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I've banished 50 pounds!

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Posts: 3
10/29/09 6:39 A

Good for you! Even 5 years after reaching my 100 lb weight loss goal, it does not get old! Just keep that attitude and you will keep it off.

Posts: 665
10/29/09 6:39 A

It is great to read a perfect message. Thanks!

You have your priorities right - Clean and weed when you retire and/or have more time. There will always be "important" things that have to be done. That list should always include taking care of yourself.
If you don't take care of yourself, eventually someone else will have to.
Make sure you change your view of yourself to "tall and thin". No longer a goal, it is now who you are.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Posts: 39
10/29/09 6:33 A

That was awesome. Very inspirational way to begin my day. Congratulations and thank you.

Posts: 972
10/29/09 6:24 A

Good for you! Yay!

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Posts: 1,547
10/29/09 6:22 A

Inspiring! Congratulations on your success. All the best as you continue your journey of health.

Posts: 66
10/29/09 6:19 A

Great message. Thanks for writing! You have achieved a lot.

SparkPoints: (354)
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Posts: 51
10/29/09 6:18 A

FABULOUS!!!! Great Story too. emoticon


Posts: 1
10/29/09 6:11 A

Well done man, that is an excellent job done and very funny too.

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Posts: 1,681
10/29/09 6:06 A

congrats great job emoticon

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Fitness Minutes: (9,106)
Posts: 7,246
10/29/09 6:03 A

Awesome!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (37,186)
Fitness Minutes: (16,838)
Posts: 3,304
10/29/09 6:01 A

WOOHOO!!! I can't WAIT to hear those words! I am glad that you are hearing them!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

Posts: 12,106
10/29/09 6:00 A


Posts: 896
10/29/09 5:49 A

Awesome! Even if we see the changes, even if we're doing it for ourselves, it feels so good to hear those words from others.

Posts: 2,776
10/29/09 5:46 A


Posts: 2,945
10/29/09 5:36 A

That is amazing! Good job! emoticon

Posts: 60
10/29/09 5:29 A

well done!!
It takes a lot of time to adapt to an altered self image, as I have also lost about 50lbs or 24 kg in weight, I recently ordered a Jacket in a size 18 and it didnt fit , of course, I was now a ten , but am having a hard time thinking of myself as thin , as being overweight had dominated my thinking for so long Way to go , sister !! emoticon

Posts: 2
10/29/09 5:26 A

This is great! Congratulations!

SparkPoints: (22,814)
Fitness Minutes: (24,299)
Posts: 2,073
10/29/09 5:08 A

congratulations! i'm really pleased for you

Posts: 609
10/29/09 5:07 A

So inspirational! A fantastic success - well done you!
emoticon emoticon

Posts: 2
10/29/09 4:57 A

Thanks so much for your message, it really makes me think maybe I can do this.

Posts: 1
10/29/09 4:53 A

congratulations to lablover I wish that i could do running but my I have artritic knees I have now lost 42lbs. again well.regards jacktar1

Posts: 1
10/29/09 4:50 A

I am really, really happy for you. Congratulations on the wonderful result! emoticon

SparkPoints: (56,978)
Fitness Minutes: (87,592)
Posts: 2,257
10/29/09 4:47 A

to the thin one- congratulations!
you have many things to be proud of- love life!

Posts: 8
10/29/09 4:33 A

Congratulations Skinny!

Posts: 91,830
10/29/09 4:14 A

What a wonderful blog. emoticon on your weight loss and all the other exciting things that are happening in your life.

SparkPoints: (2,215)
Fitness Minutes: (2,383)
Posts: 14
10/29/09 4:12 A

CONGRATULATIONS Keep up the good work i havent reached that much but i know how i feel when i lose 1lb so your feeling must be 50 times more emoticon

Posts: 1,884
10/29/09 4:10 A


. . . on plateau-busting and on all the rewards you are reaping. I hope to be there one day - NO!! I WILL be there and your inspiring post will have helped me to get there.
# emoticon

Posts: 173
10/29/09 4:04 A

Congrats! This is wonderful!

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (48,098)
Posts: 5,036
10/29/09 3:59 A

You are amazing. emoticon emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (57,311)
Fitness Minutes: (66,994)
Posts: 4,863
10/29/09 3:52 A

emoticon emoticon

Posts: 72
10/29/09 3:46 A

Well done - good things always come in batches, don't they? I loved your story, it was so inspiring and fun to read! Keep up the good work! I also love Jeff Galloway, so enjoy your training course with him. emoticon

Posts: 409
10/29/09 3:39 A

great going buddy.......... keep it up........

Posts: 27
10/29/09 3:29 A

Good for you! Such abundance of good things coming your way. Doing the work on yourself will do that! I know what you mean about people meeting me now can't imagine me at 175 (in my teens & 20's). This weight I'm at now has been a long term process, like you. A day at a time. I share your joy. What a week. Oh, and that 4th thing on the list? Congrats on the pound. Plateaus are tough to get through. But, SP helps with that, tremendously.

Posts: 15
10/29/09 3:28 A

You go girl! You should be very proud of yourself!

