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3/20/14 9:18 A

I agree about talking with someone who specializes in running shoes. These days there are places (at least where I live) that even mark what the shoes are good for - like if your feet pronate or supinate and also have charts and people available to tell if you have pronation or supination. It also depends on you - do you have any injuries? How are your knees? For these, you want more support than barefoot shoes. I've never used barefoot shoes, but do have friends who love them and run in them. Also, be aware that a more expensive shoe doesn't mean a better shoe - you don't have to pay a lot for a good running shoe. Good luck!

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3/19/14 10:11 A

Where I put "Should", I meant shouldn't. Thanks for the advice.

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3/19/14 6:27 A

Zorbs has given you some good advice. I would agree that you should go to a specialty running/walking store and be fitted for a shoe by a professional. The best shoe for one person isn't necessarily the best shoe for another, so they will help you find the right shoe for you.

Coach Jen

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3/19/14 5:16 A

VFFs are great for lifting weights, because you're not tilted forward with the heel and the minimal nature allows you to better "grip" the floor.

If you want shoes to run in, you should shop at a specialty running store and NOT be wearing walking shoes to run, as walking and running have completely different gait cycles.

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3/19/14 2:16 A

I've still been working out off and on (mostly lifting weights), but I still havent run in actual running shoes since I don't run too far anyway and I hear that you should walk a lot in running shoes.

The reason my title says different shoes though is because I did see someone wearing an odd looking shoe and I didn't even think to ask him about the shoes, I just read the name and remembered it for when I got back from working out. I found out they were Vibram barefoot shoes. I'm now looking for opinions of people who has preferably tried both regular running shoes, and minimalist shoes, but I'm also looking for more opinions on running shoes.

Also, since I don't shop for running shoes, I just walk in and grab walking shoes, I'm not quite sure what things I should look for in any good shoe. Thanks for any replies.

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