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4/14/11 5:18 A


VIM321 Posts: 4
4/14/11 5:16 A

I needed to read that today. Thank you!

MISSMARY3 SparkPoints: (146,232)
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4/14/11 4:56 A

Good for you! You have chosen the right way to lose the weight, for you!

SHAY72 SparkPoints: (25,375)
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4/14/11 4:41 A

I wish you the best of luck, please keep us posted about ur success

Shay :)
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4/14/11 4:37 A

4th or 5th night that I have been up most of the night. Natural cures, prescriptions, etc. I got up at 1:41a
compared to 2:38a yesterday.

4/14/11 4:34 A

Your words have brought a sense of contentment and worth to this large body of mine. Bless you from the bottom of my heart for being brave enough to post this. Did you know your thoughts would be welcome in the souls of all SparkPeople?

You are magic, sweetie,
Renie emoticon

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Beauty is in the IQ of the beholder.

Good food, good sleep, good friends create a Spark for Life!

Let's all have fun and encourage others while getting healthy!!
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4/14/11 4:29 A

What a fantastic statement! I've just joined Spark but everything I am reading in great!

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4/14/11 4:22 A

it's no april fool's joke, for sure!

The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions.

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4/14/11 4:12 A

This is a resolution that has been refined by personal fire and trial. It's inspirational and will, without a doubt, succeed. All the best with your journey.

I am a different man today because of SP. I loving life and am able to do things that I haven't been able to do for over 30 years. Everything is better and I do mean everything!
ALIZAHH Posts: 321
4/14/11 4:09 A

Great encouragement. Thank you

Acts of Kindness WIll Bring Moshiach
CAROL533600 Posts: 1
4/14/11 4:02 A

good for you keep at it I am sure it will be worth it even if you only lose half a pound a week as I do as long as it is down keep going, I have given up so many times but this time I am determined as well you need your life back good luck

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4/14/11 4:00 A

Wow! What wisdom you have! Keep up the positiveness. emoticon

"Show me the life without sorrow." the Dalai Lama
I have to get back to living.
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4/14/11 3:59 A

awesome post!! Keep up the motivation and you will make it through the challenges! I lost my motivation so I'll send some to you :)

DIDMIS Posts: 121,478
4/14/11 3:59 A

That was emoticon . You will get there for sure with an attitude like that.

The Lord bless you
and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.
Numbers 6:22-26 (NIV)

4/14/11 3:57 A

Hey - you are on the way to success! What a motivational post. You go, girl!
emoticon emoticon

SQUIRRLEY2 Posts: 116
4/14/11 3:49 A

soukicavill.........YOU GO GIRL! What an inspiration ;) Thanks for a boost to my day ..... emoticon

DIAMOND102 Posts: 10,171
4/14/11 3:37 A

What an awesome resolution!!! Your blog speaks for many of us and we feel that this journey is something we must do for ourselves and no one else. When we come to this realization that what we are doing is for a healthy lifestyle we can do this one step at a time. Hang in there. emoticon

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4/14/11 3:34 A

It's the rythymn that makes the beauty smile,
It's the rythymn that makes all time worthwhile.
In the mirror what you see is more than cell and meat and bone and smell,
It's the rythymn that undulates the soul and smiles and peaks out from within.
It's the rythymn that bounces and shines out hope and lets us see you dancing on shards and soft shiney pieces of refracted light.
When we look into your soul, we see ourselves reflected there and soft smiley eyes that don't weigh and ounce are twinkling in delight.
It's the rythymn that makes us hope with you and dance with you and even have a little pillow fight in celebration.
Masses roll away in mounds of flesh and pounds of joy as everyday the passage of time is.......
I'm doing this for me.

MUSHCAT Posts: 4,639
4/14/11 3:29 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Happy Days come from a limitless well I can drink from whenever I choose - Petra Van Baar

I thank God for all His Blessings on me,
And the mercy that He's bestowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed. - Michael Combs

Wishing you love, peace, joy, and blessings, Judi

TLWREN Posts: 1
4/14/11 3:28 A

Good for you...applause applause applause, very encouraging for the rest of us!

ELLEKTRA Posts: 2,911
4/14/11 3:13 A

4/14/11 3:00 A

What a wonderful message! It helped me along the path I am trying to go. Actually, shouldn't we ALL be doing this for ourselves?



You don't stop doing things because you get old--- you get old because you stop doing things!
WHITERSHADE SparkPoints: (18,241)
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4/14/11 2:50 A

Great!You made my day starting better!Thanks for sharing this.

BRIDGIRL Posts: 267
4/14/11 2:43 A

Really inspiring and you know you will get there I'm sure.

Thank you for sharing

Love Chris xx

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
PRINCESSA1961 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/14/11 2:38 A

Thank you for your very inspiring message. I wish you every success. And your words will stay with me in my own battle.

4/14/11 2:26 A

Good for you!! I am going to be thinking of the line "I am not my own little garbage can" when I want to eat or drink junk. We are both better than a garbage can and deserve to treat ourselves and be treated better. Thanks for sharing.