Posts: 158
10/29/09 2:52 A

I really enjoyed reading this blog. You're a good writer. There's another compliment to add to your list this week. You really are having a good week : ) All your hard work is paying off!

Posts: 25
10/29/09 2:51 A

good for you . .bravo !!! it would certainly hve been my FIRST thing .. i've just started again on and have lost 8 lbs in 3 wks . i am no where near running ,let a lone a marahon . good for you !!!keep up the good work .. i remember the feeling of strangers telling me that i looked great ..after not ever seeing me at 260 lbs. . .i still have 40 lbs to go tho . . but it will go .. and i'll have that compliment one day ..soon i hope ..

keep it up . .you have NOTHING to lose ..;)

SparkPoints: (41,896)
Fitness Minutes: (39,357)
Posts: 2,287
10/29/09 2:49 A

Awesome and it doesn't happen without working for it - excellent job. Thanks for the inspiration!

Posts: 122
10/29/09 2:25 A

Wow - you're an inspiration! Congratulations on the 50lbs!

Posts: 14
10/29/09 2:22 A

This is GREAT. Way to go Skinny Lady. emoticon

Posts: 4,000
9/20/09 12:25 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 2,523
9/20/09 10:52 A

Great week!! Perhaps I'll have a week like that sometime in the next year or two ... that would be great.

Edited by: EVILKLOWN at: 9/20/2009 (10:52)

SparkPoints: (185,626)
Fitness Minutes: (49,499)
Posts: 15,073
9/20/09 9:23 A

Clapping that your are thin, but cheering, clapping and stomping my feet that you are fit


SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,351)
Posts: 1,016
9/20/09 2:09 A

wow!!!! GREAT JOB!!!! To be called thin & fit, trim & slim are all my dream words that I want to hear at the earliest! Kudos to u!

Posts: 447
9/20/09 2:03 A

Congrats to you abound team leader!! emoticon emoticon

Posts: 18,680
9/20/09 1:50 A

Congratulations, Tall and Thin SparkFriend!

SparkPoints: (26,366)
Fitness Minutes: (33,736)
Posts: 573
9/19/09 8:57 P

Good for you! Your so far along - doesn't it feel great?
I'm wondering what "lablover" is in reference to? The dog breed? If so, we've a chocolate lab that is the families baby.

SparkPoints: (93,635)
Fitness Minutes: (11,850)
Posts: 23,340
9/19/09 7:44 P

Hurray for you!!! I recently blogged about, "Just a pound." One pound is VERY important!!

SparkPoints: (4,649)
Fitness Minutes: (6,109)
Posts: 28
9/19/09 2:01 P

Way to go! keep up the good work!

SparkPoints: (53,576)
Fitness Minutes: (43,184)
Posts: 11,680
9/19/09 11:41 A

Woohoo - thanks for sharing your fun adventure - and congrats on your successful healthy lifestyle change!

If you keep this up, you'll find that you have so much energy you'll be able to get to those other things too :).


SparkPoints: (56,643)
Fitness Minutes: (63,460)
Posts: 6,854
9/19/09 11:23 A

As the Beatles sang in the song Come Together "One and one and one is three."

And one x 50 is 50, no matter how long it takes.

I (finally) lost one new pound this week. The first one since June. So that makes...50 pounds. Lost. Banished. On Sparkpeople.

Believe it or not reaching the "50 Pounds Lost on Sparkpeople" milestone was NOT the best thing that happened to me this week. It isn't even the second best thing. It is the FOURTH best thing that happened this week.

The THIRD best thing is that I found out that running coach Jeff Galloway is coming to Boston. He's doing his running school next weekend in a five hour class. My schedule has been crazy lately, but as it turns out, I'm available. So I'm already signed up and can't WAIT to go! I've been following the Jeff Galloway training method as I've been getting ready for my second half marathon in November. The book is great, but I've been assured that it's nothing like hearing from him directly. The training includes a little gait analysis and coaching. So I'm totally pysched.

The SECOND best thing that happened is that a colleague that I saw this week came up to me at an event and said "you look fit." No one has EVER called me "fit" looking in my whole entire life. I think I was smiling all day.

And the FIRST best thing... just two days later, I was talking with someone I just met this summer. We were standing by a table of food and commenting about how good it all looked and he said "well you certainly manage to stay thin." I laughed and said "no one EVER called me thin in my life." He said "What do you mean? I've always thought of you as thin." I told him that I've lost almost 60 pounds since January of 2008. Then another person (who I also just met this summer) joined in and assured me that yes, she's always thought of me as "tall and thin" -- so I was just stunned. Me? Thin?

I guess this weight loss stuff really does work. People who never knew me before can't imagine that I used to weigh 60 pounds more. Me? Thin?... I still can't imagine that I'm really "thin". But I'm working on it!

Work is still stressful. The garden is badly in need of weeding after a summer of neglect. The house needs to be cleaned. My inbox in full of unanswered mail.

But I am THIN. I am FIT. And Sparkpeople is the best! Thank you all!

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