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2/3/12 3:23 P

ANARIE, This is good to know! Thank you and I will be giving my pediatrician a call. I feel a lot better having more facts to go on! :)

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2/3/12 3:18 P

The problem is with your expectations. It's reasonable to expect to lose about 2-3% of your excess weight per week. If you only have 17 pounds to lose, you're looking at about 1/4 per week. And that's on average, not a steady week-to-week loss. The most likely pattern is that you'll notice you've gone down half a pound every couple of weeks; some weeks you'll re-gain a little and other weeks you'll lose a whole pound. You're not actually overweight, so the loss will not be steady or predictable. A lot of people with only a little left to lose actually put the scale away and only weigh once a month.

Also, where is your doctor in all this? If you're still nursing, you really ought to be working with your doctor and your child's pediatrician to make sure you're providing the baby with all the necessary nutrients. The baby's needs have to come first, even if that means waiting a few months to lose weight. (Especially since you're not heavy enough for your own health to be in any danger at all.)

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2/3/12 2:45 P

Thank you to all the responses and I see that you all are trying to educate me as you feel best. And I know I was not really specific on some things.
Also, I did research on the cleanse that I did and it is a very gentle cleanse that doesn't contain a bunch of laxatives. it's focus is eating clean food such as raw veggies, fruit and lots of protein and lots and lots of water, I also took probiotics. I believe strongly that it was a great way to jump start my new healthy life style and helped me build great habits. It wasn't a quick fix and I didn't focus on losing weight at all during the 10 days of this cleanse. and yes, I am aware that I'm a nursing mother and I have nursed all 3 of my children for 2 plus years. My son is 10 months old and I felt he was old enough for me to begin a new healthy way of eating. And I feel he is better off with me eating a healthier diet than all the carbs, sugar and caffeine I was consuming before. I actually drank iced tea and about a can of soda before, and I know that is lot of caffeine, and now I ONLY drink water! ( about 75 oz. or more)
The dairy part, I never really had that much before, only cheese, and maybe ice cream, lol. I don't drink milk because I am lactose intolerant. So that's not a major change for me. And now I do eat the healthy carbs, I stay away from white starchy foods such as white pasta and white rice. I also eat different kinds of beans. I usually have eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, lunch I do incorporate a whole grain with protein and veggies. Dinner I have veggies and protein. Snacks are usually, nuts, granola with peanut butter and honey, and maybe a fruit smoothie, or just some cut up fruit or veggies. I'm sure I'm forgetting some things that I eat, but this is the basic idea.
My diet before, I didn't usually eat breakfast till a few hours after being awake. I ate leftover or sandwiches for lunch. dinner was usually pasta or mexican food, we RARELY ate salads or even veggies. and we ate late. And we usually has something for dessert or something sweet at night.
So this might give you guys a better idea. Oh and I'm also 5'8". and I currently weigh 148 lbs. I never exercised, still I consider myself to be pretty active, I take care of 3 small children and I home school my oldest. So there you go! : ) I am not looking for this to be a quick fix, I've made a decision to make a lifestyle change in how my family eats. and making more effort to exercise. So all in all, I feel this is all pretty positive! And I know now, that in time I will get the results I'm looking for. So I'm going to stay on this path and wait and see!!!

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2/3/12 2:00 P

The number one thing you need to change is your attitude. Not seeing results? You lost 5 out of the 17lbs you are trying to lose, you are a third of the way there. I am trying to lose 150lbs if I lost 50lbs and said I didn't see results, what would you say to me? Plus, 6 inches how is that not a result?

Stop focusing on pounds. The scale is the least effective measure of health. How do you feel now that you've made these changes? How is your energy level? How is your sleep? How is your stress level? Eating a well balanced diet to improve your overall health should be your focus. Chasing a number on a scale will only frustrate and discourage you and may ultimately lead you to poor decisions.

2/3/12 12:00 P

Just remember that a cleanse is not a quick fix. If you don't change how you eat you will gain it right back. You're much better off looking at your eating habits and making small changes!

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2/3/12 10:51 A

When you start acting healthy the first result we should be looking at is the overall health. The weight comes after. Take your time.

2/3/12 9:42 A

You also don't mention how long your diet was "not good" for previously and how long it's been "awesome", in addition to what is causing you to define it as awesome. (Ie, are you getting enough calories, enough vitamins and minerals, etc.)