BLUEJEAN99 Posts: 2,135
4/14/11 2:21 A

wonderful! Thx so much for sharing :) emoticon

ERIGUST SparkPoints: (2,031)
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4/14/11 2:16 A

You are worth this! And you're right, your body is not a garbage can. I love your post and want you to know we are all here for you. You deserve healthy, happy life.

IWANNABEE Posts: 642
4/14/11 2:02 A

Wow... you are in a good place. It made me so sad to think of you binging and purging. You are beautiful... I hope that you will realize that soon.
Good luck on your journey. You can do this.

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (280,320)
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4/14/11 1:56 A

As you can see from the replies really great post. Thanks once again

MARTHA503 SparkPoints: (19,670)
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4/14/11 1:53 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

If you believe you can you will! If you believe you can't you will not!
4/14/11 1:51 A

Thank you, that was VERY inspirational. You spoke to a lot of the things that I struggle with and think about as well. I'm going to bookmark this post and come back to it when I need a little extra motivation. :)

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.
ANDERSO2 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/14/11 1:48 A

I'm with you. Let's do this together. I'm going to make a conscious effort to refrain from snacking on unhealthy food. I'm going to try and drink a glass of water whenever I'm hungry for junk food. That's supposed to help. I'm going to try it. thanks for your inspiration.

4/14/11 1:39 A

Awesome post

4/14/11 1:33 A

I LOVE this!!! Thank you for writing and posting!!!

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (280,320)
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4/14/11 1:25 A

I want to print it out & read it several times a day

DAWN73MARIE SparkPoints: (0)
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4/14/11 1:25 A

I LOVE IT... emoticon

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Get rid of the negative people in your life - surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and inspire you.

“The longer you wait to decide what you want to do, the more time you’re wasting. It’s up to you to want something so badly that your passion shows through in your actions. Your actions, not your words, will do the shouting for you.”
GIVEUP30 Posts: 28,103
4/14/11 1:23 A

We weigh the same and want to get to be the same....We can do it I like your post emoticon

CATHYB430 Posts: 1
4/14/11 1:09 A

Very inspiring! This will be my daily affirmation - probably several times a day.

Thank you for posting.

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (280,320)
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Posts: 169,225
4/14/11 1:01 A

Thanks so much for putting onto words I feel about not using my body like a garbage can

SINGER77 Posts: 1
4/14/11 12:55 A

I can totally relate to what you are saying. Doing it for ourselves and our Health is number one. I have also been thinking the same way about not treating my body like a garbage can. Thanks for your post.

TINTORSMOM1 SparkPoints: (3,786)
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4/14/11 12:45 A

Amazing post! You perfectly articulate exactly what I feel, but have not be able to put into words. You're an inspiration, and you deserve to be happy! Always remember what you've said here and you will reach your goal, no doubt. emoticon

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (280,320)
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4/14/11 12:31 A


ANINHA12 SparkPoints: (9,879)
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4/14/11 12:18 A

great topic!!!

MSKARAWHIPLASH SparkPoints: (5,857)
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3/31/11 11:11 P

You deserve it!!!

SBHPATRICK SparkPoints: (86,535)
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3/31/11 10:50 P

That's awesome - thank you for sharing!

~ Sarah

Live the life of the person you want to become, and you will become that person.
DJHARLEYQ SparkPoints: (7,194)
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3/31/11 8:53 P

Awesome! It should the only reason why your doing this!
Your one step closer than most who are doing it for other reasons. We all should want to be the best possible health that we can be.

I can't wait to read that you've made some of your goals!

"Blessing, Love, and Laughter"
"Each second is an opportunity to start anew!"

FITFABJENN Posts: 5,068
3/31/11 8:45 P

I love your post. Doing this for yourself, for your reasons, is what will make you successful. Kudos!

Jennifer, (Co-Leader) Get Fit & Stay Fit for Life

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SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (59,584)
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3/31/11 7:50 P

Woohoo -- great post! By doing this for you and your reasons to be healthy, you now might be motivating other people here to do the same :).


"Your daily actions and words impact more people than you ever realize!" -- SparkGuy

3/31/11 7:40 P

I'm doing this for me. Not for those who called me too fat to be pretty.
Not for the snooty vendors who look down on me when I try dresses.
Not for those who say "too bad, she has a pretty face".
Not to make my parents happy.
Not to fit in to a stereotypical idea of beauty.

I'm doing this to get healthy.
To show myself that I can.
To be a strong woman: I can be athletic. I can be beautiful.
I want to feel good in my own skin.
I want to find MYSELF beautiful.
I want to look in my mirror and smile.

I don't want to think "what if I felt good in my skin ..." anymore.
I don't want to look at a beautiful dress and think "too bad..."
I don't want to think of myself in disgust. My body and I deserve better than that.
I don't want to mistreat my body. It's not my own little garbage can.
I don't want to devalue my health.
I do not want to binge and purge, binge and purge.
I do not want to punish myself anymore.

Imma do this, slowly but surely.

And it has made all the difference.

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