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12/8/12 10:58 A

MRS_CIESIOLKA, can you pls post some pics of your MIL's ornaments? Sounds really pretty and special!

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12/8/12 10:56 A

That's great!
Also, jewelry can become ornaments on a small tree. I did that one year, this is what it looked like:

12/8/12 10:44 A

Congratulation's on your first christmas tree. I love my fake tree. Plus I only buy the unbreakable ornaments. My husband's grandmother use to make ornaments by hand and give them to the family for christmas. I love them. I've been in the family for 20 years, and have received a lot of them. She has past away and I treasure each and everyone of them.

Happy Holiday's!!! emoticon

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12/8/12 10:26 A

for RM5 (That's like USD1.something!!!!!). It's tiny and fits on my writing desk. I can't hang big, heavy ornaments on it though. I'll just have to be content with mini tinsel/popcorn/ribbons/little paper ornaments that I might make myself.

But it's already pretty all by itself! It's got fake snow on the edges of it's pine needles! (or leaves, I'm not sure what you call it).

Y'see, I'm the only Christian in this family, the rest of my family are Buddhists. I've wanted my own Christmas tree for a long time but couldn't afford spending hundreds of ringgit for a conventional fake tree with it's breakable, expensive ornaments! So, when I saw this cute little trees for so cheap, I thought, here's the ticket! I'm feeling Christmassy already!!!!! emoticon

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