If your diet really is awesome now, you'll need to keep in mind that it has to be awesome for awhile, especially if your diet was poor for a long time. Imagine if someone has eaten terribly and had a poor diet for the last 15 years, and then they make a commitment to healthier eating. Say that a month into it, they're thinking what's going on, I'm being so good! Well, that good habit has only been going for 30 days, compared to the last 15 years of eating poorly. It takes a little while to catch up, although ANY healthful improvements and commitments to positive change are good.

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2/3/12 9:12 A

Please, please, please be careful with cleanses. They can be very dangerous, and if you're nursing, it seems like an unnecessary risk. Keep in mind that you'll burn around 20 extra calories for every ounce of milk you produce, so you actually need to be eating *more* to continue producing, not less, and you'll still lose weight faster than if you weren't nursing.

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2/3/12 8:57 A

I am nursing a little one too and find that when I don't consume enough calories I stop losing. I actually can get a way with eating quite a bit while nursing. I have nursed all 5 of my kids and have always lost the last 10 pounds after they weaned at about 1 -1.5 year. And 6 inches is great. It seems like you are doing well. I would add more calories back in a see how it goes.

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2/3/12 8:31 A


I also have a few questions about your approach. It's not clear what kind of "cleanse" you did (e.g., whether it involved laxatives) but even without, cleanses aren't necessary and can be harmful

I also noticed that you've eliminated a food group (dairy). Do you have an allergy to dairy, an intolerance to it, or an ethical reason for cutting out (e.g., vegan)? If not, I'm not sure why you'd eliminate a food group that delivers so many important nutrients, especially when you're a nursing mother.

You also said that you're following a "low calorie" and "very low carb" diet. How low is "low calorie" and "very low carb"? Are you taking in at least 1200 calories per day (the minimum you need to get essential nutrients)? And while I'm not as much of a fan of carbs as SparkPeople is (I tend to follow a "moderate carb" diet), I think that a really low carb diet isn't necessary for most people, and it can lead you to cut out some foods that are really good for you.

Finally, how long have you been following this regime for? When I've followed a weight loss program in the past, I've typically been in a situation like yours (i.e. relatively small amount of weight to lose - around 5-20 pounds). Usually, I've lost a few pounds in the first few weeks, and then had little to no loss for several more weeks. Typically, it has taken me 4-6 weeks to really start seeing a change in weight and inches. So if you've only been doing this since, e.g., the beginning of January, don't lose hope. It could take a while longer to see results.

In the meantime, I would recommend that you read about the various stages of the Sparkdiet and consider taking a less restrictive approach to your diet.

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I don't feel comfy with congratulating you on losing the inches if it was (partly) done by taking Laxatives (10 day cleanse).

Please don't feel like you have to lose huge amounts of weight in a short amount of time. I know the biggest losers lose 17 pounds in a week, but that's tv.

If you stated your height and weight people can give you a realistic time frame to lose weight so you wouldn't have to resort to taking laxatives. Because that could lead to other unhealthy behaviors.


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2/3/12 12:25 A

I'm not too sure how long you've been at it, but 6inches is pretty fabulous! You shouldn't feel discouraged. Also keep in mind that if you're still breastfeeding that your body is going to try to hold onto nutrients and bodyfat so that your milk can be of its quality for your child. Breastfeeding can also burn a lot of calories, so don't forget to take that into consideration. I don't want to sound mean, but if you were doing a cleanse while breastfeeding without consulting your doctor first it could have affected the quality of your milk, too. Just a heads up.

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2/2/12 10:39 P

Yeah, I didn't think of it that way...THANK YOU! I could use all the encouragement I can get! ; )

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2/2/12 10:36 P

Since you don't have that much to lose you aren't going to see it come off very quickly. 5 lbs and 6 inches is great; just keep at it. Make sure you are eating enough to support feeding your little one.

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2/2/12 10:30 P

So I'm really discouraged. I have been on a weight loss program that started off with a 10 day cleanse and followed by lots of vitamins and a low calorie, high protein, very low carb, no dairy, and lots of fruits and veggies. I'm pretty active with 3 small children. I nurse my youngest and I have just this last week started the 30 Day Shed by Jillian Michael's. I have only lost 5 lbs. and 6 inches. I know the inches is good and what I should probably focus more on, but it still seems like I should be shedding the pounds because my diet was not good before and now it's awesome! So what gives? I only want to lose about 17 pounds to get to where I want to be. (between 130-135) thanks in advance for your response! : )

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