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LEAHLEGS Posts: 184
3/4/11 2:10 A

You could be super hungry because of hormones! I know that I definitely have a week or two where I think I need more food. I just have to remind myself that I'm still in control, and there is no reason for me to get to eat whatever I want just because I'm moody!

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2/1/11 11:49 P

I can totally relate to how you are feeling. I feel like I have been binge eating for two weeks now. I feel like I am hungry all the time even when I know I am not. I need to find other things to do when I am bored instead of going to the refrigerator and feeding my boredom.

2/1/11 11:22 P

brush your teeth
eat a dill pickle
drink two glasses of water
write down a letter to the sweets telling them why you don't need them anymore.

MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
12/14/10 11:35 P

What works for me is eating as fresh/healthy as possible. Believe me, I crave sweets as much as the next person here, but when my body has the nutrition it craves, I don't crave the bad stuff. It's like a sense of peace oddly enough. Give that a try and see what happens - your body will be happy, and you'll be happier. It happens quick, too.

NOMIS1 SparkPoints: (67,898)
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12/14/10 9:37 P

I know for me sometimes I think I'm hungry but drinking water will do it.

12/14/10 1:43 P

I also feel the same way you do.. and are looking for some options.. I did so good for two weeks but now its like i have lost motivation and just want to eat all the time... everyone told me that it takes a couple wks then u wont be hungry but i did so great for 2 wks wasnt hungry and now its like i am hungry and my head hurts.. but idk how to fix it :( i want to lose weight but its like i am stuck again like i always get

BEEBEA SparkPoints: (47,115)
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12/13/10 5:14 P

Oh boy, have I been there/still am there. Once I start, it is really hard for me to stop. Several things:

Instead of trying to make myself stop eating sweets, I try to focus on eating lots of fruits and veggies. That fills me up and makes me feel like I'm doing something good for myself, and I don't want to screw it up by eating junk. It's always easier to do a positive action than avoid a negative one.

Drink lots of water. And green tea, if you like it. The sort of bitter tea doesn't taste good if you just ate something too sweet, so I tell myself I'll drink all my tea first so as not to spoil the taste, then by the time I drink it, I don't want the sweet anymore.

Save your planned sweets for later in the day. I find when I eat them earlier, I keep going back for more.

NOMIS1 SparkPoints: (67,898)
Fitness Minutes: (73,322)
Posts: 8,677
12/13/10 4:09 P

Remember"this too shall pass".

I read a post that said "Fight the Bite" and that keeps going over and over in my head.

Also, you can drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes.

12/13/10 3:35 P

Getting past sweets is a tough one but as for cravings you have to figure out if you're getting them after you see or smell an item which would be a temptation, not actually a craving or are you doing something completely unrelated to food when suddenly the urge to eat sweets is so overwhelming? Dr. Oz says we crave what we eat...and if you stop eating sweets and start eating something will crave the things you have been eating. I have also heard that cravings are merely memories and it's best to acknowledge to yourself that yes, you do remember that and quickly think of something else. I think there is no easy way around it but to eliminate what bothers you most...and in this case (and mine too) it's those sweets! Good luck

COLORMESKINNY2 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/13/10 3:23 P

Yeah...I could use a little help with this myself...I have been craving chocolate lately (BADLY) and have also been off track of my plan for 2 weeks....anyway I fed my chocolate craving by eating 3/4 cup of milk chocolate chips and didn't realize the damage I had done until after I ate them...a whopping 1,000 some calories!! :S They tasted good but they weren't worth the disappointment in myself. I find it extremely hard sometimes to tell myself no and it's so frustrating!

COWGRRRL SparkPoints: (27,295)
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Posts: 288
11/3/10 10:43 P

Another thing you can do is stop eating the sweet stuff in general. I know it's hard, but after a while of not eating things like glucose lollies or chocolate I actually don't crave them at ALL anymore until I eat them. As soon as I start eating them again, that's when I crave them!
For example, I haven't had any candy at all for a week at least. I just had some an hour or two ago and now I want MORE even though I feel ill and I don't want to eat! The more you avoid them, the less you will crave them :)

11/3/10 10:39 P

thank you for all your support, it's been a couple of days, but now I'm back on track. all that Halloween candy around the house didn't help. emoticon

10/28/10 2:06 P

I normally just get into the gym and pound the pavement. I find that just after a workout, I'm not nearly as hungry, and even if I am, I know that that the time I just spent on the treadmill is only equivilant to like one Oreo, and it puts it in perspective.

LASHGAL SparkPoints: (28,599)
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10/28/10 1:49 P

EMAVERICK had great advice -- put it in the tracker before you eat it!

Try eating fruit or make your snacks healthier! Here's a tasty but healthy sweet snack:

Either greek or vanilla yogurt (I prefer vanilla, but Greek is great too!) with some fruit cut up on top (strawberries or grapes are best) with a SMALL drizzle of honey. Delicious, ALMOST like ice cream!

10/28/10 11:05 A

Sometimes you just can't stop a craving. They are cravings for a reason. What you have to do is demand of yourself not to give in every time, and when you do, to do it in a reasonable fashion. Have ONE cookie, or eat a banana instead, or just flat out tell yourself NO. It sucks hard, and I struggle every day with it. August-September was TERRIBLE, but I have finally gotten a handle on it, 3 days before halloween, lol.

The better you get at controlling them, the less difficult they will be to control. Kind of a catch 22 of course.

SPLDRTTN1 Posts: 573
10/28/10 7:55 A

Hate those weeks...It will pass!Goodluck...

EMAVERICK Posts: 7,229
10/27/10 12:21 A

Put them in your nutrition tracker before you eat them.

This reminds me of a sermon I saw on TV once, where the preacher was calling people to task for claiming that they couldn't stop behaviors, of course they could. If they were yelling at their kids, and they saw their Reverend walking towards their front door, they would stop yelling at their children and put on a good face.

It takes about two weeks to make or break a habit. Do it a little bit at a time, but make a plan that will change the whole behavior by some endpoint. Trade a bad habit for a good one--whenever you think of sweets, go out for a walk or some such.

And pay attention to the feedback that will help you reach your most cherished goals, like how many calories foods have, and how much you are eating of it. Again, put it in your tracker before you eat it, then you have a chance for course correction should you need it.

10/26/10 11:12 P

How do I sto craving sweets?

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