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NMMADANS Posts: 12
10/30/13 10:52 A

I just wanted to add my thanks to this post... I was getting the same message and didn't know what exactly to do. Many thanks to all the respondents.

DSCH1207 Posts: 77
7/19/13 10:35 A

Thanks everyone! I updated my goal and it didn't update my calorie goals... probably because I'm using the new tracker that updates based on that days actual calorie burn. This was helpful. Thanks again!

7/19/13 10:32 A

The others are right. When spark sets goals at the beginning of the program, it is simply based on the average for someone starting a weight loss program. If you are doing more (or less) than that, it is up to you to change your goals.

BEANBYDESIGN SparkPoints: (0)
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7/19/13 10:12 A

I already posted this on your same thread on the Panic Button forum, but here it is again:

It "hinders" your weight loss if you're eating as if you're only burning 740 calories a week through exercise, but you're actually burning 1,500, because you run the risk of not eating enough to support your activity level. Not eating enough can actually cause your body to hold onto weight. What you need to do is adjust your activity level in your fitness tracker. The way you do this is as follows:

1. Go to your fitness tracker page.
2. Click on the "Fitness Setup" button (it's next to where the page tells you the date).
3. This will bring you to a new page that says "Edit Fitness Goals."
4. On the Edit Fitness Goals page, scroll down to the bottom. Right above the "Save Your Changes" button, there will be a line that says "If you know how many calories you burn each week, enter it here."
5. Fill in the box with the number of calories you burn each week, then click "Save Your Changes."
6. Once you click it, you'll be brought back to your fitness tracker page, and it'll be updated so that your new calorie burning goal for the week will be 1500 instead of 740. This will also automatically adjust your calorie allowance so that you're eating enough to support your current activity level while still losing weight.

Changing your fitness goal won't "mess-up" your calories - it'll ensure that your calories are correct based on your increased activity level.

DSCH1207 Posts: 77
7/19/13 10:10 A

Thanks but, wont that mess up my calories? I changed over to the new tracking system, I thought that would help. While I do like that new system (A LOT), I didn't see a change in my calorie burn goal. This is the goal that the system set for me when I entered in my goals upon registeration for the site...

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (106,446)
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7/19/13 10:00 A

Change your settings for fitness to reflect the 1500 calorie burn. Go to your Start page and click "Calories to Burn This Week".

FATALLYCUTE SparkPoints: (6,343)
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7/19/13 9:53 A

I workout a lot too. Just intake your recommended calories and you will be fine. If you don't you wont be losing fat but muscle and affect your metabolism. I eat my 3 meals but have 3 snacks everyday. After I did that my tracker didn't say that anymore, I had to pay attention to my diet.

DSCH1207 Posts: 77
7/19/13 9:38 A

I have a question about the calories on the fitness tracker. According to the tracker I should be burning 740 calories per week. Instead, I'm burning around 1500 per week and getting this message:

"*The number of calories you should eat to manage your weight depends on many factors, including how many calories you burn through exercise. It may seem counterintuitive, but eating too little while burning too much can actually hurt your weight-management goals and the outcome of your fitness program. If you are consistently burning more calories than recommended here, please update your fitness settings as soon as possible. This may adjust your calorie ranges (if necessary) so you can reach your goals in a timely and healthy manner."

I don't know what setting to change in my fitness tracker to make it accurate and stop getting this message. How can working out more HINDER my weight loss efforts? I'm a little confused... I feel fine when I work out now that I've figured a few things out, so why is it getting mad at me for being active? I exercise about 4-5x week and burn 250-450 calories per workout...

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