancy

10/28/11 8:45 P

I think I need some EE advise. It's the end of the work week and I was offered a lot of good comfort food at work and I succumbed to it. First it was some type of danish (small) from Porto's bakery, then next smothered chicken wings, I ate those & had a couple bites of rice which I threw away. Someone gave me two chocolate donuts, had 1 bite & decided it was too many calories to expend so I threw them away. But at the end of the day, my bosses candy shopping cart was calling my name and I had 4 minature twix bars. I haven't done a number like this in I don't know how long!

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