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4/15/13 1:26 P

I've been posting on my blog about various different exercise DVD's if anyone is interested. The site is:

I did a LOT of yardwork this weekend. Digging up weeds, hauling soil and yard debris, planting stuff. And I am no where near as sore as I thought I'd be. I've re-learned all those lessons I got years ago about proper posture and the right way to lift. Lessons I'd mostly ignored for years.

I feel pretty good today. :)

4/15/13 1:22 P

That's wonderful!

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4/14/13 9:14 A

I started this journey last may 2012. thought I was having a heart attack when I went in for a stress test. I finally ended up having to have a cath. done to my heart and found out it was enlarged. so when I came home from the hospital that day I laid in bed and decided it was well over time to change my life for myself and not others. slowly but surely I winged myself away from mountain dews and I am talking a twelve pack easily in two days. I took away chips and candies and yes even chocolate. I wanted to learn can I live without these things and what other things could I replace them with. in the past 11 months I have walked worked out eat right cried complained and blamed myself and others for what I should have done in the beginning. this was not an easy journey by no means. I still didn't have time to take care of myself I have a father in law that had to have an emergency amputation of one of his legs then on top of that my husband had to go through therapy for his liver. and it was the worse and best past six months of my life. while I was learning how to be humble to others' conditions and loving them more because I was their soul caretaker I was learning myself even more. how to take care of me while taking care of their needs also. they encouraged me not to stop my six mile walks if I wanted to join the gym to do it so they could get them some me time for themselves also. I weighed this morning and I still cant believe all my hard work has paid off. I have went from 280lbs to 194.5. I am so proud of myself rather anyone else is are or not..this has been my journey where I have learned I can love myself too.

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4/12/13 5:34 P

Congratulations on meeting your goals! It is the journey that makes it worthwhile.

4/12/13 2:56 P


I quit fairly often, heh. But I keep coming back, and no longer obsess about numbers or 'set backs'. It's the journey that interests me now.

4/12/13 2:54 P

@Jibbie Interesting info!

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4/10/13 11:18 P

Congrats on reaching your goals. For each person they are different. I have been trying for so long that I often long to quit. Yet I get excited and again and keep trying. I think that makes me a success. The willingness to keep trying.

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4/10/13 2:37 P

I'm glad u have lost so much, but getting to your goal of 150# can certainly be a great benefit. I'm reading "THE DIABETES SOLUTION" by Richard Bernstein MD and he says ALL obese people are Insulin Resistant and in time will develop Type 2 diabetes. That is why I'm reading the book, as I know I have Insulin Resistance/Metabolic Syndrome but my doctor doesn't care since he says "Well, MOM, at your AGE you can't expect to lose weight now." Right. So, I found Dr. Bernstein who has had Type 1 diabetes since he was 12 and he should have died by age 42, but he is 78 now, since he helped himself by using a low carb diet, which was against the ADA recommendations. He's an interesting man. He has lectures on YouTube.

4/10/13 9:57 A

Hello Spark People!

I was perusing your page dedicated to weight loss success stories, and I thought that perhaps I don't qualify in the weight loss category (depending on your perspective), but I *DO* qualify in other ways.

I just want you to know that I *AM* a fitness success story.

Last year, April 2nd 2012, I decided to change my life. I decided to aim for eating healthier by tracking what I eat as often as possible and to exercise more. These were my simple goals.

So I came back (again) to and started using the very handy tools provided here. I put in my height, weight, age, diet, fitness activities, favorite color, blood type, mothers maiden name and a brief medical history. Ok, I put in about half of those. But you get the idea. I tried to be as thorough as possible.

But I kept being bothered by this one little thing. Goal Weight.

I put a number in there that seemed reasonable. Apparently 150 pounds will mean I'm still fat though. But it wanted a number. But I didn't HAVE a goal WEIGHT. I had other goals.

I wanted to go up and down my stairs at home without being out of breath.
I wanted to be able to bring in the groceries without my arms feeling like they were going to fall off.
I wanted to be able to chase my ferrets around the house without fear of my fat ass losing balance and falling on one of them.
I wanted to have something resembling a waist line.
I wanted to be able to do gardening without my back hurting so much afterwards I couldn't help but cry.
I wanted to be able to once again rock my husbands socks (and pants) off with my impressive flexibility (for a fat chick).
I wanted to sleep longer and more comfortably.

None of these goals were connected to a number.

But there isn't an easy way to measure those without writing a big old blog about them, so here I am.

I started out last Spring slowly but surely. I worked up to doing 5 days a week of at least 45 minutes of physical activity, usually involving me, my living room, my TV, an exercise DVD, some hand weights, and a lot of flopping around and sweating. Over time, the flopping started to look like deliberate and planned moves. I concentrated on paying attention to what I was eating. I aimed for a general range of calories a day, but I didn't stress if I went over or under that amount. I found out that I have 2 bulging discs in my lower back. Strangely, this was a great relief to me, as it gave me a focus on what to do reduce my back pain. I started focusing more on core strength and balance. During this year, I had weeks where I slacked off. I took fitness vacations. I ate whatever I felt like, and didn't work out. But I always came back, and never looked at it as a setback or a failure. Just a break. This change in attitude is the best part about my journey so far.

I go up and down my stairs probably about a dozen times a night, and sometimes I even have a bounce to my step, you could probably accuse me of skipping up the stairs. I'm usually racing a ferret when I do it, and while the only one that I beat is a geriatric ferret, it's still a win!
I proudly carry in grocery bags filled with fresh produce, healthy proteins, unprocessed carbs, and the occasional piece of dark chocolate (a girls gotta live a little). And my arms feel and stay firmly and unquestioningly attached.
My balance has improved so much that sometimes, when no one is looking, I even grab a ferret and dance with it, much to their dismay.
I seem to have a slight indent in the middle of my torso. It just might be a waistline.
I garden and I still hurt afterwards, but more in a well used muscles kind of way.
My husbands socks and pants are occasionally found in the most interesting locations around the house.
I have gone from about 4 hours to 6 hours of sleep a night, without waking up aching.

I have reached *MY* goals. And I have set new ones, I set them every day. I will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

After a year of triumphs and set backs, *I* am a fitness success story!

Consequently, I lost 43 pounds.

Will I ever reach my 'goal' of 150 pounds?

Honestly? I don't care.

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